Thankful Thursday: Pet Sitter Review

Thank you!

First, I wanted to send lots of love, purrs and cat cuddles to all the readers, between being sick earlier this month and falling behind on posts and getting ready and going to BarkWorld and all the birthday wishes, I am truly floored by how wonderful you all are. The online pet community has been so wonderful to me, I can’t begin to repay you. I will be working with Miss Sharon Mohr-Mcdermott on getting pet book reviews going in addition to the pet product reviews. So if you have suggestions for books to read, please comment below.


Pet Sitter Review

AmPm Professional Pet Service Logo

Second, I wanted to mention that going to BarkWorld would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the awesome pet sitters I found. This is the second time I’ve used them and I am very pleased with the service and wanted to share.

They are called AmPm Professional Pet Service, they are located in a small town called Trinity, Florida which is in the Tampa Bay Area. Thankfully it’s not too far away from me. Not only do they provide pet sitting services, but they also do dog obedience training.

In my case, they not only fed and watered my cats but they pilled my girl kitty Miss Bitty and cleaned litter boxes.

Please check out their price list for pet sitting services.

My husband and I used them when we went to BlogPaws back in May for nearly 2 weeks and were very happy.

They also offer overnight services, a pet taxi service, aquatic care, 24 hour care and will also care for small pets such as guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters, rabbits and parakeets.

So if you live north of Tampa / St. Petersburg, please give them a try.

Author’s Note: I was not paid to endorse AmPm Professional Pet Service. This is merely the opinion of myself and the experiences that I have had with their service.

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Thankful Thursday : Many things to be thankful for…

I’ve been meaning to do a Thankful Thursday for about a month now. I just didn’t know what to write about and be thankful for.

I want to thank all the wonderful followers on the blog, on facebook  and Twitter. YOU are the reason I keep doing this, well that and the pets. 😉

I’m at BlogPaws today, but I wanted to write a special thank you to all the people who have encouraged me to get to this point, you know who you are and since I don’t want to leave anyone out.. I’m not naming names.

I’m very thankful to Miss Caren who gave me the suggestion to read other blogs and follow and comment on them to get more readers.

I’ve also learned so much from my past interviewees about BSL, TNR, S/N, Adoption, Fostering, Training, Feeding, First Aid, Special Needs, Small Pets, etc. I’ve particpated in auctions and raffles and even had to do my own fundraising events to get Linx the kitten to me (he’s now known as Boo), then to get Buggy’s teeth pulled and then the first ever raffle for Puffy Paws where we raised $377 dollars for them.

I did it with your help and I hope to continue to have your help and support on future projects. I’ve got some great things planned and I hope to collaborate with more member of the pet community.

Many many thanks to all those who foster, adopt, care for special needs, work in shelters and fight the daily fight of not having enough food, supplies or volunteers.

You have no idea what you truly mean to those pets or to the animal community.

I will always to glad to spread the word on auctions, raffles, pets that need adopting or articles about pets.  Please just contact me either in the comments or via email at or

This article is a part of the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop


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