Extra Love Needed: Meet Jinx

  Author’s Note: Thanks to Ty for letting me ask questions about his girl Jinx. Pictures used with permission
What is her name and how old is she?
My little girl is called Jinx and she’s now 7 years old.
Where did her name come from?
Erm…well….she was quite accident prone in the early months so I thought she was Jinxed.
How did she come to live with you?
She found me when she was about 5 months old. I was dropping my partner home when a fluffball darted across in front of the car. I stopped, turned off the engine and put the window down. A tiny little face looked up at me and meowed. Once I knew she was out of the way I drove on, parked the car and went in to find food for her. I made a sound with my lips that I never made before, a popping noise, and she came running to me. She followed me in doors and it was then I noticed her eye. She sat under a table, head tilted to the side and watched me. I sat on the floor across from her and watched her. I was living in a rented apartment at the time and my housemate had said no to any pets so I ended up taking her up to the local SPCA.
Once I got home and told my housemate about her he said I should have kept her. It took me 3 months but I got her back on New Years Eve 2010 and she’s been with me since. We got another cat when my partner and I moved in together in 2012.
His name was Dougal. They didn’t get along. Dougal died in 2014. We then got Jaded and Gonzo. Jasper loved Jinx but Gonzo has never liked her. Jasper died in 2015, same way as Dougal, hit by a car.
So now it’s Jinx and Gonzo. I tried making her an indoor only cat but she had no intention of complying. She’s both I suppose – she comes and goes. We have a microchip cat flap which she uses.
When did you notice her eye?
I saw, on the night we met, that her eye was not right. Once I got closer to her I noticed it was infected and she couldn’t open it as there was so much puss Etc. She doesn’t need drops or anything like that. I don’t think she knows that she’s not 100% so she just does her thing. I *would* keep a close eye on her but I can’t keep up with her.

Extra Love Needed: Meet Tigress

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Elizabeth for letting me ask her questions about Tigress. Pictures used with permission.

What is her name and how old is she?

Her name is Tigress, she will be five in (I’m guessing) mid November.

How did she come to live with you?

She came to me after my sister’s husband found her and her brother on the side of the road, out in the country. We suspect they were dumped there. She didn’t really bond with my sister, so she was going to find her a new home. I said no because I already had 2. I went to her house on Christmas eve (an little under 2 hours away) and ended up falling in love. She came home with us that night, cuddled and purred the whole way home.

Did you know she had asthma if not, how did you find out?

I did not know at that point that she has asthma. I found out when she was 2. I thought she had a hairball problem, googled remedies, and came across a video of a cat having an asthma attack, it was identical. A trip to the Vet, with x rays revealed that she does in fact have it.

What are they doing to treat flare ups?

It was the first case her vet had seen in real life. At the time, we treated with a steroid shot during flair ups, when they became more frequent, we decided to try her on a preventive medicine (terbutaline) and oral prednisone as needed. Over time, with positive reinforcement, she learned to come to me for her medicine. She rarely needs prednisone anymore and hasn’t needed a shot in over a year. As far as I can tell, dust triggers her asthma, but it’s hard to tell. She is strictly indoor, but I know we can bring stuff in on our clothes.

What advice do you have for others who have a cat with asthma?

The best advice i can offer is to take it seriously and to treat it. We have 3 other cats, one of them attacks Tigress on a regular basis but I don’t know that it really has to do with asthma. One cat appears to attempt to comfort her when she has an attack.

Extra Love Needed: Meet Lenny

Author’s Note: Miss Claire for taking time to answer questions about her extra love needed furbaby Lenny. All pictures used with permission.

I am curious how the other members of the family react to him (assuming you have other cats).

I have 5 cats in total. They all seem to let Lenny away with everything! With food Lenny will run round and take food out of their mouths!!! It’s like they know he is special.

How did he come to live with you?

When he was a kitten the breeder wasn’t sure if he would survive as he was so small. When he was 13weeks old he was 710g. When we went to see him he looked very poorly. He had gooey eyes and was very smelly. We were hesitant to take him but after many discussions with my husband we felt he needed our help as eating communally wasn’t helping. At the time the breeder had 18 cats in a small mobile home. He couldn’t possibly be getting the attention he needed.

Did you have to syringe feed him? Did the vet say if this a disorder he developed as a kitten?

