Extra Love Needed: Meet Jinx

  Author’s Note: Thanks to Ty for letting me ask questions about his girl Jinx. Pictures used with permission
What is her name and how old is she?
My little girl is called Jinx and she’s now 7 years old.
Where did her name come from?
Erm…well….she was quite accident prone in the early months so I thought she was Jinxed.
How did she come to live with you?
She found me when she was about 5 months old. I was dropping my partner home when a fluffball darted across in front of the car. I stopped, turned off the engine and put the window down. A tiny little face looked up at me and meowed. Once I knew she was out of the way I drove on, parked the car and went in to find food for her. I made a sound with my lips that I never made before, a popping noise, and she came running to me. She followed me in doors and it was then I noticed her eye. She sat under a table, head tilted to the side and watched me. I sat on the floor across from her and watched her. I was living in a rented apartment at the time and my housemate had said no to any pets so I ended up taking her up to the local SPCA.
Once I got home and told my housemate about her he said I should have kept her. It took me 3 months but I got her back on New Years Eve 2010 and she’s been with me since. We got another cat when my partner and I moved in together in 2012.
His name was Dougal. They didn’t get along. Dougal died in 2014. We then got Jaded and Gonzo. Jasper loved Jinx but Gonzo has never liked her. Jasper died in 2015, same way as Dougal, hit by a car.
So now it’s Jinx and Gonzo. I tried making her an indoor only cat but she had no intention of complying. She’s both I suppose – she comes and goes. We have a microchip cat flap which she uses.
When did you notice her eye?
I saw, on the night we met, that her eye was not right. Once I got closer to her I noticed it was infected and she couldn’t open it as there was so much puss Etc. She doesn’t need drops or anything like that. I don’t think she knows that she’s not 100% so she just does her thing. I *would* keep a close eye on her but I can’t keep up with her.

Extra Love Needed: Meet Tigress

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Elizabeth for letting me ask her questions about Tigress. Pictures used with permission.

What is her name and how old is she?

Her name is Tigress, she will be five in (I’m guessing) mid November.

How did she come to live with you?

She came to me after my sister’s husband found her and her brother on the side of the road, out in the country. We suspect they were dumped there. She didn’t really bond with my sister, so she was going to find her a new home. I said no because I already had 2. I went to her house on Christmas eve (an little under 2 hours away) and ended up falling in love. She came home with us that night, cuddled and purred the whole way home.

Did you know she had asthma if not, how did you find out?

I did not know at that point that she has asthma. I found out when she was 2. I thought she had a hairball problem, googled remedies, and came across a video of a cat having an asthma attack, it was identical. A trip to the Vet, with x rays revealed that she does in fact have it.

What are they doing to treat flare ups?

It was the first case her vet had seen in real life. At the time, we treated with a steroid shot during flair ups, when they became more frequent, we decided to try her on a preventive medicine (terbutaline) and oral prednisone as needed. Over time, with positive reinforcement, she learned to come to me for her medicine. She rarely needs prednisone anymore and hasn’t needed a shot in over a year. As far as I can tell, dust triggers her asthma, but it’s hard to tell. She is strictly indoor, but I know we can bring stuff in on our clothes.

What advice do you have for others who have a cat with asthma?

The best advice i can offer is to take it seriously and to treat it. We have 3 other cats, one of them attacks Tigress on a regular basis but I don’t know that it really has to do with asthma. One cat appears to attempt to comfort her when she has an attack.

Extra Love Needed: Meet Lenny

Author’s Note: Miss Claire for taking time to answer questions about her extra love needed furbaby Lenny. All pictures used with permission.

I am curious how the other members of the family react to him (assuming you have other cats).

I have 5 cats in total. They all seem to let Lenny away with everything! With food Lenny will run round and take food out of their mouths!!! It’s like they know he is special.

How did he come to live with you?

When he was a kitten the breeder wasn’t sure if he would survive as he was so small. When he was 13weeks old he was 710g. When we went to see him he looked very poorly. He had gooey eyes and was very smelly. We were hesitant to take him but after many discussions with my husband we felt he needed our help as eating communally wasn’t helping. At the time the breeder had 18 cats in a small mobile home. He couldn’t possibly be getting the attention he needed.

Did you have to syringe feed him? Did the vet say if this a disorder he developed as a kitten?

He had no problem eating he just face plants everything you give him. It ends up his nose and all round his face which he can’t wash himself. He had conjunctivitis. We treated that and it cleared. I then received an email from the breeder that she had sine test results for Lenny. He had 3 bacterial infections one being pseudomonas. The conditions where he was born was not very sanitary especially the amount of cats in one place. So hearing he wasn’t well wasn’t a surprise. When I took him to the vet she was shocked. She said I should take him back to breeder. I couldn’t. I’d had him 2 weeks and had fallen in love with him. Instead I emailed the breeder and explained what the vet said. She said she would take him back and I could have Jimmy instead. I said no I would have Jimmy and keep Lenny. I would look after Lenny through whatever happens. If he grew into a normal cat then I would make a payment for Jimmy otherwise we were quits. She agreed. So we got Jimmy who is Lenny’s half brother.

