Animal Interviews: Meet Spootz


How old are you? 


Where did your name come from?

A puppet my mom’s Spanish teacher used to use in puppet shows to teach her kindergarten class Spanish stories

How did you end up in your forever home?

My mom saved me after her sister adopted my brother and sister a few months earlier. Mom’s sister would not let her play with the new kittens, and mom was a spoiled brat so she asked Grandma if she could get her own kitten and she came to get me.

Was it scary moving ?

I have moved twice- i was driven up to Massachusetts by Grandma with my brother Archy, my sister Sigmund, and by canine friend Ace. The car ride was rather loud but not scary. I was flown back to Florida later with mom. Besides peeing on her leg on the drive to the airport there was nothing scary about that part. The plane ride was very loud but mom and the flight attendants paid me lots of attention and told me how good i was being and how handsome I was.

What are your favorite things to do?

Meow, sit on mom’s lap, have my belly rubbed, sit on the porch with mom, catnip


What kind of food to you like?

Iams brand senior cat

Why do you like being on the fridge so much?

It gives me the best viewpoint from which to oversee my domain

Do you ever get lonely being by yourself?

I was lonely when i first moved back to Florida because i did live with my sister Sigmund back home but i have become quite independent and keep house when mom goes to work


Now for some questions for your mom:

I know you were having a problem with Sir Spootz peeing on your clothes, how long has he done this? He has been doing this since he was moved up north- when he gets offended or if we have visitors for to long he will pee on something. Or the few times it has been too long since i cleaned his litter box

Happy Tails: Meet Tink and Stewart & the kittizens extraordinaire

Tink, what exactly is a Lynx Point Meezer?
A lynx point Meezer is a type of Siamese (the best type! *giggles*) that has a lot of tabby type markings. When I first came to live with my family no one realized I was a Meezer. Our friend Mr. Peabody’s mommy is the one that told us. None of us had ever heard of it!

Tink the Meezer
Tink the Meezer

How did you come to find your forever home?
I came to my forever home as a foster. A friend of my mommy’s posted on FB that they needed to find a new place for me ASAP. Mommy couldn’t bear the thought any of the options that were suggested so she called her friend and told him she was coming to get me that very night. Once my Boy and I met, well, it was love at first sight and there was never any mention about fostering again. You’ve heard of that saying about a boy and his dog? We are a Boy and his Meezer.

Onslow, where did your name come from?
Hi! My unique name actually comes from a TV show. Have mew ever heard of Keeping Up Appearances? It is a British show and so funny. The family loves it especially the Onslow character. Nip addict? Who, me? I don’t know where these rumors are coming from! I do however like a little here and there but I don’t think I need a nip program. Do you?

Onslow the handsome
Onslow the handsome

Is it true you are a nip addict?
Nip addict? Who, me? I don’t know where these rumors are coming from!
Will you have to go to nip anon this year?
I do however like a little here and there but I don’t think I need a nip program. Do you?

Sammy, do you think you have what it takes to be a Champion Lap Cat?
Oh yes, I think I do have what it takes to become a Champion Lap Cat!

Sammy is getting a breath check by Tink
Sammy is getting a breath check by Tink

What are you doing to train for this honor?
I work out daily. I particularly like to lap lounge when I know it is time for someone to go to work, school or out for whatever reason. Priorities, you know?

Mr. Sinatra, can you share your story with us?

Mr. Sinatra is very shy about his life before he was adopted
Mr. Sinatra is very shy about his life before he was adopted

I don’t really like to talk much about my life before now but a very kind lady rescued me. I had been abandoned to the world and out on my own for a long time. I was very cold, hungry and ready to just pack it all in. The kind lady tried to find out about me but no one ever came looking. The week before Turkey Day she asked my Mommy if she would keep me while they were away on vacation. I was still so painfully thin and scared and she didn’t want to leave me with just anyone. Well, the rest is as they say history! After a week together Mommy knew that she couldn’t part with me. She talked to the kind lady and she was thrilled with the idea. Now I am warm, happy and always have plenty to eat. I’m actually getting a little tubby in the tum! Ha-ha. Life is good!

Who did you make friends with first?

I made friends with Onslow first because he is such a mellow and easy going guy. We are all comfortable with one another now and that makes me happy. I really love being part of a family.

What would you or your mommy like to say about Angel Stewart?

Angel Stewart
Angel Stewart

Stewart was the best and sweetest companion to our Mommy and the best big brother, ever. When she found him under her car in a parking lot he was so tiny Mommy had to bottle feed him. They were together 16 years. He was a faithful friend and comfort during many hard times and a loving soul. He was also a good guardian to our Girl and loved her from the very moment she came home from the hospital. He was awarded his angel’s wings last July and left mighty big paw prints on our hearts. I miss him but our time together was full of love and fun and I’ll never forget him. Sometimes we see a bit of white fluff floating in the air and we know it is our Stewart visiting from the Rainbow Bridge. ~ Tink

Do any of you have New Years Resolutions that you would like to share?
Our NY Resolution will be to continue our mission to promote love, peace and kindness to all. We try to always be happy, have fun and be a safe place to visit. Oh, and to continue to swing and croon to the Rat Pack!

The real secret to cat's softness (don't worry it wasn't on, it was open and Tink climbed in)
The real secret to cat’s softness (don’t worry it wasn’t on, it was open and Tink climbed in)

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Tink & the kittizens extraordinaire for letting me asking interview questions and sharing Stewart with us. Pictures were used with permission. You can find them on Facebook sharing pictures, stories of their daily lives, love & laughter.

