Cartoon Based Slots Games

Slot games such as Piggy Riches Megaways are generally thought to be a serious business of making some quick cash. But with the rapid development of online slots, the image of traditional slot games is evolving, too. With a huge portion of the population heading towards the online slots, slot ideas of all sorts are being added to the existing list for catering to the wishes of all player categories out there.

Slot developers have the toughest job of keeping their content fresh as new to avoid losing their customer base to the competition. For a long time, they have been developing online slots with intense themes, graphics, and effects that are considered more fitting to the casino spirit. But with younger players joining the fun, developers are now introducing various popular cartoon characters in their slot games, as today’s youth loves cartoons and animations.

So, there we have it! A whole new category of slot games that all our players can enjoy equally owing to their fun gameplay and exceptional rewards.

Top Cartoon-Based Slot Games to Try

Since this category of slot games has got your attention, it is time to unveil which ones you should try first of all to experience their real fun. Any cartoon or animated character that you find getting popular on the TV has now become a complete slot itself. In addition to that, developers never seize to innovate, and they keep designing cartoon-based themes that have all the elements of uniqueness combined with the casino competitiveness.

Advanced game graphics play a significant part in creating a winning first impression for a cartoon-based slot. The visual appeal, combined with a stand-out game layout, makes a cutting-edge cartoon-based slot game. Cartoons, in addition to being extremely fun, have a strong nostalgic value. Most of us pick these slot games to relive our childhood memories. Hence, developers ensure that the soul of the game embodies the real cartoon character as we remember it.

Below are a few names in this category that tick all the boxes for us:

1.       The Flintstones 2.       Dwarfs Gone Wild
3.       Family Guy 4.       Inspector Gadget
5.       Big Bad Wolf 6.       Top Cat
7.       American Dad 8.       Mega Moolah
9.       Count Duckula 10.   Pink Panther
11.   Betty Boop 12.   South Park
13.   The Simpsons 14.   Garfield
15.   Spider-Man: Attack of the Goblin 16.   Angry Birds
17.   Casper’s Mystery 18.   Ghostbusters

Final Words

Above are the names that have caught players’ attention in the cartoon-based slot category quite frequently. But this list is far from being complete. You have countless options to choose from if you are a big fan of cartoons. Most of these slots can be found in demo or free mode, too. So, there is an opportunity for those who wish to play slots with their favourite cartoon characters without making it all about cash wins.

The rest is quite simple; get your bankroll ready, pick a slot from your favourite developer, and get betting; cartoons in the slots will play their magic along the way.