Is there anything else you would like to share about him?

I have to clean Lenny on a regular basis as he often poops his pants. I have trimmed his fur to avoid having to get clumps out his fur! When he is really bad he gets a bath which he really hates!

The vet thinks he was either born like it or that it was a difficult birth. He said in natural selection he probably wouldn’t have survived….

He is a funny little boy. He doesn’t know how to ‘cat’. He can’t jump or climb. He has the tiniest Miow which we it hear when he wants his wet food. He spends most of the time sleeping or just watching the others hare round the house. He likes to play with string and bugs and flies!

We have a catio so if I let him he stays out there all night bug watching. If I bring him in I put him on the bed and he sleeps on the pillow with his head propped. If I scratch his ear he puts his paws on too of my hand and puts his head on top!

The vet doesn’t know what will happen with Lenny. Without expensive scans it’s hard to say. Who knows. All I know is I will care for him for however long it takes. Whether that will be 6 months or 6 years.

We both had doubts whether the breeder would keep Lenny or have him put to sleep. For us we had to keep him.

Does anyone else have a disability?

This last one is Cookie she is a rescue. She was found living in a greenhouse living on insects and bird food. She has an air pistol pellet in her knee. When she came she was a nervous wreck. Now she is very confident and likes a fuss


Does anyone try to groom lenny?

We do but he hates it. I can only think it’s because he is so skinny it’s not very comfortable. But because he can’t wash if I brush him within a few minutes he’s back looking a scruff! He tolerates a certain amount then screams to be let go. I usually get enough time to clean up his bits and his face. Bath time involves the husband as I can’t hold him as he wriggles too much.Jimmy his brother sometimes pins him down and washes him…. I wish he would do an all over! Lenny doesn’t let him for very long. I think he likes being a stinky teenager!

After a bath he is super fluffy. And smells like a baby! Then he goes and rolls in the dust outside!!!

Sounds like a petulant child

Very much so. He almost knows when I need to clean him up and he leads me a right merry dance. He rubs behind the sofa and hides under the chair where no one can reach him lol. The smell of food usually gets him out!!!


Anything else you want to add about him or his siblings?

They all get on great. When Jimmy or Penny (both 11 months) play fight with lenny they seem to be very gentle with him. Yet Lenny will climb on top of Jimmy and try chewing at him. They are funny to watch as Jimmy could slap him down in a second but he doesn’t. Even cookie plays chase with him but doesn’t get her claws out. It’s like they know he’s not like them. Animals are just awesome.

Extra Love Needed: Meet Beanie

May I ask how old you are?

About 5-6 years old. The shelter didn’t have an exact age.

Beanie in his new home

Where did your name come from?

It came from the woman I lived with before my new home. She had to go to a nursing home and her other cats (my mom and dad don’t know how many) were all adopted but me. No one wanted me because I was blind. That made me very sad. Then the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in North Carolina put up a notice about me on Facebook and my new mom saw it and called them immediately. She filled out the application, but was number two on the list. The number one lady lived in Connecticut and she decided it would be a long scary ride for me to take so she let me go to my mom since we were both in Maryland. My new mom said she didn’t want to change my name because she knew that it would be the only thing I’d recognize when she took me to my new home.

Were you born blind or did you become blind over time?

I was born blind.

Were you excited to get your very own forever home?

When I first got to my new home, I was very afraid and I hid under a bed for about two weeks. I’d slink out to eat and use the litter box and quickly run back under the bed. But as I got braver and started coming out more and more I found out that my new family was nice and only wanted to love me and take good care of me. What kitty wouldn’t love that?! And I felt good knowing there was another cat to keep my company when the humans weren’t home.

Meeting Buster his new brofur

Was it scary riding in the car?

It was! I was very quiet and didn’t move even though my new mom spoke to me all the way home. I didn’t recognize any of the sounds and none of the voices. My mom and dad had to come to what they call the Eastern Shore in Maryland to get me from the shelter and take me back across a big bridge to where they live.

How long did it take for you and Buster to get used to each other?

Not too long. My new mom and dad put up a baby gate so that Buster could see me and I could smell him, but I surprised them by jumping over the gate the first day! MOL! I might be blind, but that doesn’t stop me from being a cat! Ever since then, Buster and I have been friends.

Did your mom have to make any adjustments to make sure you could get around easy?