He had no problem eating he just face plants everything you give him. It ends up his nose and all round his face which he can’t wash himself. He had conjunctivitis. We treated that and it cleared. I then received an email from the breeder that she had sine test results for Lenny. He had 3 bacterial infections one being pseudomonas. The conditions where he was born was not very sanitary especially the amount of cats in one place. So hearing he wasn’t well wasn’t a surprise. When I took him to the vet she was shocked. She said I should take him back to breeder. I couldn’t. I’d had him 2 weeks and had fallen in love with him. Instead I emailed the breeder and explained what the vet said. She said she would take him back and I could have Jimmy instead. I said no I would have Jimmy and keep Lenny. I would look after Lenny through whatever happens. If he grew into a normal cat then I would make a payment for Jimmy otherwise we were quits. She agreed. So we got Jimmy who is Lenny’s half brother.

Is there anything else you would like to share about him?

I have to clean Lenny on a regular basis as he often poops his pants. I have trimmed his fur to avoid having to get clumps out his fur! When he is really bad he gets a bath which he really hates!

The vet thinks he was either born like it or that it was a difficult birth. He said in natural selection he probably wouldn’t have survived….

He is a funny little boy. He doesn’t know how to ‘cat’. He can’t jump or climb. He has the tiniest Miow which we it hear when he wants his wet food. He spends most of the time sleeping or just watching the others hare round the house. He likes to play with string and bugs and flies!

We have a catio so if I let him he stays out there all night bug watching. If I bring him in I put him on the bed and he sleeps on the pillow with his head propped. If I scratch his ear he puts his paws on too of my hand and puts his head on top!

The vet doesn’t know what will happen with Lenny. Without expensive scans it’s hard to say. Who knows. All I know is I will care for him for however long it takes. Whether that will be 6 months or 6 years.

We both had doubts whether the breeder would keep Lenny or have him put to sleep. For us we had to keep him.

Does anyone else have a disability?

This last one is Cookie she is a rescue. She was found living in a greenhouse living on insects and bird food. She has an air pistol pellet in her knee. When she came she was a nervous wreck. Now she is very confident and likes a fuss


Does anyone try to groom lenny?

We do but he hates it. I can only think it’s because he is so skinny it’s not very comfortable. But because he can’t wash if I brush him within a few minutes he’s back looking a scruff! He tolerates a certain amount then screams to be let go. I usually get enough time to clean up his bits and his face. Bath time involves the husband as I can’t hold him as he wriggles too much.Jimmy his brother sometimes pins him down and washes him…. I wish he would do an all over! Lenny doesn’t let him for very long. I think he likes being a stinky teenager!

After a bath he is super fluffy. And smells like a baby! Then he goes and rolls in the dust outside!!!

Sounds like a petulant child

Very much so. He almost knows when I need to clean him up and he leads me a right merry dance. He rubs behind the sofa and hides under the chair where no one can reach him lol. The smell of food usually gets him out!!!


Anything else you want to add about him or his siblings?

They all get on great. When Jimmy or Penny (both 11 months) play fight with lenny they seem to be very gentle with him. Yet Lenny will climb on top of Jimmy and try chewing at him. They are funny to watch as Jimmy could slap him down in a second but he doesn’t. Even cookie plays chase with him but doesn’t get her claws out. It’s like they know he’s not like them. Animals are just awesome.

