Saving Senior Cats one at a time

 Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Leslie Cobb for letting me interview her about the senior cats in her house. Pictures used with permission.  Miss Leslie is also an artist with a focus on painting cats with special needs or compelling rescue stories. She donates some of the proceeds from my art back to the shelters, rescues or sanctuaries that care for these cats.  Volunteers annually at Best Friends Animal Society. The website is and Facebook page is Cat Art by Leslie Cobb


I currently have 8 seniors, 4 adopted when they were young and 4 adopted as seniors. I’ll post a photo and details about each one below. I started adopting seniors because so many people won’t. They still have so much love to give and they deserve a safe and loving home in their golden years. I think people worry that an older cat won’t bond with them the way a kitten does but that’s just not true. Rex, the love of my life, was 14 when I adopted him, and although we only had 1.5 years together, I have no regrets.

Tallulah Jane has been with me the longest. She was 6 weeks old and half dead when someone gave her to me at an art fair. It took 3 months before she recovered from a severe feline herpesvirus infection. She has chronic upper respiratory problems still. She will be on antibiotics and over-the-counter eye ointment for lufe. I also have to flush the excess mucus from her nose with a bottle of eyewash every day.

Riley was adopted just a few months after Tallulah. In fact, she chose him! At the time she was my only kitten and the other cats were annoyed by her so I decided to adopt a young cat as a playmate. I brought her with me in a shoulder bag to an adoption event by a local rescue. When she met Riley, she patted him on the head and turned to look at me as if to say, “he’s the one!” Riley has a malformed epiglottis and that causes him to have very loud breathing, especially when he eats. It scared other potential adopters away. But overall he’s healthy. He is quite skittish since he came out of a feral colony.

Annabel was about 6 months old when I saw her at an adoption event where I was selling my art to benefit a shelter’s medical fund. People would see her playing in the cage and say, “How cute!” but when she turned to look at them they would back away, saying “Eww, what happened to her eye?” She was found orphaned at only a few days old and was placed with a lactating mom cat whose babies had died. Unfortunately it turned out that the mom cat had an upper respiratory infection and she passed it on to Annabel and her littermates. Her eye was damaged before she was old enough to open it. She has limited vision in that eye and it’s not painful. She’s 12 now.

Genevieve is 10 and she has the same eye damage as Annabel but to a lesser extent. A local rescue group was having trouble getting her eye infections under control so I offered to foster her and take her to a specialist. She got along so well with my other cats once her infections cleared up that I decided to keep her.

Vivian was 12 when I adopted her; she’s 19 now, the oldest in my family. She had been surrendered to a shelter with her brother, but he was sick and had to be euthanized. Losing her home and brother, and ending up in a shelter cage surrounded by strange cats, traumatized her. She became fear-aggressive toward other cats. I consulted with a veterinary behaviorist and started what turned into a ten month desensitization and counter conditioning program. She went from attacking inanimate objects that another cat had touched to now being able to snuggle with her feline siblings. She’s amazingly healthy for her age.

I’ve had Gladys just under two years; she’s around 17. She’s deaf and hyperthyroid, and her kidneys are failing. She also hates other cats so she spends most of her time in her own room. She takes medication for her thyroid and gets sub-q fluids every day for her kidney disease.

Herman’s been with me since December and he’s around 13. His human mom died the same day as my own mother, and her hospice coordinator asked my advice on how to find him a new home. It seemed like it was meant to be so I told her he could come live with me. He’s a sweet and healthy boy but he and my one young cat don’t get along. I have both of them on Prozac in an attempt to lessen their aggression toward each other.

Last but not least, Nico is the newest member of the family. I saw his photo on FB in March and had to help. He’s 18, and in the photo his right eye was a slightly bulging solid white. I had to have it removed. His owner had cancer and had to give him up when she could no longer care for him. He’s still working on finding his place here.

There have been many others over the years that are no longer with me. Poor Humphrey passed away only five days after I adopted him, and Midori made it just five months. Shiloh was expected to live only a few weeks or months but he was with me for three years against all odds.

I go into each adoption knowing it might be a short relationship. I give them live for however long I can.


Love, not live
I have their ashes and will probably plant memorial bushes for each one at my new home once I move. They’re all loved family members no matter how short or long a time we had together.

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for being able to take care of two new cats (and a dog!)

So this is a part introduction/thankful thursday.

Meet Harley. He’s a 12 year old service dog – he specializes in seizure alerts. He’s a lab and takes his job very seriously but when he is at home he is mostly cat as he loves to lay in sunspots.

20160514_164623 (1)


Meet Miss Aura. She’s 6 and just got up to date on her shots as of last week. She’s believed to be a Siamese/tabby mix. She’s very talkative and when she first came to the house she hissed at everything. Now she’s coming up on the bed wanting pets. She is front declawed (which I am highly against).


Meet Buttercup (aka Butters). She’s also 6 and just got up to day on her shots and received a “spa” treatment due to some mats in her beautiful long fur. She is very timid cat and I’ve just recently had the wonderful experience of her coming to me for pets. She is also front declawed.


Now to my thankfulness, I am very thankful to have them under my watchful eyes as many of you know I simply adore my cats and they are more family than just pet. So I’ve spend plenty of time reassuring them that they are safe with me (there’s been some abuse in their past simply for being cat/dog) and will never go without care/love/food/shelter.


I will be keeping a close eye on the girls since they are front declawed, I’ve never had a declawed cat under my care before but I will be watching for limping or favoring their paws. Apparently the surgery was done when they were young and have had no complications since, but believe me it made me cringe to not only say it to the vets twice (they went to different vets as one could do the grooming and the other couldn’t) but to even think about what these poor girls went through during it.