Not really. With my long whiskers and super-power hearing, nothing much gets by me! She was afraid I wouldn’t find my food or the litter box so she kept everything in one room with me. After a few days they started moving everything back to where Buster always had the little box and food and I had no trouble finding either one! Buster and I have a very tall cat tower with three perches and I jump up into the bottom one and Buster uses the middle one. My mom and dad were surprised to come in the door one day and see me lying up in Buster’s! To this day, they don’t know how I got up there! MOL!

Picking out a toy to play with

What are you favorite things to do?

I have a favorite mouse that used to be tethered to a pole, but I wanted it so bad I pulled it off! Now I walk around with it in my mouth and meow very loudly so everyone knows I caught it again! I also love to take it to my mom’s pillow every night as a gift and she’s most appreciative and tells me what a good hunter I am!

My favorite place to be is wherever my mom is. I sleep with her at night and when she’s home, I lay down next to her.

I also love to stalk and chase Buster through the condo! Sometimes he gets upset and bats at me, but that never stops me. It might not be fun for him, but it’s fun for me! (My mom said it’s kitty karma because Buster used to chase Chi-Chi!)

Enjoying some time in the cat tree

Questions for your mom – Is this your first blind cat?

Yes. I read the book, Homer the Blind Wonder Cat by Gwen Cooper, and it made me want to have a blind cat myself. I was super excited to go get Beanie once we were approved and I’ve never regretted a second of having him share our lives. I would recommend having a blind cat to anyone.

Are there things that Beanie can’t do?

One thing I don’t allow Beanie to do is to go out on the patio. I will occasionally let Buster out there, but I’m afraid to let Beanie out because we live on the second floor. He might be fine, but I’m afraid he might try jumping up over the railing so I don’t let him go out there. Other than that, I’ve haven’t found much of anything else. No one told him he’s blind and he doesn’t feel limited. One day I was listening to an email a friend sent me that contained the songs of different birds. As I was playing the various songs, Beanie was sitting in front of our patio door and looking up out the window with his head tipped listening for the birds. Even though he’s never seen one, his instincts still kick in! We also feed hummingbirds on our patio and Beanie listens to the hum of their wings when they’re at the feeder.

Also, I travel to New York quite often to visit my family. I used to bring Buster (and Chi-Chi, our other cat who has since gone to the Rainbow Bridge) with me when I went. I won’t bring Beanie because I know he’d be lost and scared there and wouldn’t know where anything is. I know it would also be a frightening ride for him since it’s six hours of driving each way. So we now hire a cat sitter to come in to check on the cats each day when we’re gone.

How long did it take for Beanie to get used to his surroundings?

It was only a couple of weeks. He warmed up to everything quicker than we expected and we were amazed at how well he adapted.

What would you like to say to people who are hesitant on adopting a blind cat?

Don’t hesitate at all! Beanie is such a joy and he’s a truly affectionate cat. I can’t imagine my life now without him and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to adopt another one.

Relaxing Sundays are the best!

How had Beanie changed your perception of blind cats?

I always thought it would be very limiting to have a blind cat in the home, but I now know that they’re just as easy to take care of as a sighted cat and the joy he brings is unlimited! I now encourage people to adopt blind cats.

Is there anything you or Beanie would like to add?

Beanie would like everyone to know that he and other blind cats will bring you love and happiness like you’ve never known before. And I can’t stress enough how much my life has been enriched since we brought Beanie into our lives and home. If anyone decides to adopt a blind cat, you will never regret it! I will definitely do it again.

Buster & Beanie


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Beanie & his mom for letting me interview them both. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit Beanie on his Facebook page – Beanie (The Blind Cat)


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Extra Love Needed: Kazu the blind cat

Kazu & his bff the water fountain

How old is Kazu?
Kazu is appx. 7 month old now ( we guess he was born in Dec.2013)

Where did Kazu’s name come from?
Kazu’s full name is Kazuyoshi. It’s Japanese. it means “Number one beauty”.

How did Kazu come to live with you?
Kazu was found as stray in cold January,about 4 weeks old with his one-eyed- sister & another blind brother, without mama cat.
Good Samaritan took them to vet, and vet contacted to non-kill shelter, Purrfect Pals in Arlington, WA ( north of Seattle). Then they had good care of their deformed eyes. Kazu needed to lose both eyes. Sister needed to lose one eye ( right eye). The shelter volunteer made their facebook page, and Mom saw their page, because Mom always follow facebook page of Purrfect Pals.
We thought they would be adopted very soon because they were so adorable. Even they were brought to an event for cats and met Oskar the blind cat but for some reasons, nobody wanted to adopt them.

Kazu & Nozomi

Mom & Dad could not attend the event because of work schedule. So we were surprised no one adopted them. After one week from the event, still they were on adoption list. Mom could not forget them and decided to adopt them. One blind boy was adopted by foster mom. So we got Kazu and Nozomi (one eyed girl, Nozomi means Beautiful hope in Japanese)

How many blind or partially blind cats live with you?
Blind is only Kazu. Paritally blind is just Nozomi. But FYI, Juri (long hair tortie)has deformed front leg, so she is 3 and half legged.