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Happy Tails: Meet Crazy Pumpkin

Crazy Pumpkin

How old are you?

I will be 3 on Aug. 26th.

Where did your name come from?

 Mom already had a black cat named spook and she wanted to continue with the Halloween theme names and where i was orange Pumpkin fit!

How did you end up at your forever home?

Mom was looking for a friend for the cat she had named Spook and so she went on Craigslist to see if she could find anything. she was looking for a female but when she saw me she fell in love. the lady she got me from takes feral cats in and or takes them off the street she took my mom in and my mom had me in her hall closet after talking to mom i came home! mom still talks to her and her daughters we hope to get to go visit them soon!
Crazy Pumpkin

What is your favorite thing to do?

Play fetch, Chase bugs, Hunt for mice, Sleep, Get and Give love, Keep mom and dad awake at night, Chase and pounce at mom’s leg.

What toys to you love to play with?

A toy mouse, string, cat nip toys, anything that moves.

I read you like to play fetch, did someone teach you how to fetch?

Mom and dad sewed one of my favorite toy mice to fishing line on a fishing pole. I ended up pulling all the line out and getting it all tangled up as well as the mouse off the line mol! so mom started throwing it for me and i bring it back when i feel like it….
Crazy Pumpkin drinking

What else would you like to share about yourself?

Iam very thankful to have as many furends on facebook i wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Adventures of Harley and Salem, Geminites  and Tooga Tales and many other pages helping me get my page back after some mean man hacked mom’s facebook and shut my page down!

Crazy Pumpkin
Crazy Pumpkin’s not that great at hide & seek

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Crazy Pumpkin and his mom for allowing me to interview them. Please visit him on his new facebook page Crazy Pumpkin.

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Happy Tails: Meet PJ


How old are you?

Well, when the vet first saw me he thought I was about 1 1/2 or 2 years old. After my Auntie took me to the vet here, they decided my date of birth is March 25, 2011. So I am almost 2 1/2 years old!

Where did your name come from?

My Mamma called me Jo-Jo at first, but then she changed it to PJ. It stands for Pee Wee Joseph. I was named Pee Wee after Pee Wee the Deaf Kitty, who is at the Bridge. Joseph comes from the young man who rescued me and took me to my Mamma.


How did you come to your forever home?

It’s a long story! I was rescued from the streets of Chicago by a young man named Joseph on September 25th, 2012. He took me to my Mamma because he thought I belonged to her! I was in bad shape! I had fleas an’ ear mites an’ worms an’ my paw pads were all torn up! I was so skinny I could hardly stand up by myself! My Mamma took me to the vet to get me all healed up an’ she was gonna find a new home for me but she decided to keep me ’cause she fell in love with me! So there I was, livin’ with my Mamma and Daddy and sister SweetPea (SweetPea’s Felines around the world) and Brother Toby! I had it good! There were lots of windows to look out of and toys and good food! But then after a few months the family had to find another place to live and Mamma and Daddy were havin’ a hard time with that. No one wanted to rent to them with three cats! Mamma thought long and hard, and it broke her heart, but she decided they had a better chance if she could find another home for me. She asked my Auntie in Milwaukee and Auntie said yes immediately! Auntie knew me from the Facebook page I had at the time. On May 12th my Auntie drove to Chicago an’ picked me up an’ brought me to live with her! A couple days later my Mamma and Daddy an’ SweetPea an’ Toby moved to an apartment. I miss my Mamma so much! But Auntie and Mamma message about me and talk on the phone about me, and Mamma can see what I’m up to on Facebook! I am so excited ’cause Mamma is gonna come to visit me in Milwaukee soon!


Did it take a long time to adjust being in your forever home?

I spent the first eight days at my Auntie’s house in the front bedroom. My Auntie took me out into the living room sometimes and at first I was scared! I wanted to go back to my room! She would let me and my cousins sniff each other and she would bring them into my room for a few minutes at a time. After eight days I was scratching on the door to get out and I have lived in the whole house ever since!


Who else do you live with?

I live with my cousins and Auntie now! My cousins are Zoe Blue, Big Brother Jerry, and Minnie Pearl.

What is your favorite thing to do?

I loooove to look out the windows! It’s even better if the window is open and I can smell the outside! I like to take toys into the bathtub to play with! Auntie has to check for toys before she takes a shower!


Do you like to sleep with your cousins or aunt at night?

Sometimes I got to bed with my auntie and cousins Minnie Pearl and Jerry, but not every night. Auntie doesn’t know where I sleep and I’m not tellin’! Zoe sleeps on the couch! I do sleep on the bed when I nap!

What advice would you like to share with people who see cats outside that are injured or hurt?

Please rescue any hurt kitties you find! I was injured and a young man cared enough to rescue me and take me to my Mamma, who cared enough to get me all healed up! I am a great cat! The injured cat you find might be a great cat too!


What else would you like to add about yourself or those that you live with?

I am a very lucky kitty to have found not one but two homes! Many kitties are not so lucky! Everybody should have their pets spayed and neutered so there aren’t so many homeless kitties!


Author’s Note: Many Thanks to PJ for answering my interview questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can find PJ on facebook along with his cousins, Big Brother Jerry and Zoe Blue, you cant read their interviews here (Jerry, Zoe)

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