I was of course worried about them holding their own against my cats, who have all their claws, but they seem to be doing well.


I am also thankful that having these additional pets under my care brought to light another issues I’m passionate about and that’s the anti-declawing campaign.

Declawing is a cruel and inhumane way to spare the cat owner’s furniture and to leave them defenseless if they ever get out of the house.

If you are interested in learning more about the cruelty of declawing please visit The Paw Project also please visit City the Kitty he’s a wonderful spokescat for anti-declawing.


Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Dr. Love

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Dr. Love, Rebel, Jake & Tia (mom) for letting me ask questions. Pictures were borrowed with permission. Please visit Dr. Love & family on his facebook page : Dr. Love


First may I ask how old you are?
I’m one year old. I was born in May 2014, in St. Petersburg Florida.
Where did your name come from?
The human I rescued last August was one of four admirers petting me (at PetSmart) the day we met. I was being passed from lap to lap. It was a pretty competitive situation! After choosing and going home with my new Mom, it became clear that I was the most affectionate, cuddly kitten she had ever known. By this time, I had already met some family friends, and my abundant cuddles were like medicine to humans. Mom made my name official five days after I rescued her. She named me after the song by KISS!
How did you become a doctor?
I was pretty much born into it. These days, I take continuing education at my home school so I stay current on the latest advances in cuddling.
I read you were rescued and live with Rebel & Jake, how do you all get along?
We love each other very much. They’re loads of fun! Most days, it’s like a zoo at our house. Jake really welcomed me from the first moment. He’s a nurturer and a playmate. Rebel and I do lots of wild playing. Even though she’s a girl, she’s a tough breed and very pure (F2 Savannah), so she keeps me on my toes. That said, Rebel loathes Jake, and Jake uses this to torment her whenever he can, by jumping out at her, etc…
Do you like to be held still?
I love, love, love being held. My favorite is being held like a baby – tummy up. Also it’s fun to be held upright, against a human shoulder, with my paw holding a human’s finger.
Other than running around at night and wrecking things, what else you like to do?
One of my hobbies is hunting bugs. The flying kind are the most challenging, and the most rewarding! Another activity I try to do often is practicing my mouse hunting. We don’t have any real mice, so I hunt toy ones. Often, an unfortunate toy mouse can be found lying in my food bowl after being “killed”!
I read you have a catio, how often are you out there?
I’m out there every day, without fail. I like to look at passing neighbors, and catch any stray lizards, frogs, or bugs foolish enough to invade my precious catio! Rebel is out there even more than I am. She guards it most afternoons.
Do you have any grooming tips for other house panthers?
Every speck of dust shows up on a house panther’s black fur. One thing that helps a lot is having a human run a comb through my coat every two days, especially during shedding season. We use flea combs because they are fine enough to remove a lot of loose hair and lint. Hold one section of fur tight and comb the undercoat, then the outer coat, and move on to the next section. Don’t forget the tail! My whole body takes a couple of minutes, provided I don’t start biting the comb. Comb biting is fun though. Oh, well. 
What would you like to say to the people who are cautious of adopting a black cat?
My message to anyone who thinks black cats are beautiful but scary: We black kitties are in no way bad luck. We are gentle, loving, and as a bonus, you can hug us without need for a lint roller! Believe it or not, that’s a MAJOR plus for most working humans. If you want to peek in on how we house panthers interact with the world, check out my Facebook page, and several of my house panther friends’ pages as well.
Do Rebel & Jake want to add anything about themselves?

Jake: I’m two years old and my favorite hobby is a game called “Treat Chase”. That’s where a human tosses treats one at a time and we catch or chase them down. I catch lots of treats right out of the air, with my huge fluffy paws.
Rebel: I’m three and a half, and I am a true athlete. I can jump 6 feet to catch toys and flying insects! I love to wrestle too. Out of the three cats, I am the closest to Mom. I follow her around everywhere — even when she’s cleaning.
Do you or your parents have anything to say about you?
Tia (Mom): Dr. Love is my first ever house panther. I couple of years ago, I got to know a close friend’s black kitty and could not get over how silly and warm he was. Then I heard this was common for black cats – a super-fun and affectionate personality. The day I was rescued by Dr. Love, three other people were competing with me. Somehow, I ended up with him, and the rest is history. I’ll finish with one secret almost no one knows about the little doc: he does not meow. He sweetly SQUEAKS!

Midnight the Rescue Panther (revisited)

Happy New Year everyone!  I am so very lucky to be able to re-interview Midnight.  Please check out the original interview 



Since our last interview, how many stories have you published?

since the last interview i have published many new stories. i forget how many.

What do you find to be the hardest thing about being a writer?

i think the hardest thing about being a writer is trying to stay original. and yet i have to be true to the story line also. and finding the time to write is always a challenge, with the kids now and everything.

Are there any other writers in the family?

dad writes also, he helps a bit with my books.

How do you deal with fame?

i deal with fame pretty well. i mean i am a level headed panther, i don’t go off on dramatic rants very often. well not that often.

I’ve been following your reunion story, what was it like to finally see your mom again after so long?

omg it was so awesome to finally get reunited with mama! i was so happy to see her i jumped into her arms. i was like mama!!!! i sit on her as often as i can.

What was one of the first things you did with her?

i think the first thing mama and i did after we got all settled a bit was i snuggled up with her on the bed and purred and purred.