What advice would you have for those hesitant to adopt a blind cat?
Basically, blind cats can do most of basic things, finding food & water, using litter box, finding their bed.
It’s not difficult but need to accept the difference between ordinary cats and blind cats. Watch them very carefully and closely. Don’t push them to do completely same as sighted cats. You need to listen to them and know what they can do in their own ways or what they cannot do in any way. Then you can see when & how you should help a blind cat.
Of course, they cannot see, so you must make some sound to get their attention or lead them to something. We tap floor or counter to lead him, use toys making sound. We also use short command/ words that he can understand and memorize. Because he cannot see our hand signs or expression on our face as other cats can do.
And you don’t want to change rules you make or layout of room so easily.
But if you are real cat lover, you will do that unconsciously. If your human family members have some difficulties, you will try to do your best for making their life better and easier naturally. Same as cat family members. Try close eyes and think what you want people to help you.

Did you have to make any special adjustments to the house for them?
No, we didn’t. We already had 6 cats then. They are not blind. But in a way, cat-friendly house.8 litter boxes are everywhere in our house. Human toilet lids are always closed. Interior doors are always left open. Cats must be in 100% indoor. Human foods are in sealed containers or pantry.
Fortunately, our sofa & dining chair are covered with fabric. So Kazu can climb up & down using his claws like cat tower covered with carpet.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Kazu and his mom for answering my questions. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit him on his Facebook page –Love Paw Family with Kazu the blind cat

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Extra Love Needed: Seymour the Wonder Cat


Where did your name come from Sir Seymour?
Me name iz just Seymour. >*.*< Momma sez me name wuz Santa before me came to furever home. When me comed to dis new house, momma and daddy just call me Seymour!

Momma:Seymour, sweetie, how about if I type for you so we can just use hoomin English, okay?
Seymour: Okay, Momma!

How old are you?
The shelter gave me the birth date of Oct. 1, 2013, so I am almost 10 months old!!!

How did you find your forever home?
I was at the County Building, where the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley (Las Cruces, NM) has a kitty condo for adoptable cats. Momma came there to vote in February and she walked by and saw me and we locked eyes! (well, locked auras or energies or something) Turns out Momma was in the wrong building all together and so it was kismet! She went home, but I was stuck in her heart. She brought Daddy to meet me the next day, then they had to go on a long weekend away. Momma thought about me the whole weekend. Momma told herself if I was still there when she got back, then I was meant to be hers! And I was…and so I am!!!

I read you had a bad upper respiratory infection that caused you to lose your eyes, I am so sorry sweetie.
It’s really okay! I don’t remember having eyes and I don’t miss anything. When Momma and Daddy met me, I still had (blue) stitches in my eyelids but that just made me more adorable to them. I’m very healthy now and have no lasting effects from my early illness!

How long were you at the vets?
Momma doesn’t know. I was fostered with a few of my siblings while I was recovering. Momma was told I came in to the shelter with my mom and 11!!! siblings! Momma doesn’t know what happened to all of us (and didn’t ask on purpose!) but I was with my two sisters at the County Building. One of them had to have one eye of her eyes removed too.

Were you scared?
Me scared? Never! I’m a brave kitty!


Did it take long for you to “map” your home when you got back?
I already was no-eyes when I came to furever home, and it didn’t take me too long to get around here. It’s a big house and I just kept exploring and exploring! Recently, Momma let me go out in the backyard (supervised!) and I LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!! it! Now, whenever they open the door, I run to it and hope I can go out and explore more. If they don’t let me out, I cry and whine.

Did your sisfur and brofur treat you different?
I was the new cat, so we all had to adjust to each other. I have 2 cat siblings: a sister, Speck, who is 8 years old and a brother Squeekie who is 3. They are both black! I have 2 dog brothers: Gila, a 10 year old Flat Coated retriever and Levi, a 5 year old pug.

What is your favorite thing to do?
I love to chase my sisfur and wrestle wif my cat bruder! I love to play with the soft toys. I love to chase momma around the house! I like to feel the breezes and sniff the air through the windows when they are open.


Did you need any medication while you were recovering?
I’m sure I had meds but I was done with them by the time I came to furever home. Momma did have to get a treatment for a skin fungus I had when she adopted me (I gave it to her too! Ooppsss!!!) but that is all cleared up now.

What would you like to say to people who are hesitant on adopting blind cats?
Why be hesitant?! We are great kitties!!! We are probably less trouble than sighted cats because we don’t see all the high places and want to explore them. (or that is momma’s experience!)

