Animal Interviews: Meet Spootz


How old are you? 


Where did your name come from?

A puppet my mom’s Spanish teacher used to use in puppet shows to teach her kindergarten class Spanish stories

How did you end up in your forever home?

My mom saved me after her sister adopted my brother and sister a few months earlier. Mom’s sister would not let her play with the new kittens, and mom was a spoiled brat so she asked Grandma if she could get her own kitten and she came to get me.

Was it scary moving ?

I have moved twice- i was driven up to Massachusetts by Grandma with my brother Archy, my sister Sigmund, and by canine friend Ace. The car ride was rather loud but not scary. I was flown back to Florida later with mom. Besides peeing on her leg on the drive to the airport there was nothing scary about that part. The plane ride was very loud but mom and the flight attendants paid me lots of attention and told me how good i was being and how handsome I was.

What are your favorite things to do?

Meow, sit on mom’s lap, have my belly rubbed, sit on the porch with mom, catnip


What kind of food to you like?

Iams brand senior cat

Why do you like being on the fridge so much?

It gives me the best viewpoint from which to oversee my domain

Do you ever get lonely being by yourself?

I was lonely when i first moved back to Florida because i did live with my sister Sigmund back home but i have become quite independent and keep house when mom goes to work


Now for some questions for your mom:

I know you were having a problem with Sir Spootz peeing on your clothes, how long has he done this? He has been doing this since he was moved up north- when he gets offended or if we have visitors for to long he will pee on something. Or the few times it has been too long since i cleaned his litter box

Senior Pets Rock: Meet Coltrane

Coltrane and his tie

How old are you?

I am about 12 years old.

Where did your name come from?

I was named after John Coltrane, the jazz musician.

How did you come to your forever home?

I came to live with momma, after an ex-bf of momma’s who lived with her, moved out one day while she was at work, and left me behind.

Who do you snuggle the most?

I only live with momma, so I snuggle the most with her.

I read you have a girlfriend, may I see a picture of her?

Yes, her name is Cleo and she is much younger than me (8 yrs old, I think ) , but attached herself to me when she was just a kitten..

Coltrane giving Cleo kisses
Coltrane giving Cleo kisses

What are your favorite toys?

We have a green fuzzy worm that I like to play with, a stuffed green mouse I kind of like, and I like milk rings.. probably the most..

Coltrane and his green worm
Coltrane and his green worm

Where is your favorite spot to sleep?

Coltrane snoozing in his favorite spot
Coltrane snoozing in his favorite spot

My fave spot to sleep is on one particular sofa cushion, it’s all squished down from where I lay on it, all the time..

Do you have any fursiblings you live with? If so, how many and who are they?

I have several siblings.. Cats are Lilly (who’s almost 21 yrs old) Lizzy, who is about my age, Marlowe, (he’s about 11) Cleo (8 yrs old) Buttons (8 yrs old) and our foster failure Ellie (about 3) and our foster kitty Jimmy, he’s only about 1 yrs old.. and we have a Doggie, Watson, a shitzu, who’s 12..




What would you like to say to people who are worried about adopting an older pet?

Older kitties are great!! We aren’t as rambunctious as kittens, don’t get underfoot as much, we usually has more house manners than young cats.. we already know how to use the litter box(usually) and we like to snuggle more than play, sometimes.. I think we are also more laid back and less demanding than kittens or young cats.

Coltrane & Cleo snuggling
Coltrane & Cleo snuggling

Here’s a pic of Cleo.. she’s also in the Coverphoto on my fb page with me.. all snuggled together..Momma says she is my kitty, not hers.. She pays much more attention to me than she ever does momma…

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Coltrane and his mommy for answering the questions and sharing the wonderful story of Coltrane. You can visit him and the family on facebook. Pictures were used with permission.

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