What does everyone think of the new place?

we are all pretty happy with the new house, we have more room to run and play. the slickery floors take some getting used to, but we adapt.

Can you share the secret on how to “panther”?

oh geez, the secret to panthering? well its a closely guarded panther secret you know. i mean i taught my son. i dont know if i can share it, i gotta check the rule book.

How do you find time to spend with the family and try to write your next story?

spending time with my family is of course the most important thing to me. I love playing with my kids and watching them grow into big happy kitties. i write when they are napping or if their mother cocoa takes them for a while, i can write then also.

Where can people purchase your works?

you can buy all of my books at my amazon page, in ebook and in paperback as well. the link is

Is there any chance people can get pawtographed editions?

sometimes we have copies of the paperbacks that I pawtograph and we will auction them off. you just have to watch my page for those.

What has been the inspiration behind your books?

i believe the inspiration behind the books is mostly my facebook fans, all them wanting to hear about my adventures! i love telling the stories, and it is so much easier to tell them when i have an audience.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Midnight & his wonderful fur and non-fur family. Pictures were used with permission.
You can find Midnight on his Facebook page Midnight the Rescue Panther, His sibling Ghost also has a page, Ghostus with the Mostus or find Amelia, Chamille and Rosie at Panfurs Angels.This article is a part of the Black Cat Appreciation theme, for more interviews please click the badge below.

Extra Love Needed: Meet Tsuki & Maverick


May I ask how old you are?

I turned 1 year on Christmas Morning.

Where did your name come from?

It is Japanese for motion and that is me – always in motion.  Go Go Go –

How do your pronounce it?

two su kee

Do you have any nicknames?

Sassy Pants, Suki Butt

What is your favorite thing to do?

Laying on mama’s lap or pulling her clothes out of the closet and drawers to help rearrange.

Are you part Siamese?

I am, but I like to look at myself as a pure.

Are you currently on any medications?

there is no medications to make FeLV go away or to make us feel better when it overtakes our bodies.  Our humans do what they can to make us comfortable until it is time to visit a place called the Rainbow Bridge.

What would you like people to know about Felv?

It isn’t a death sentence – we can live 3-5 years and provide you with lots of love.  If I’m lucky I will fall into the 17% where I’m just a carrier and I live to be 20!!!  But give us a chance and don’t turn your back on us.

Infinity,Welcome to the family.


🙂 Thank you!
What do you think of Tsuki?

She is a very funny cat, she chases red dots, and plays with feathers.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Play with my mama and my brothers!  I love classes that I attend.

What type of training have you had already?

I’ve earned my AKC STAR Puppy, I started Beginners classes, a nose work class and mama is teaching me Agility.

What advice would you give to other woofies looking for furever homes?

When they walk past your cage or if your lucky like I was – I was in foster care.  But either way – alway great the human with a smile and wagging tail – show them you want to make them happy.

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your family?

We have 2 brothers Mofasa and Maverick too!!  I love my brothers!!!



This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Mazyz, Mitz and the others who have come before us.

Of course – do you know that Tsuki was being brought to her forever home because mama was caring for 2 special need dogs.  Mazyz had heart issues and Mitz had lung cancer.  Mama thought how cool is that to make room for a special needs kittie.  Mitz passed on November 5th and May passed on November 21 – 3 days before I arrived.


At the Bridge until we meet again –

Champ, I’m a Natural – 7/99 – 11/07 – Official Couch Potato, CGC – My little Boo

Rex-a-Million – 2/99 – 9/07 – There will never be another! – CGC/TDI, TDIA, TDIA-RVA, UAGI, NA, NCC, NGC, TN-N, TN-O, OAC, ARC TOP 10 2004, HIT, TN-E, NJC, NA-V, O-TN-N, O-NCC

M’LadyBug – 10/12/05 – 12/25/06 – My Angel that blew in from Katrina, and blew out too quickly.

Marley, HD wasn’t an option – CGC, TN-N, HIC, NAC, TGN, TN-O, NJC, WV-N, OAC, TN-E, NCC, RL-1, CL1-H, CL1-R, CL1-F, OJC, UCD, 2007 AMBOR Versatility Champion, WV-O, EAC, 2007 Ranked 4th mix breed Novice OB with UKC

RR’s very fashionably Putting on the Mitz – Toy Lover – 3/07 – 11/13

All Saints Limited Addition Mazyz – CGC, ORT – 6/07 – 11/13 – Once owned by a Saint always owned by a Saint

Many Many thanks to Tsuki & Maverick and their mom for sharing their lives with me. You can find them all on their facebook page – The Antics of Tsuki and Maverick.
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Extra Love Needed: Meet Bella, Daisy & Lucky

Miss Bella, how did you get your name?

I’m not sure you know…I came from a place called Bella, and there was a cat there a long time ago who passed on called Bella-and they remembered her.  I have heard the name since I was born, I heard it in my head and when Mom told my first Mom she wanted to name me Bella, first Mom cried and Mom cried.  And now I am Bella Bluebella and I carry the name proudly.


Why to you suckle your mom’s neck?

Oh it’s wonderful!  I was with her a week when I noticed her neck and something on their that reminded me of my true Mom (Airie: I have a mole on my neck that could be perceived as a nipple by a kitten…it has now been dubbed “The Neck Nipple”).

She did not want me too at first and tried to pull me away but I cried and was gentle so she let me.  It feels good and we are so close when I do it.  I purr and pat her face and I am gentle.  There is no milk, but there is love.


What is your favorite outfit?

Anything with wings!  Mom makes me outfits with wings on them and I can FLY!