Questions for Miss Rachel: Is this your first blind cat?
Yes. We had a dog who had some pretty serious social and health issues and my old kitty Monty spent the last year and a half with 3 legs, so I have had some challenging pets before. I volunteered for a week at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary more than a decade ago and spent some time in with the kitties who live in the “Incontinental Suite”. They were all special needs; some dragging their back legs, some missing legs, some with neurological issues. They didn’t act differently than other kitties, they just moved differently. They were all eager to socialize and play and they weren’t feeling sorry for themselves. It made me realize they don’t see themselves the same way we do; they only know what they CAN do and they just go on from there. It really opened my eyes to special needs animals.

Did you have to rearrange furniture for him?
He was blind when we got him so no, no rearranging. I do have to be careful about where I leave things, like laundry baskets and such. Also have to be careful where I throw his toys so he doesn’t run into things.

What are a few things you would like to tell people about blind cats?
My experience has been nothing but positive. Seymour has been, in some ways, easier than a sighted cat because he hasn’t been up on everything he can jump on. He’s not discovered countertops yet, which is good. We also think it’s been a little easier introducing him to the other cats. Generally, when cats meet, they stare at each other, which is intimidating. Since he has no eyes and can’t stare at the other cats, our perception is that the other cats are less intimidated by him. Yes, he chases them, but he’s not STARING at them. And when he first got here and was busy exploring the house, they would observe Seymour from up high without him knowing it and that was good too. I had one night when I first adopted him when I thought, “I am crazy to adopt a blind cat!” but seriously, it has been easier to introduce him to the home than any other pet we’ve brought in.

If you DO adopt a blind cat, don’t assume they want noisy toys. Seymour actually prefers the quiet ones. Don’t know why…maybe they’re more challenging. Just like any cat, they have their peculiarities and you just have to learn who they are. The biggest challenge with Seymour is that he loves to chase me around the house and I have to be very careful not to trip on him.

Is there anything you or Sir Seymour would like to add?
I frequently get “Poor baby” or “so sad” comments on Seymour, either on Facebook or when I tell people I have a blind kitty. I would really encourage people to stop thinking of special animals from a sad point of view. If they are born that way, they don’t know any different…they’re just themselves and they don’t look at other animals and think “they’ve got something I don’t”. Even when circumstances happen later in life that change an animal’s situation, they just take it as it comes and accept life as it is *now*, not thinking about how things were before. So when I get a “oh, poor baby” response, I usually tell them “poor nothing! This kitty is a pistol!” If you’re willing to adopt a rescue animal, then also consider adopting a special needs animal. They have enormous hearts, just like a “regular” pet. Be sure you have the financial resources if the animal you’re wanting to adopt has ongoing health issues.

*waves paw*


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Sir Seymour & Miss Rachel for answering my questions. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit him on his Facebook page – Seymour the Wonder Cat.

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Extra Love Needed: Meet Keebo

Hello! I'm Keebo
Hello! I’m Keebo

How old are you?

I am 3 years old..my birthday is in sept. But I am a tiny lil thing, I barely weigh 2 pounds!

Where did your name come from?

My mommy named me Keebo because it stands for ” Hope”.

Can you tell me a little bit about your condition?

I have a condition called Radial Hypoplasia,or RH,  a condition where my forelegs are abnormally short and twisted.

Is Oliver still like a daddy cat to you?

When my Grammy and mommy brought me home from that shelter, Olliver, which is my mommy’s first kitty, wow was he mad at my mom! He wouldn’t let her near him for 3 days! She was really upset and this made her cry because she thought she had hurt ollivers feelings so bad!! Grammy assured her he just needed some time to adjust , but for safety reasons, at night they kept us separated. Then one day, Grammy saw Olliver just walking back n forth, back n forth…it took her a moment to realize…he had me in his mouth!!! She was nervous at first but she just kept a close eye on him to see what he would do…and he finally put me down in a corner…and started giving me a BATH!! From then on, he has been my ” daddy” and yes, he is still protective of me and gives me baths!! I lubs him an awful lot!

How many extra toes do you have on your back legs?

I'm standing on my back legs, neat huh?
I’m standing on my back legs, neat huh?

I have 5 toes on each back paw…and my back feet are really big!!! Pretty sure God gave me these big ole feet and an extra long tail to balance myself on…since the front part of me is so ” short” with my crooked front paws! I am able to stand up on my back paws and balance myself, and stretch really high to look around, or I can squat for a long time to! That’s why kitties like us are often called ” squittens” and ” Roos” because how we stand up on our hind legs with our little paws clutched in at our side and resemble kangaroos! I often wave my paws, to everyone it looks like I am ” begging” for something.. Grammy swears I am trying to tell her something really important, but in reality I do it for balance! But its so darn adorable I have mastered it because I know everyone just loves it!

