Using Your Poker Calculator When Multi-Tabling

If you’re like me, I have my poker calculator running on every table I play whether cash games or tournaments. Multiple players running multiple games at the same time and even multiple games running. Given the situation it can be difficult to read your opponents if your poker calculator does not provide the necessary statistics.
Multi-tabling is of course for the advanced players, and something you will consider only after your money has been made using other players’ money. However, for the vast majority of very aggressive players, multi-tabling is almost a must because you – sometimes small, though consistent in the game need to be exploited to maximize the rate of your hours worked Daftar Asia855 .
That’s especially true for cash games and ring games, but it’s also true for tournaments because there really is a reasonable percentage that tight-aggressive play will leave you with a healthy stack in the early and middle stages.
The benefit of having a poker calculator running in these situations is that when a strong and controversial hand comes up and you need quick information about your opponents – it is displayed there for you instantly. Of course you will need to develop skills in extrapolating that data, but most poker calculators will also profile your opponents, even showing icons that represent their playing style. These icons are usually based on mathematical formulas taken from voluntarily placing money in the pot (VPIP), going to showdown percentage (WSD%), and aggression factor (AF). These indicators are the key to strategy when it comes to monitoring your opponents. The same kind of indicators you would use in live play, but of course with much more accuracy.
So if it’s all done for you, and if you’re a very aggressive (TAG) player, there’s really no need to use a poker calculator. I’ve also found that as a TAG player it helps reinforce that style of play because when multi-tabling you’re actually less interested in getting involved in controversial or marginal situations. This applies to those of you who decide to play a hand just to fight boredom.