The rarely spotted Bella dragon
The rarely spotted Bella dragon


How do you help your mom?

Oh, I make her laugh!  I do something she calls “Twerking” and dance my butt when I walk.  I talk to her in my little high squeaky voice. I am teaching her to fetch, too!  I love to run straight up the wall to make her laugh!  And I love, love, love her and am sweetness and light.


What is your favorite thing to do?

Besides sucking on my Mom’s neck, I love to play with toys that look like springs!  I also love to play with Lucky and Daisy.  I like to do funny things to make people laugh.  Killing peoples legs, preferably the left thigh, is awesome.  I LOVE to eat!  Mom calls me the “Rotating Grab” after some machine with big jaws that grabs and moves things.  I love to do everything.

May I help you?
May I help you?


Are you and Lucky a couple?

A couple of what?  I think we were for awhile.  Everyone here is spayed and neutered, but when I was supposed to get spayed I had a cold.  Then I started feeling good funny and wanted to show everyone my butt like Lucky did.  Lucky loved my butt then and we did butt dances all over the house together.  Mom said I had the best of all worlds.  She made me a collar to wear because he was biting my neck a lot and sometimes it hurt and made bleeding places.  When I was calmer, and Lucky was calmer, Mom took me to the vet and I came home and that does not happen.  Mom was surprised Lucky and I “went all the way” but now we are all friends and he is back to just putting his butt on my face.  I love him though.  I love Daisy, and I love Mom.  I love you too!

Miss Daisy, I heard you started modeling early, do you have any beauty tips to share with inspiring models?

Queen Daisy to you
Queen Daisy to you

That’s Queen Daisy please.  I’m tiny, but I AM in charge!  I do love you, though!


1.Steal all the jewelry you can.

2.Get plenty of sleep, especially on things your Mom is trying to work on, inside her clothes, on the chair she wants to sit on, or in your royal SLINX.

3.Vocal Exercises!  I can’t stress this enough-from a purr to a meow to a rumbling growl, a hiss or a full blown scream, do them often and do them well!


What is your favorite outfit?

Right now I am Queen of the Geishas!  I love anything with a belt and a bow,and like the bow to be almost as big as I am.  The new Cherry Blossom Kimono my Mom is making is so soft and the color brings out my eyes and my color.  I love it!


Do you help your mom design/test new products?

I am the supervisor.  I HATE getting dressed and yell at her but once I am dressed I love it and do my “Daisy Dance” where I twirl and roll and purr and kiss her face.  I know I am the inspiration for the SLINX and use it often.  I had to ride in so many of them before she got it right!

If I do NOT like the outfit she puts on me, I go under the bed and yell at her, if I DO like it, I run to the mirror and look at myself from all angles.

I love to model, but always pretend I don’t and make terrible faces when we start, then I get fabulous and give them my angles.

This is my "oh really?" face
This is my “oh really?” face


What is a typical day like for you?

In the morning, when Mom gets up, she makes me take medicine-my feet hurt all the time because it turns out I am allergic to ALL clumping litters and we did not know this for a long time.  My eyes also are sensitive and she puts some horrid stuff in them and I can SEE!  And keep them open so everyone can enjoy their beautiful aqua color.

Then when I am fully awake I run as fast as I can (exercise is important I never walk, I always run at full speed!) and jump on her and crawl in her clothes or the SLINX.  The rest of the day is spent ambushing her, singing while sitting on a closed toilet seat, screaming at my brother Lucky because he is a pest, or playing and napping with my sister Bella Blue.

I do eat in small dainty portions, play with toys and mostly sleep in the sun or where there is a warm patch or blankets to burrow in.


When your not busy modeling, what else do you like to do?

I think I covered that above, but I also like to try to distract my Mom from sewing, and occasionally pee on the floor on a pad.  Got to keep Mom on her toes!


Mr. Lucky, where did your name come from?

WHEEEEEEEE!  I’m not SURE!!!!!  But she is Lucky to have me!  I think she was going to call me something fancy like “Fortunate” but she ended up naming me Lucky then other stuff!  Like “Lucky Stoppit!”  or “Lucky Don’t Eat That!” or “Lucky get off your sister!”  She says my name a LOT!

I love her SO MUCH!!!!!  I love to sit on her lap and suck on her hand and make biscuits with my feet while putting my butt in her face!  Sometimes I fart for her!  She’s the Lucky one, that’s my best parts!


What is your favorite outfit?

I like to be naked, but I like the fleece pajamas the most, they keep me warm.


How long is your tail? (if it’s ever been measured)

Long enough to lash it and whip peoples faces when I am sitting on their shoulder!  That’s fun!  Mom says it’s somewhere between 15-17 inches, but it’s almost impossible to measure!


I heard you had an accident when you were young that bend your tail, can I hear your side of the events?

Oh it was AWFUL!!!!!  There was a big square thing leaning against the wall (a folded up room divider screen) and it looked big enough to get me to the ceiling-finally!  So while Mom was sitting in bed I decided to climb it!

It MOVED!!!!! And I slid down and it slid down and it BIT MY TAIL!!!!!!!!!!

(the screen slid down with him, and one of the panels swung open.  Somehow his tail got in the hinged part, and as the movement continued it swung back closed on his tail).

I started screaming and mom ran out and saw me.  She grabbed me and got it out but I BIT her because I was so scared and it hurt.

She wrapped me in a blanket and I heard her say she saw it and it was “last 3 inches hanging by a strip of skin! Whatever that was.

We drove to the place that was open at midnight and close.  I was very quiet and did not feel well.

