Online slots regulations explained

The online slot industry has taken the gambling world by storm in the 21st century, easily becoming the world’s largest gambling industry by quite a far way. Developers like NetEnt, Big Time Gaming and Play N GO just don’t seem to stop when it comes to creating evermore dynamic and pioneering online slot games, something that continues to draw in millions and millions of slot gamblers each and every year.

But here’s the thing: contrary to what people might think at first, one of the most important things to the continued growth of the online slot industry has actually been online slot regulations. The UK government was a pioneer in this, passing through The Gambling Act 2005 that traded stricter regulatory measures with the possibility of advertising.

This was a great catalyst to the rise in online slot gambling
, and it proves that regulations aren’t always a bad thing – join now. Keep reading for an article on online slots regulations explained.

The UK Gambling Commission
The UK Gambling Commission was established alongside The Gambling Act 2005, and it is by far the most important organisation in the field of online slot regulations. The job of the UK Gambling Commission is to make sure that gambling remains legal and above ground, especially when it comes to organised criminals trying to profit from it.

Furthermore, because of the UK Gambling Commission we can all gamble safe in the knowledge that the slots we are playing are completely fair. In fact, because of The Gambling Act 2005 and UK Gambling Commission all slot developers are required to disclose the RTP of their games, something that has major consequences for online casino gambling safety.

Free slot game regulations
In the early days of online slot games it was incredibly easy for people to access and play free slot games, however the UK Gambling Commission promptly identified this as a dangerous place for young kids, and that is why there is no an age limit on all slots, even if they are just demo slots.

You can see why too, if a child gets a taste for playing free slots, they are inevitably going to try with real money when they get old enough.

Credit card deposit regulations
Another thing that the UK Gambling Commission were instrumental in setting up was the ban on credit card deposits at online casinos. This was bound to annoy some gamblers who relied on their credit cards when gambling online, however it is easy to see why the UK Gambling Commission took this step.

It is far too easy for gamblers to spend way too much money whilst gambling with their credit card, for instance, so its no wonder that credit card deposit regulations were imposed.

A potential online slots bet limit in the future?
There has already been a £2 bet limit placed on solid-state betting terminals and slot machines by the UK Gambling Commission, and many people are anticipating this to be replicated in the online slots world. Only time will tell…