How high can you jump?
I can jump, really high with those big back feet to! I am able to jump on and off the couch and Grammy’s bed. The only problem is, the jumping down. I do a ” faceplant” because I am unable to break my fall with my paws. This does not ever, ever stop me tho! Grammy put a really comfy house beside her bed for me as a little step stool to help so its not so high, and eventually I heard them talking about building a ramp for me so I can walk up and down off the bed. My very favorite place to be, is wherever my Grammy is laying down!! Thats when I know I can get her complete attention! If I don’t , I just sit right on her chest til she sees me!

What is your favorite things to do?

I would have to say, my very favorite thing to do….is to play with my wire toy. Grammy calls it my ” doingy” . One of my friends off Facebook sent me a few for a Christmas present, and its just a tiny little wire covered in a hard plastic covering… They saw me playing with bread ties and told us how dangerous those are for kitties!! So they sent me these! And my goodness sometimes I play so long I just tucker myself out!! The best part is when I push it under the doors … Then come get Grammy and make her get it out for me!! Sometimes I do this allll day long!! But she never gets tired of opening those doors n letting me get my toy!!

What is your favorite type of bag?

I lub bags
I lub bags

I also love bags!!! Especially brown paper bags!! They make great hiding places!! And if there is a little hole in the back of them, then I can peek thru…and swat at anyone walking by!! For some reason, I like to chew on plastic bags , Grammy gets upset when she sees me do this tho!

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your ability?
One last thing I would like to add about me and my ” physical difference” is this….When my Grammy and mommy went to the shelter to get me, that kid in there used to get me out of my cage just to ” watch me army crawl” because I was so tiny I could only use my elbows to crawl on the ground! ( we are pretty sure he did this often just to get a laugh out of it!.) But when he put me back in my kennel I stayed as far back as I could so he wouldn’t grab me again!! I was so scared!! But grammy never took her eyes off me the whole time my mommy looked at the other kitties. Grammy knew if they didn’t take me, no one else would because they wouldn’t want to deal with a ” defective” cat. But as I got home and got loved, I got better and stronger. And now Grammy says that I rescued her! Love can from the most surprising places, and animals that don’t ” look the same” as others…well we know it! And we also know that when you CHOOSE US, you are giving us an amazing chance at a life we never thought we would have had! So, not only will you change our lives, but you will watch your world be transformed in a way you never knew possible.
Special needs animals, are just that…they make you realize you had a special need in your life for them that was empty, and then you wonder how you ever fully lived before they came along!

Do you have any advice for other cats that need extra love and are looking for a home?

( From Grammy… I truly believe that kitties are golden guardian angels, and they know how to stand in the light of Gods eternal love…when we are feeling down, angry, sad, hurt,,we have our kitties, ESp keebo, to go to..,as our own personal therapy, as they can rid themselves of the darkness we carry. )

Did I mention I lub bags? I do.. don't worry granny cuts the handles for me.
Did I mention I lub bags? I do.. don’t worry granny cuts the handles for me.


Many many thanks to Miss Carol and Keebo, you can find Keebo on her facebook page – Keebo’s The Deformed Mini Kitty and read more of her story and share in her adventures. Pictures were used with permission.

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Extra Love Needed: Meet Saltwater Taffy


How old are you?  

My birfday is June 15, 2013 so I am almost 9 months old

Where did your name come from?  

I fink my Foster Mom (FM) and Foster Dad (FD) must have a sweet tooth… cuz dey named by brubbers and I after sweets – Saltwater Taffy, Caramel Cornelius and Rudy Beer Float.

Do you have any nicknames?  

“TaffTaff” and “The Tafster”

How did you learn how to walk?  

My FM made me a sling when just a wee one to help me walk…. Which I did NOT like…. So I decided I had to put on my big girl panties as the hoomans say and figure it out on my own!

My first picture!  July 8, 2013..
My first picture! July 8, 2013..

When were you officially adopted?  

My new mommy flew out to Philadelphia on January 4th… oops January 5th (bad weather delayed her flight) and brought me home to Minneapolis.  I was such a good girl in my carrier I didn’t make a sound until we landed in Minneapolis and my mommy brought me outside in -25 degree weather with a -42 degree wind chill….. You would make noise too..  Anyways – as I was saying…I gotz to fly home wif my new mommy in First Class!!  Taffy deserves only the best!

How did you find your forever home? 

My new mommy saw an article about me on Catster.com and started following my Facebook page.  After following me for several months she finally wised up and sent in the adoption application to my FM and FD around Thanksgiving – then we began the process of scheduling a time for her to come pick me up!

How many fursiblings do you live with? 