Some nice people took me in the back and it did not hurt soon and I had a pretty green bandage on my tail.  Mom took me home and the medicine they gave me made me want to PLAY ALL NIGHT!!!!

I got to keep all of my tail, though Mom says we never would have missed the last few inches cause it is so long!


I’ve seen a few videos of you and I have to ask, is the butt planting a good or bad thing?

Oh it’s WONDERFUL!!!!!  It’s the best part of me!  I have cute little pointy butt cheeks, and everything back there is so wonderful I want to share it!  There’s even something back there that makes a wonderful smell that makes Mom run away!

What I don’t understand is why my sisters don’t like when I want to cuddle them with it.  Mom says if I want to cuddle I should not start by walking over them the wrong way and putting it on their head!

I love anything to do with it!  When they take my temperature at the vet I purr!  When I get my bath and Mom washes it I sit down into her hand and purr!  She says I am a Purr-Vert and she is right!


How many straws have you killed in your lifetime?

Ooooooh the straws are a new thing-I have killed many raffia mice, wool Amaze Balls but the straws are amazing to kill.  I think only about 10 at this point but THEY ALL MUST DIE!!!!!!!!



How do you get along with your sisters?

GREAT!!!!!!  I love them!  I love to chase them and sit on their heads and hump them and lick their ears!  Bella and I play chase and wrestle.  Daisy likes to play chase but she screams too much and it makes me feel funny so I try to bite her sometimes.  But my favorite game is to jump up and down on top of Daisy while she is sleeping under the covers!


Do you supervise your mom or do you perform quality control?

I do both!  But I have a more important job.  You see, sometimes Mom works too long and forgets to take breaks.  So I jump in her lap and purr, and ask for her left hand.  I nuzzle it and sometimes even nurse on it, and purr, and love her and snuggle and burble.  She always stops for my “drive bys” and loves me.  Sometimes if I jump down and roll at her feet she laughs and gets on the floor with me and rubs my tummy.

See, Mom works to hard and when I feel her stress energy go up, I help.  That’s my job.



Here’s my info:

Website to use:


The SLINX pet sling

The cat’s pajamas



Heaven is having all three curled up on the bed with me
Heaven is having all three curled up on the bed with me


First, how did SimplySphynx start?


Simply Sphynx Cats and the SLINX started out of necessity.  I’m not Mr. Snickett, but there was a series of unfortunate events.  They involved roomates, one who became violent (though not towards me or the cats) and had to be removed, and the next who relapsed and started doing heroin in the house.  Not a pretty way to start the story, but it’s true.

After all that drama, I became extremely tired and distracted, and when running a bath for one of my sphynx cats, forgot the water was running and flooded most of my house.  The result?  I ended up living with two Savannah Cats and two Sphynx cats in my living room for almost 6 months!

The three boys started picking on my little girl sphynx cat Daisy.  To the point where she always had scratches on her face and she was getting very anxious.  I carried her around with me in my robe or my shirt as much as I could, but after many chest scratches, stretched out clothing and sleepless nights, I knew I had to find a solution.

The solution was some kind of bag to carry her in, on my chest/stomach, that left my hands free when needed, kept her warm and protected me from her claws.

I went and bought a sewing machine because there was NOTHING out there that suited my needs and I was stuck at home anyway because of all the contractors coming and going.  I taught myself to sew, and after months and months of trying, I had a sling-I called it the SLINX-a sling for my sphynx.  I put pictures on facebook and people wanted to buy it.



What was the first piece you made?


The first real piece I did make was the SLINX.  I had no intentions of selling it when I made it-I barely knew how to sew.  But the Sphynx Cat community on facebook was blowing up-they wanted it!  So I worked really hard on the pattern and my skills, and got the first one ready to sell last year.  When they started it took me a whole day (with a lot of mistakes and starting over) to make one.  Now I can do it start to finish in a few hours.


What has been your favorite piece so far?

I’d have to as my favorite is the Tattcat™ -the shirt that makes cats and dogs look like they have a tattoo.


What was the hardest piece to make?

It’s a tossup between the SLINX and the Tattcat™ The Tattcat™  is the most difficult fabric, like tights or leggings fabric.  The SLINX has the most parts and had to be completely adjustable and safe.


I think the pet sling is the coolest idea, what inspired you to make it?

Besides above, the crisis came when one of the other cats tried to actually kill Daisy.  It was horrible, and I needed to keep her near me at all times until I could find a new home for him.

The pet sling
The pet sling



Where did the idea for tattoo shirts come from?

I have WAY too many ideas.  I had seen a horrid picture from Russia where someone actually put a Sphynx under anesthesia, and tattood it.  Horrible!  But like all owners of hairless pets, I had thought how cool they would look with a tattoo.  I ordered a cheap fake tattoo sleeve, cut some holes in it and stuck it on my boy, Lucky.  Put the picture up for laughs and had over 50 people wanting to buy one.  After a LOT of research, I found a company that would print the fabric for me with safe dye, and softer fabric.  The cheap stuff out there has cheap and dangerous dyes in it, and not always the best fabric.


How did you teach yourself to sew?

With a lot of crying, cursing, and I broke three singer sewing machines by trying to sew multiple layers of fleece.  Finally my Mom, who is a quilter, offered me some good sewing machines that she just had sitting around!


Pretty in polka dots
Pretty in polka dots


How did you fall in love with sphynx cats?

