Thankful Thursday: 2014

I had a nice post all planned out talking about things that I’ve accomplished last year and what I’m looking forward to this year, but that has been swept under the rug at the moment as I’m currently mourning the loss of my girl cat Miss Bitty.

She went to the emergency vet on 1/7 around 9pm due to wheezing and whining and having problems breathing. They took an xray and found her lungs looked spotty, they thought initially it was pneumonia. They kept her through the night giving her fluid and oxygen and she got to rest.

I got to pick her up around 7ish in the morning and wait until the appointment with the regular vet. She was having problems still but not wheezing. I kept her in the master bathroom so the boy cats wouldn’t bother her.

We set off around 10am to go to the regular vet, he looked at the xray and decided to keep her and nebulizer her and get her some steorids.

Calling me back around 1pm, no improvement, he wanted to stick a needle in her lungs to see if he could get a sample of what the tissue looked like, I gave permission.

3pmish, he called and said she was dying.

My husband and I got to the vet as quickly as we could (without running red lights or stop signs) and was ushered to the back where she was wrapped in a blanket and the two vet techs were manually breathing for her.

The vet said she was brain dead at this point, her heart was still going but that was it.

We said our goodbyes and I asked a few questions about the tests and he explained how her white blood cell count was very low and how she had coughed up lung tissue.

He slipped the needle into her I.V. and our princess who had fought for nearly 2 years with an autoimmune disease called lypmhoplasmocyctic pododermatitis/onchitis – mushy pads – was gone.

She was only 3 years old. She weight 12.25 lbs having lost since her last weigh in at 14.4 lbs from 2 weeks ago.

She will be cremated and come home next week.

Her emergency vet bill was $750ish and her regular vet has not told me the cost of her treatment, the estimate early in the afternoon was about $550.

My wonderful friends at Paws for Causes will be holding an auction Friday to try to help cover her final vet bills, if you are able to donate an item or two that would be wonderful, if not I understand, if you can donate funds to help, I have a youcaring page set up. If you don’t have a Paypal account but want to help please contact me via email or if you can’t help please share and hug your furry and non furry family members tight and tell them you love them.

Thank you so much for letting me share with you the last 24 hours of my little girl’s life.


Here’s the interview she did for the blog.. I of course added a dedication and moved to the Extra Love Needed Category.

Thankful Thursday: Cute Pet Pictures

I wanted to say I am truly thankful for cute pet pictures..they can make your day a lot less stressful.

Many thanks to Miss Brittany from Happiness Generator who wanted me to share a bit of happiness with all of you.

So click if you need a pick me up on this Thursday. Enjoy!


Author’s Note: I was in no way compensated for sharing Happiness Generator.