 I have three (3) brubbers…. Silk is the old guy of the family (16.5 yrs old) – he is currently dealing with some medical issues and has to kept separate from the rest of us.  L  Next is Little Guy (7 yrs old) – he is special just like me!  When he was 8 weeks old he had surgery to remove his left rear foot, 1/3 of his right rear leg and 1/3 of his tail.  But he doesn’t let that slow him down at all!!  Lastly we have Groucho (7 yrs old) – he grew up in Foster care with Little Guy and quickly became his protector and caregiver.  He was with Little Guy through his initial surgeries and bandage changes as well as with a second surgery after being adopted by momma… he has earned the nickname of Mr. Mom and it suits him well.

Getting a bath courtesy of Little Guy
Getting a bath courtesy of Little Guy

Do you they treat you different?  

No – not really.  I did take Little Guy some time to warm up to me… I thinks its cuz I tend to lose my balance on occasion and will fall into him.  He doesn’t like that so much… L

What do you like most about your new home? 

 Running up and down the stairs!!  Ooohh – let’s not forget all my new toys… I like my mousies, my feather wands, my catnip kickaroo and… and…. There is too many to list!

Are you able to jump? 

 Yup – I can jump up onto the sofa, and the chairs.  My mommy won’t let me jump up to anything higher… I have kitty steps (OK – Little Guy’s kitty steps) to get up to the bed and then I will sometimes jump down – my mommy doesn’t like that!!

Missing my momma, she's on a business trip..
Missing my momma, she’s on a business trip..

How long did it take for your to settle into your new home?  

Depends on who you ask… I say one day…. Mommy says one week.  I kept trying to escape my “safe” room as the mom calls it.  I was just so excited to meet everyone.  I have no fear so I just went up to Little Guy and sniffed him; he hissed – I moved on to Groucho and sniffed him; he hissed and I moved on… nothing fazes Taffy!

What is your favorite thing to do? 

I love to take naps on my blue blankie… this is the blankie that my FM and FD bought me for my trip to my forever home.  I love to knead and suckle on this blankie as well….  I just love my blue blankie!

What would you or your mom like to say about you and other cats that may need extra love?  

As a hooman slave to two special needs kitties – I would say to go for it!!  Kitties like Taffy and Little Guy don’t think that there is anything “wrong” with them… they like to run around the house, chase toy mice and laser pointers, cuddle and snuggle with their hoomans.  They know where to find their food and water dishes, use the litter box and do everything else that any “normal” kitty would do – they just have their own way of doing it.  Every kitty deserves the chance to have a safe and warm home, enjoy the love and companionship of their “owners” and four-legged siblings.  The only thing that is “special” about them is the unconditional love that they give their owners.

Us "special" pets just need extra love, that's all
Us “special” pets just need extra love, that’s all

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?

What advice do you have for people who are concerned about adopting or fostering cats that need extra care?  Do your research but don’t be afraid to care for a kitty with special abilities.  You will be surprised at how well kitties can adapt.  Before I adopted Little Guy (and Taffy) – I researched what their needs were, asked questions to determine if I was capable of meeting their needs (such as Little Guy – needing kitty steps to get onto furniture etc.).  Be patient!  It may take a new kitty with special needs to adapt to your home.  Especially those who are blind or deaf as they may be easily startled in new surroundings.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to the wonderful Miss Saltwater Taffy for answering the questions. Also thanks to her forever mom and FD (Foster dad) & FM (foster mom) for taking this wonderful little girl into their home. You can keep up with her on her facebook page – Saltwater Taffy, the lobster claw kitty.

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Extra Love Needed: Cricket the FIV Kitty

Yes, I'm stunningly beautiful
Yes, I’m stunningly beautiful

How old are you?

I will be 2 May 8th.

Where did your name come from?

My daddy gave me my name since I was so little and was bouncing off the dogs like a cricket.

How did you find your forever home?

My grandma found me and my sister Isis in the wheel well of her car and brought us home. My sister Isis is in a wonderful home. And momma handed me to daddy and that was it I had him wrapped around my little paw…MOL

Can you tell me a little bit about FIV and what it means for your health?

FIV is usually compared to AIDS in hoomans, it’s an autoimmune disease. It is not contagious and can’t be spread through normal everyday contact. FIV is usually spread through deep gouging wounds from fights and in rare occasions it can be transmitted from a momma cat to a baby, which is how I contracted FIV. I was diagnosed with it at 6 weeks old when momma noticed a lump on my neck. They took me to the vet and Dr. Emily took blood and gave me medicine. The next day she called and told momma and daddy that I was FIV positive. It was a rough day for them since they didn’t know anything about it so they started studying up on it to make sure I stay healthy. I’ve had to battle a couple bouts with cellulitis and have been on pain medicine and antibiotics. My health isn’t the greats and neither is my immune system so we have to be careful I don’t get exposed to anything from a flea bite to an infection because it can get me super sick and sent me back to see Dr. Emily.

I'm a wreath cat, I love sitting in wreaths
I’m a wreath cat, I love sitting in wreaths

Do you live with any fursiblings?