I don’t know quite how!  I had done rescue, hospice, fostering and many other things with cats (and sometimes dogs).  When I realized that it was time to stop (at times I had up to 15 cats and kittens in my home) I wanted to explore some breed cats.  I got some Savannah Cats (WONDERFUL cats, mine just got too stressed and were no longer happy) I decided to see what a Sphynx was all about.  I found a local breeder, and she had me come visit.

A bunch of kittens came running out and started taking things out of my purse!  They climbed all over me, purring and loving on me.  I had never experienced anything like it.  They felt like velvet, looked adorable (they don’t really photograph as beautiful as they are) and I was hooked.  I got Daisy that day, and a few years later my boy, Lucky.

When I was ready for a third, I asked if there were any colored ones available.  Daisy was cream with red points like a siamese, and Lucky was pure white.  Yes, you have to bathe them.  Yes, white and cream show dirt more.  Dare2b-bare did not have any, but suggested Bella Remembered Sphynx Cattery, and there I got my Bella Blue, my baby girl who is the color of a Russian Blue cat-just without the fur.

This IS Daisy's happy face
This IS Daisy’s happy face


I’d like to add that EVERYTHING I do is tested on my poor cats!  All the pieces, including the toys are meant to enhance the bond between people and their pets.  Dogs, furry and hairless, and furry cats all use and wear my products.  The SLINX has helped traumatized, abused pets become trusting and loving.  The fleece pajamas have helped Sphynx and other pets who hate clothes but need to be warm and covered learn to love clothes instead of fear or hate them.  The Tattoo clothes bring joy to both pets and their owners, and the toys as well!


My mission is and always has been to help pets and their owners bond.  The stronger the bond, the better the care, the less likely people are to “throwaway” pets.

I give! I give!
I give! I give!


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Bella, Daisy & Lucky for letting me interview them and their awesome mom. Pictures were used with permission. You can find Bella, Daisy & Lucky on their mom’s facebook page and sporting new fashions on the official website Slinx Concepts or the Etsy page – Simply Sphynx (As an added bonus for all my readers, Miss Airie has a special code for a 10% off discount up 4/30!  Use the code WHISKERS on the Etsy link page).
They’re famous! Please check out News 4 Jax‘s  animal fashion segment, Beth Sullivan is used Simply Sphynx’s clothes to dress her sphynx Jovie!
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Extra Love Needed: Meet Champy Pants the Blind Siamese Kitty

Champy Pants
How old is Champy Pants the Blind Siamese Kitty?
The Vets estimated he is about 8 years old but could be as young as 6 years by the quality of his teeth. Because he was rescued from a shelter will never know his true age.

Where did his name come from?
When Champ was rescued he was in extremely bad shape. We think he was hit by a car in NYC and left for dead on the side of the road. North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, NY rescued him and worked around the clock tending to his severe injuries. He was in the emergency care unit for months trying to survive. They said he was such a fighter they named him Champ, short for champion. We kept his name because he is nothing short from being a true Champ. Each morning he starts his day out by putting his “Champy Pants” on!

* You can find his hospital photos from NY here:

Can you tell me how he came into your life?
I first saw him posted with a picture of him still injured on facebook. He was found by some woman and she took him to a kill shelter where he stayed for 3 days with a broken jaw, split palate, and both damaged eyes. After 3 days I saw he was rescued but did not know who rescued him. Only a month later did I see that it was North Shore Animal League who had rescued him and I was able to read his update. He had new photos showing his jaw wired shut and a feeding tube in his neck trying to survive. When I saw these photos and his updates I knew from that moment I had to adopt him. I started writing to the shelter constantly on how much I loved Champ and had to have him in my life. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. It was love at first sight; it was love online!

Still handsome as always, Champy
How long did it take for him to be able to walk again?
He was in a cage in ICU for months trying to heal. He was very weak from his injuries and his weight dropped to 5.4 lbs. (He’s over 10.5 pounds now.) It wasn’t until he was improving and was able to be moved from the ICU to the shelter unit that he was able to really stand and start to walk again. When we adopted him and took him home, he walked very slowly and didn’t know how to climb the stairs. This is when he really started to get his movement and strength back. He also had to learn to navigate without his sight.

When did the vets realize he lost some of his hearing?
Only 3 weeks after adopting him, I woke up on morning and he was on my bed. He could not walk and was curled up and making circles trying to get up. I rushed him into the ER thinking he had a stroke. I was so scared for him after everything he just went through in the past few month and trying to recover. We found out he had a inner ear infection and he could not balance not to mention stand or walk. Only at this point did we discover he had some type of blockage in his ear. We didn’t know if it was from the ear infection itself or a ear tumor or scar tissue from the accident. After weeks on his antibiotic and his ear infection cleared up did we know his ear canal was still blocked off. This was the first indication something was not right with his ear. It wasn’t until a bit later that I noticed he was not picking up sound with his right ear. He only responded with his left ear for noises but he responded really well to them. So this is when I realized I have adopted not just a fully blind kitty but a half deaf one too! But that didn’t matter to me, I just loved him even more!

His thoughts on people who doubted him
How long did it take for him to “map” his new home?
This is what really amazed me. He mapped out our 2 story home so quickly. He walked slowly till he learned where everything was and where all the furniture was laid out. I was ready to adjust anything for him to make his life as easy as possible. The only new things I had to learn was to look under my feet and to open doors slowly incase he was behind one. I didn’t want to step on him or bump a door in his face, so I had to learn to be more patient and be aware of him. Now its just a normal part of my day and it comes naturally. He actually did better than me with all the new adjustments. Everyday I am still amazed by him!

