Animal Interviews: Meet The Half Tail Lynx

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Lynx for letting me interview him and for allowing me the use of his pictures for this article. Please follow his adventures at his facebook page: Angel Opossum and the Half Tail Lynx


How old are you lynx?

I am an estimated 7 months old ♡

How do did you come to your forever home?

Mom found me in the parking lot at the grocery store. She caught me and brought me home ♡

What is your favorite thing to do?

My favorite things to do include mousing, attacking helpless catnip toys, lounging, and attacking any cup left on the table unsupervised

Where did you name come from?

My name came from my Half Tail! With my tufted ears and half tail, mom thought Lynx was perfect! Also the new page title ssounds like a Harry Potter book title now



When did the foster kittens come into the house?

The first foster kitten showed up at the beginning of May. She was maybe a day old? I was very interested in her but she is young and not interested in me. The 5/6 week olds, though, are more my speed. Their mother got hit by a car and when mom pulled over to move the body out of the road, she found the kittens. 3 have found forever homes ♡ The newest additions are maybe 3 weeks? Mom has them contained currently because they have upper respiratory infections and mom wants them to feel better before I introduce them to my minion corps.
Did you check on them to make sure they were okay?

Mom was a little wary of my first encounter with the orphaned babies. She put them in a playpen so I could smell and see, but not touch. She came home to find me STEALING the babies and taking them to my Top Secret Headquarters.

Since I had taken to them so well, mom made them a room where I had full access to teach the wisdom of the elder cats to these motherless ones


What do you think of them now?

I am extremely pleased with my new minions. I have taught them the stairs, how to get in the garbage, and how to trip an unsuspecting human.
What about the newbies?
Mom does not let me around the newbies ye

Who do you like the most?

My favorite of the minions is Castiel, the little ragdoll colored girl kitten. She is a quick learner and already a manipulater of our humans ♡


Do they follow you around?

The kittens DO follow me around, they seem to have taken to me quite nicely


What big plans do you have for yourself and the minions?

Hopefully, down the road my minions and I will be over to take over the house and then…. the world! They shouldn’t take too long to corrupt ♡

Mom thought it was odd that a tom cat was so intrigued by some young and helpless kittens, but she thinks I found my calling.


Help them find homes! Meet Missy, Cory & Calvin

This isn’t a typical animal article as I wanted to help find these beautiful healthy kittens homes.

Meet Missy, Cory & Calvin.

Who are they? Wonderful little white kittens named Missy, Cory & Calvin.


He is one of a litter of five born to a healthy feral mama (who has now been spayed :). They were rescued during a TNR effort. Our best guess is that he was born around March 19, 2012.

He is a regal looking, long, lean kitty machine. He is very timid about being held but unlike many timid cats, Calvin does not hide & will entertain you for hours playing with another cat. In fact, he should go to a home with other pets because he adores other cats & is a very kindhearted boy. He would probably do fine with a cat friendly dog, too. He will need someone that has the patience to let him adjust to a new environment at his own pace,
He has made leaps & bounds in the short time he has been here.
These kittens did not know how to jump from place to place & have already become little monkeys.

He uses the scratching post well so we ask that his claws be left intact. He also uses the litter box without fail. We also ask he be an indoor only cat.

Calvin has been vaccinated, deflead, wormed & will be neutered before he goes to his new home (he has an appointment scheduled for 6/14).


Cory is one of a litter of five born to a feral mama. They were rescued during our TNR effort. Our best guess is that they were born sometime around March 19, 2012.

He is busy, talkative & friendly. He starts purring before he is even petted.
He does well with other cats and we believe he would also do well with a cat friendly dog so he should go into a home with at least one other pet. He needs to be an indoor only cat please.
He uses the scratching post well so we ask his claws remain intact & he uses the litter box without fail.

He has been vaccinated, wormed & deflead & will be neutered before going with his new family. We are not a rescue so do not have a set adoption fee but a reasonable donation towards his care would be nice.

They were born to a feral mother who was captured, spayed and released. These little ones where taken in to be raised indoors they are now at a foster home where there are a lot of cats already and need to find more permanent quarters.


UPDATE : 6/21/12

Missy has been adopted by a wonderful lady in PA. She arrived there last night. Thank you all for spreading the word about this wonderful girl. Let’s get her brothers into homes. 

This pretty girl was born to a feral mama somewhere around March 19, 2012. She is one of a litter of five that was rescued during a  TNR effort.

She is petite, dainty & sweet. She is also very, very timid. She purrs nicely once picked up but she will need someone patient to give her the time she needs to adapt to a new situation. A quiet home is preferred.

She does well with other gentle animals so it would be nice if she could go into a home with another gentle pet. She needs to be an indoor only pet please.
She uses the scratching post well so we ask her claws remain intact & she uses the litter box without fail.

She has been vaccinated, wormed & deflead & will be spayed before going with her new family.

To sum up:

Three kittens need homes, born to a feral mama, they have been spayed/neutered, have their shots been dewormed, deflead and need to be placed in loving homes as they are in a foster home at the moment.

Missy is a bit shy and will need reassurance.

Cody is a people cat

Calvin is a cat’s cat.

We ask that they are not declawed, kept indoors and please consider making a donation towards their adoption as they already have their shots and respective surgeries for spay/neuter.

Where are they located:

The kittens are currently in Akron, Ohio but the foster moms feel a good home is a good home no matter where that is. Don’t let distance deter you from, transportation arrangements can be made. Please see contact information below. If you are not able to take them into your house, please consider sending a donation towards their care or transportation, see below for details.

Who to contact about adopting them (please serious inquiries only!) :

Contact Diane at or

Virginia at

How to donate to their care/possible adoption/and other expenses (food/litter/toys, etc):

Attn: Diane Erdelyi
Pet Guards Clinic
4040 State Rd.
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223


All three kitten have their own facebook pages with constant updates, so take a look, share and try to get these guys in a furever home.

Calvin’s  Facebook page

Cory’s Facebook page

Missy’s Facebook page

Author’s Note:

First and foremost I want to sincerely thank Miss Virginia & Miss Diane for their continuous efforts in trying to find these little ones a home, not to mention all the time and effort to get them socialized, cared for and feeling confident with humans. Their dedication to the care of these little ones is a great example of how everyone can make a difference in the lives of not only animals but of other human beings.  
Photos and information taken with permission.