Are Slots Optimized for Mobile at Vulkan Bet and Other Popular Casinos?

The use of mobile devices for different activities has significantly increased over the last few years. When the first mobile device came up, its primary use was solely for communication. However, as technology advances every day, the possible usage of mobile phones started increasing gradually and was no longer solely for communication purposes. Today, the use of mobiles has spread over many sectors, and the online gaming industry is one of the industries that have capitalized on the benefits of mobiles.

So, you will find that most gambling establishments like the Vulkan Bet Casino optimize their games, including slot machines, for easy accessibility via mobile devices.

Mobile Optimization of Slot Machines
When the first online casino came up in 1996, casino games were only accessible via a desktop computer. Naturally, even though players could access their favorite games in the comfort of their homes, it was still only available to a few who could afford to have a desktop PC. During this time, smartphones weren’t what they are today and didn’t have enough processing power to optimize casino games.

However, down the line, the iGaming industry adapted online slot machines and other casino games and online casinos to work on handheld devices. What made this optimization possible was the rapid advancement in the development of mobile devices. This, therefore, improved the accessibility of slot machines. You don’t need to be in front of your desktop PC at home or office before you can play your favorite slot online. Thanks to the portable devices, you can now play games, regardless of where you are, anytime.

Since its inception, mobile gaming has experienced a drastic increase in popularity, which is not surprising, as the population with access to a mobile device is increasing steadily.

When you visit betting sites like Vulkan Bet for sports betting or casino games, you will find that most of their table games, video poker, and of course, slot machines are all available to play on smartphones.

Desktop vs Mobile – Is There a Difference?
One question that is always on the mind of many players new to mobile slots is whether there is a difference between the desktop and mobile versions of slots. A few years ago, the answer to this question might have been ‘yes’.

However, thanks to rapid advancements in mobile technology, broadband connectivity, and innovative slot design, the differences no longer exist. Now, whether it is the free slot games to play for fun or the real money slots, playing on your mobile or desktop devices is identical. The graphics and design, gameplay, rules, and features, are all the same. Furthermore, playing with your phones also gives you access to the same payment methods and deposit bonuses available on desktop devices.

Advantages of Mobile over Desktop
Playing mobile slots has certain advantages over playing through your desktop computer. Highlighted below are some of these advantages:

Portability due to smaller size
Convenience due to accessibility of games anytime and anywhere
Ease of use
Touch screen makes gaming easier
Increased accessibility to a much wider audience than desktop slots due to the number of mobile users far outnumbering people with access to desktop devices
Mobile Compatibility of Casino Software
There are primarily two ways players can access slot machines using their mobiles.

The first is for players to download native apps of online casinos to their smartphones or tablets.
The second way is to access the game instantly on a device’s web browser without downloading an app.
We will be taking a look at these two methods of playing slot machines.

Playing through Apps
One trend you will most find common amongst many online casinos these days is the development of mobile casino apps. The mobile apps are always available for free download at the casino’s website or app stores, and players can easily download and install them. Furthermore, online casinos usually have to design unique apps to cater to the different operating systems, such as Android and iOS.

Playing through Web Browsers
Vulkan Bet Casino and many other online casinos don’t currently have dedicated mobile casino apps for iOS or Android users. However, the absence of an app does not mean that mobile gaming is impossible for such an online casino. Thanks to the latest HTML5 technology, players don’t need to download a casino app before they can play their favourite slot game on mobile.

Slot providers are now optimizing their slot machines to be available for instant play on mobile devices through their web browser. By accessing its gambling site through your browser, you can quickly load and play Vulkan Bet mobile slots without an app. This is the same for many other casinos available online. Another advantage is that since they run on HTML5 technology, they are often compatible with a wide range of OS, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

The table below shows some key differences between mobile casino apps and instant mobile casinos.

Playing through Apps Playing through Web Browsers
Built specifically for each devices’ OS, so casinos mainly make apps for iOS and Android devices Works on all devices, regardless of operating system
Only a few online casinos have apps Available for most online casinos
Requires downloading an app to play games No requirement to download anything
Often takes up space on devices’ storage It doesn’t take up any space
Graphics of slots are often superior Graphics here can sometimes be lacking
Usually features more extra bonuses like deposit bonuses and free spins when players download the app Bonuses are the same as what is available on the desktop version of slot machines
Mobile gaming has significantly improved the slot sector of the online gaming industry, allowing games like the Kitty Glitter slot machine to be easily accessible by players on their smartphones. We still expect better innovations to come out of the industry in the coming years.