Does he live with any fursiblings?
He does. He has 3 “seeing eye cats” to help him live a productive and happy life. We have Muppet who is a Himalayan. She is the sweet girl that likes to be the mama of the house! We also have Monkey & Chewy Bear who are Siamese brothers. Champy really loves to play with them and rough house as boys like to do. They all wear bells on their collars which helps Champy hear where they are. All my cats are rescued and adopted.

I see a lot of pictures of him and his tunnel, is that his favorite toy?
Champy has many toys he loves. He loves the because it make crinkle noises. His favorite toys are ones with bells, catnip, crinkly sounds and toys that you can run across the floor as he can chase it by listening with his one good ear to the sound the toy makes on the floor.
Champy & his tunnel

Do you have any plans for his year adoptaversary?
Yes, we plan on contacting North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, NY and letting them know how his first year has gone since being adopted. We will also have cake, balloons and catnip to celebrate 1 year of his healing and rescue and a celebration on his facebook page with all his 9,000+ fans.

Is there anything else you would like to share about Champy or your life with him?
Champy is just a amazing little blind kitty that just wants to love and be loved. He has given me so much back for rescuing him. I just can’t imagine living one day without him with all the sunshine he brings. He makes me want to be a better person and help even more disabled kitties like him by raising awareness. He is in the process of making and coming out with a children’s story book this year.

Would you like me to add a dedication to anyone at the end of the article?
Yes. I would like to dedicate this to my two Siamese kitties that I lost which tore my heart out. Meeko on 8/21/11 and Simba on 2/7/13. I want to thank Simba from the bottom of my heart for sending Champy my way just 3 weeks after he crossed over Rainbow Bridge. I also want to thank my peanut, the love of my life for making the long 7 hour round trip drive down to Long island, NY with me to pick little Champy Pants up and bring him home where he now lives a happy and very spoiled life in Worcester, MA.

Champy meditating

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Champy Pants and his mom for letting me ask questions about him and sharing his story. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on his facebook page – Champy Pants the Blind Siamese Cat 
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Extra Love Needed : Meet Tom


Hello everyone
Hello everyone

First of all,I would like to introduce myself. I am Tom,a white cat. I am also deaf but that isn’t an obstacle for me to live my life.

How old are you?

I am not sure about my age, but I am around 4 years old. I’m a young cat still.

Where did your name come from?

Long ago,we had a birmanese cat,also named Tom.That’s where I got my name from. Unfortunatelly, Tom the birmanese is at the rainbow bridge now…

How did you come to find your forever home?


As a kitten,I lived with my mother and my siblings at my owner’s sister.Then,when I grew up,my owner and her daughter,Diana,took me at their home and I live with them since then.They are sweet persons and I feel good here with them.

Do you have any fur siblings you live with?

We have another cat named Giani. He’s a half brother of mine. Giani is a black cat. He’s so beautiful but a little shy,too. Sometimes he would tolerate me to cuddle with him,sometimes he wouldn’t. I guess the feeling is mutual.But I love Giani. He can be so sweet.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Just looking for trouble
Just looking for trouble


One of my favourite thing to do is to sleep.The other favourite thing to do is to get in trouble. Plenty of it!

Where do you like to sleep?

The TV is my favourite place to sleep. I like to put my paw or my tail on the screen,so my momma can’t see.

Sleeping on the tv
Sleeping on the tv


Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?

Diana says I’m a special cat.Sometimes crazy,sometimes sweet,sometimes indifferent,but that’s who I am.

P.S.:I love my owners!I’m just that kind of cat who will not admit how much I love and need them. Mew!

Yes, I admit to loving my owners
Yes, I admit to loving my owners

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Tom  for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on his facebook page named simply Tom
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Happy Tails: Meet Mimi



How old are you?

Actually nobody knows exactly. Probably 2,5 years old.

Where did your name come from?

Originally my name was Mia. I ever since liked to talk to others – when I moved to my new home I talked even more. On the second day at my new home daddy asked me – just for fun – what is your name and I answered mi – mi (in English it would sound like me – me). But you might know I have a second name and that’s Boromia – Mum and dad are mad about Lord of the Rings and so every one of us has got his LOTR name

How did you find your family?

My family found me on Facebook. Mum was looking for a companion for Gandi and one day a friend of her reposted my pic. A private organisation in Lower Austria was looking for a home for me – and my babies. Mom showed my pic to dad (as every other cat she found) and suddenly he said “okay, contact them and ask for her”. Mum did and they had to provide a lot of informations about where I would live, about themselves etc. Then mum and dad came to visit me and we liked each other from the spot. So it came that I was allowed to move to my new home.

How do you and Samy get along?

Grrrr – Samy is a little VERY annoying little baby. No just kidding – she is a baby but much fun. I like to play with her. There is just one problem: she doesn’t know when to stop.

Do you go outside often?

Definitely yes! As often as possible. We have a wonderful garden in a great area with nearly no traffic.

Kalt? Mir? Nie, nicht bei diesem tollen Fell (Cold? Me? No, not with this great coat)
Kalt? Mir? Nie, nicht bei diesem tollen Fell (Cold? Me? No, not with this great coat)

Do you stay inside when it snows?

Have a look at my fur I don’t care about snow. I love being outside even when it’s really cold.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Sleeping, chasing Samy, Gandi and Poldi and cuddling with mom and dad

Mimi und Gani (Mimi and Gani)
Mimi und Gani (Mimi and Gani)

Where do you sleep?

It depends. At the moment I prefer to sleep in a little colder place – everywhere else it becomes too hot for me. But although I try to sleep in my mom’s bed for a couple of hours every night.

Can you tell us a bit about where you live?