I have several fursiblings, 2 Great Danes Marley and Luci, and 3 kitties Pharaoh, Lola and my minion Castiel. I love having a minion.

What is your favorite thing to do?

My favorite thing to do is sleep..well that and torture momma and daddy at 5am. I’m a cuddle bug, I love to cuddle. Play with random things and my minion. Chase daddy’s shoe strings and chew on his knuckles.

I read that you can be good and then evil, is this true or are you being framed?

Daddy says I’m a bit of both good and evil. He says I’m evil at 4-5 in the morning when he’s trying to sleep. But I think most of the time I’m framed. I’m a sweet baby, well according to my momma.

I take wreath sitting seriously
I take wreath sitting seriously

What was the most trouble you’ve gotten into so far?

I got in to big trouble one night, I curled up under my hooman sister’s dress and took a nap. Well no one could find me. Daddy was outside in the dark with a flashlight looking for me and chasing a pair of eyes through the backyard. I came out about an hr later and ohhh was I in trouble.

Do you make an adorable kitty face when you get caught?

I just start purring and trying to snuggle up when I get in trouble, usually it works on the parents but sometimes not so much.

This is not the adorable face, this is something else
This is not the adorable face, this is something else

Is there anything else you or your family would like to share about FIV?

I think people need to understand that having FIV isn’t a death sentence. I live a normal life, I have siblings who aren’t FIV+. FIV kitties are just as lovable as “normal” kitties..we might require a bit of extra vet time and taking care of but we rock.

Hey you, go like me on Facebook!
Hey you, go like me on Facebook!


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Cricket and her dad for answering the interview questions and sharing some information about FIV and FIV+ kitties. You can find her on facebook at – The Misadventures of Cricket the FIV Kitty 

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Extra Love Needed: Thomas the Special Needs Cat

Pfft says Thomas
How old is Thomas ?
 Thomas is about 7-8 years old according to the Vet
Where did his name come from?
Thomas is a family name. His name started out as Tom as that is what he was and it evolved into Thomas.
How did he come to live with you?
We found Thomas at a nearby campground in Early October 2012. Someone had dumped him. The campground was getting ready to close for the season and he would have been all alone so we brought him home. He was very friendly and well fed. The Campground Hosts said he had been there for a couple of weeks.  The Vet said it looked like Thomas had been attacked by a dog. A coyote would have been a more efficient killer. Thomas has no fear of dogs so it made sense that he probably approached an unknown dog. This happened December 16th 2012. The front part of his bottom jaw was gone and just a piece of skin hanging. Infection had already set in. Surgery was done and the remaining skin was used to give him somewhat of a chin.
Close up so you can see the bottom chin is missing
How long did it take for him to adjust adjust?
 At the time, it was unknown just how well he would adapt and be able to eat. He was fed with a syringe for the first 2 weeks. Messy but successful. He tried right away to eat dry food but really could not. He swallowed a lot of it. He does have his back teeth so he can chew.  After we were done with the syringe feeding and the stitches came out, he ate 2-3 cans of wet food a day. He continued to try to eat dry food. Gradually over the next 3-4 months he did not seem to want as much wet food so I cut back and increased the dry. He now eats mostly dry food but does get half a can at bed time. He weighs 12+ pounds.
Do you need medication or therapy?
 Thomas needs no therapy or medications now. The hardest thing for him to do is to pick up a piece of food off the floor. He can’t grab it. He has a deep food dish that someone sent to him and that works very well.
What is his favorite thing to do?
 Next to sleeping, Thomas’ favorite thing to do is play with his best friend Buttons, a 5 pound yorkie. They play hard. Thomas gets in a few bites now and then. These 2 became friends when Buttons was a tiny puppy. Thomas still lived outside because he was still a Tomcat and we had just got Buttons. Thomas also has a new friend named Mac, he is a 10 week old German Shepherd. They play too but not like he and Buttons.
Thomas & Buttons, napping buddies
Is there anything else you would like to add about Thomas or yourself?
Thomas has adapted very well to his disability. He is strictly an indoor kitty as he would have no way to defend himself if something attacked him again. I know he wants to go out so bad but I just won’t risk it. When Thomas got hurt,I knew that he had horrific injuries. We also did not have the means to pay for what I knew was going to be a very expensive Vet bill. Putting him to sleep was discussed but I just was not willing to do that. I turned to Facebook and contacted one person I knew and asked for help. It all exploded from there. The kindness of strangers, people I will never meet, donated and all of Thomas’ expenses were paid for. That is why I started Thomas’ page, so these
people who helped him can see how he is doing. I think that is pretty much it. If you have anymore questions just let me know.
Thanks to stranger's generosity he was spared a worse fate, thank you!
Thanks for your interest in Thomas’ story
Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Cindy, Thomas’ caretaker for sharing his story, you can follow him on his facebook page – Thomas the Special Needs Kitty 
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