Taking a Break

Just wanted to let you know I’m still around… I’m just going to take a break the last week of May (25-31) and I’ll be back with more interviews.

Thank you so much for your likes, comments, shares and letting me interview and interact with you.

It has been a wonderful experience


Here are some pictures of the furfamily… first we have Trixie, the newest edition who came to us as a foster… as you can tell in the top photos she was rough looking, missing fur on her neck & butt, she didn’t want to explore and had a very bad wobbly head. After a few vet visits, love & patience, she is now rolling around on the enclosed patio, sleeping on the couch, getting cuddles from the hubby and being talkative.


2014-05-15 16.21.52 Trixie pix



Next up is Boo who is the youngest.. who is still very much kitten, but is very affectionate when he wants to be.


2014-05-06 08.10.38 Boo kitten (t), Boo now (b)


Then there’s Buggy, my baby boy. He’s a milk fiend.. he knows the sound of the bowl, the spoon and the cabinet and fridge.

2014-04-30 13.17.48
Buggy’s favorite place to lay is still my lap
2014-05-13 09.23.42
Buggy loves a good roll on the patio
2014-04-30 13.02.33
Buggy trying very hard to stay awake

and last but not least our very serious Mr. Bubby.. he just had some teeth removed on the 15th and he’s still learning to cope with his front canines.. but he is still a daddy’s boy

2014-05-02 20.33.19
Bubby being very serious
2014-05-15 06.56.04
Bubby waiting for his turn to go into the vet’s the day of his teeth removal

Our angel Miss Bitty… you left us too soon. We love & miss you.


2013-12-31 11.20.08 2013-12-31 12.14.27


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