I live with my step siblings in a beautiful part of Vienna/Austria. It’s the suburb with small hills and vineyards. It’s Green everywhere, nearly no traffic. So we can go where ever we want and don’t have to look for cars. I have a very good friend named Eddy – he lives in the next garden but one. We visit each other very often. The problem is Gandi and Eddy don’t like each other at all – they always start fighting when their paths cross. I’m said to be partly a dog. Every time mom and dad go for a walk I accompany them for a while. When they go to visit neighbours I go with them and stay there as long as they do. A problem in winter because then I have to wait outside. Either they have cats on their own or – and that’s just one neighbour – they don’t like cats. There also live foxes, (last spring a baby fox and all of us where totally exited), weasels, hedgehogs, squirrels– but the nice ones. Live is really worth living with my family.

Pawsome kisses Mimi

Author’s Note: Many thanks (vielen dank!) To Mimi’s mom for answering the questions and for letting me borrow pictures of Mimi. You find Mim on her facebook page named: Mimi.

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Extra Love Needed: Meet Mercury

Mercury hiding out in a paper bag
Mercury hiding out in a paper bag


How old is he?

Mercury will be 5 months old on the 4th of February (our best guess for his date of birth).

Where did his name come from?

We chose his name because my husband and stepson were talking about Roman Gods and mythology, and my first thought when I saw Mercury was that he made need wheels one day, so the song Bicycle Race by Queen was playing in my head.  After a short discussion we settled on Mercury because he is the messenger in Roman mythology, as well as being the lead in Queen, satisfying everyone.

Mercury at 3 weeks old
Mercury at 3 weeks old

I read that he was found at 5 ounces, where was he found?

Mercury was found on a person’s back porch in Moore, Oklahoma, brought there by their cat.  He had accidentally been hit with a weed whacker across the street, resulting in the loss of both front legs, and all but one toe on his back left foot.  He was taken to one of our vets to see if anything could be done, and they called us to take him since we do bottle babies for local rescues.  His umbilical cord wasn’t completely gone either, though it was very short.

How long did it take for him to open his eyes?

It was a week before he started to open his eyes, and they were open fully after another 2 days.  He was found on September 7th, 2013.

How long was he bottle fed?

We bottle fed Mercury until he was about 6 weeks old, but we started to introduce mushy food (wet food mixed with kitten milk) when he was 5 weeks.  For the first week he was fed every 2 hours, then for the next two weeks he was fed every 3 hours, and then fed every 4 hours after that.  He was very easy to feed, taking to the bottle immediately, and once he figured out how to balance over the bowl he ate his mush, and then his wet food, really well.  At about 8-9 weeks old we put dry food in front of him and he ate right away.  Since the start he has also had cat and dog companions, as one of our adult cats, Nala, and two of our dogs, Rascal and Ginger, love to clean bottle babies.

Mercury and one of his many teaser toys
Mercury and one of his many teaser toys

Does he need any therapy or medication at this time?

The only medication Mercury has taken has been antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection he had.  As for therapy, he has had that since the start, though nothing formal.  Food has always been a big motivator for Mercury, so from the start we would make him push himself forward for his milk to work his back legs.  When he was about 3 weeks old we started balancing him on his back legs at every feeding, just for short periods at a time to help build strength.  After he was standing on his own we would then put a hand under his chest and encourage him to walk forwards on his back legs, and we would use his favourite toys to get him to jump in the air.  As he grew we would create slightly bigger challenges for him- making him jump onto short stairs, walking on different surfaces,  making him run after toys, making him balance for longer and longer on his back legs.  We refused to carry him from place to place if it was something he was capable of doing on his own.  He can now jump onto the couch from the ground, onto the back of the couch from the seat of the couch, walk on his back legs on a carpeted surface, and walk/run/balance on wood, tile and concrete, though he can’t grip slick floors very well since he only has 5 toes to hold on with.  Each day we work with him on different aspects of moving around, to have him be as independent as possible.

How do the other cats of the house react to him?

The other cats are usually pretty good with him.  We have other foster kittens just a little younger than Mercury, and they play with him just like they play with each other.  Some of the adult cats refused to be around him until he was neutered, but they have the same reaction to all kittens until they have been spayed/neutered.  Nala, the cat that would clean him as a baby, is one of his biggest idols, and he follows her around, trying to imitate her.

Mercury versus the feathers
Mercury versus the feathers

What’s his favorite thing to do?

Mercury loves to play with teasers.  His favourite ones have a little mouse on the end, and one that has a mixture of feathers and mylar.  He will wrestle with the kittens when they get in his way, and if they try to get on the couch with him he will bump them off.  Something he has done since tiny is bury himself in blankets or a covered cat bed, often with just a tiny part of him sticking out.  When he wants cuddles he will follow us around, yelling his little war cry, until he gets pats.

Mercury Destroys a Village

Is there anything else you would like to share about him or the furry family?

We would love if people look at Mercury and realize that just because someone is different doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a chance, love and attention.  To us, Mercury is an inspiration to keep going, even when you have the odds stacked against you.  He does everything a normal kitten does, and he has so much love and determination, he is simply wonderful to be around.

Mercury October 2013
Mercury October 2013

Of course you can use some of his photos/videos for the article.  Thank you very much for taking an interest in him.

Sara Bohn
Mercury’s mum, foster for the Community Cat Coalition of Edmond.

For more Q & A on this amazing cat, please go to his page FAQs.

Baby Mercury
Baby Mercury

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Mercury and his mom for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on his facebook page – Raising Mercury
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