Extra Love Needed: Meet Trooper

Good Evening Sir Trooper,
Baby Trooper
Thank you so much for wanting to be interviewed.
Thank mew for having me.  How exciting this is!
Your little life had such a such a sad beginning, how are you doing now?
It has been a rough going. It started out very bad.  I was so cold when momcat took my brothers & sisters away and didn’t come back for me!  I cried and cried as LOUD AS I COULD for hours in the early frosty morning.  She never came back (mew-hoo).  After a couple of hours the humans came out and found me.  I had been stuffed under an upside down canoe with the rest of my siblings in some leaves near a pond, but I had started to slide down the hill towards the pond and no longer had any cover to keep me warm.
Once the humans (now mom & dad) took me inside, they wrapped me up to warm me and bought a bottle & kitten milk and fed me around the clock every 2 hrs for weeks until I became stronger.  Unfortunately my legs developed terrible abscesses within a month or so which the vet said were probably due to parasites getting under my skin while I was outside.  When they x-rayed me, the vet found I had no hips!  This was not apparent at first because I crawled and had not started walking yet.  The abscesses got SO bad that they damaged the bones in my legs and deformed them (mew-hoo) so now my right front leg is bent backwards, my left front leg is slightly curved and my back legs are slightly off as well.  I am unable to sit like a regular cat and walk awkwardly at best.  I get around by running like a hopping rabbit.  I cannot jump up, but have learned to climb somewhat and can sort of jump down from small heights.  When I was younger I would try to jump down from whatever I was on and was constantly injuring my legs & side.  Mom was a wreck and started buying pillows to put all over the floors to save me.
Trooper on his "throne"
Nowadays I usually just rest on My Throne in the kitchen (kitchen chair).  Sometimes I climb up on the kitchen table, much to moms dismay, but don’t do much more than sleep.  I like to play sometimes, but just really do not like to be held or hang out in other rooms, other than My Kitchen.  Being held makes me uncomfortable and mom is always picking me up and squishing me because she cannot resist my super soft kitten-fur.
How many fursiblings do you live with?
My original family consisted of my twin sister Bandit who was taken in by mom a year ago due to grave illness, and Stripey who turned out perfectly healthy and lives outside.  I had a grey sibling, but I don’t know what happened to them.  I never saw them again after they got moved by momcat.  I now live with Aunt Pickles who is the family matriarch, Aunt Spooky who has also contracted Feline Calcivirus from my sister Bandit, Aunt Stumpy (who has no tail!), Aunt Stumpy’s son Squishy, then there’s Big Tux, Uggy, and our latest arrival, Trouble.  So that makes 8.
How do all of your get along?
I pretty much ignore everybody and remain on My Throne, but have no quarrels with anyone except mom who tries to bathe me, take me to the V-E-T, or scares me half to death with the evil vacuum monster.
Does anyone treat you different?
I get special treatment because I cannot get around normally.  When I was smaller, I had my own low-profile litter box so I could easily climb in.  I get expensive Iams canned food  for better nutrition since I was so sickly when I was younger.  Mom has since tried to wean me off it and on to “regular” canned food like the other guys eat, but I’m not hearing it.  Furniture gets moved around lots because I’m always trying to climb high places.  I have boxes I use as steps so I can get onto My Throne in the kitchen.  Mom throws big fluffy bed pillows all over the kitchen floor when I get in my “climb the kitchen table” mood, in case I fall off.
Trooper gets dryer treatment after a bath
What causes your fur to be “crunchy”?
Not sure.  Originally it was due to the stupid fleas the other guys would bring in, but now I believe it is due to the very dry conditions in our house.  My Aunt Stumpy, who I believe is a sister to my cat-dad and whom I take after also has this skin problem.  It gets very scaly and cracked.  Mom runs a humidifier, but it doesn’t help.  The shampoo/bath has made an improvement, but don’t tell mom.
Did you get treats and pets for tolerating the bath?
After The Bath I didn’t want to talk to anyone.  Mom kept making baby talk noises about being a “good boy” but I was not hearing it!  NOW she is intimating about this becoming a WEEKLY event.  I don’t THINK so! (Although my skin is way better and my fur super soft now…)
Do you take any other medications now?
I was on Amoxi-Drops about 2 weeks ago because of  my aggravating skin condition and having diarrhea, but that has since gone away.
What is your favorite thing to do?
I rule the kitchen from My Throne and all who enter it.  Most of my time is spent sleeping.
Young Trooper the worried
Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself of your family?
Mom is a big softy who cannot turn anyone away.  Dad is no better as he lets her bring us all in.  My feral family (Murphy-mom-cat, Buster-dad-cat, Brother Stripey, Step-sister Mini-Murph, Timmy-Tim, and 2 new kittens (and the occasional Mystery-cat) that showed up recently all are watered and fed daily by mom.  They often take refuge under my house when the weather gets bad.  Mom has also created a Rubbermaid tub shelter right outside the door for anyone to take emergency shelter if needed.  It is running us broke, but we manage.

Author’s Note: Many Thanks to Trooper and his mom for answering the interview questions. Pictures were used with permission. This post is a part of the Extra Love needed Theme. For more on pets that need extra love, please click the badge below.