Animal Interviews: Meet Spootz


How old are you? 


Where did your name come from?

A puppet my mom’s Spanish teacher used to use in puppet shows to teach her kindergarten class Spanish stories

How did you end up in your forever home?

My mom saved me after her sister adopted my brother and sister a few months earlier. Mom’s sister would not let her play with the new kittens, and mom was a spoiled brat so she asked Grandma if she could get her own kitten and she came to get me.

Was it scary moving ?

I have moved twice- i was driven up to Massachusetts by Grandma with my brother Archy, my sister Sigmund, and by canine friend Ace. The car ride was rather loud but not scary. I was flown back to Florida later with mom. Besides peeing on her leg on the drive to the airport there was nothing scary about that part. The plane ride was very loud but mom and the flight attendants paid me lots of attention and told me how good i was being and how handsome I was.

What are your favorite things to do?

Meow, sit on mom’s lap, have my belly rubbed, sit on the porch with mom, catnip


What kind of food to you like?

Iams brand senior cat

Why do you like being on the fridge so much?

It gives me the best viewpoint from which to oversee my domain

Do you ever get lonely being by yourself?

I was lonely when i first moved back to Florida because i did live with my sister Sigmund back home but i have become quite independent and keep house when mom goes to work


Now for some questions for your mom:

I know you were having a problem with Sir Spootz peeing on your clothes, how long has he done this? He has been doing this since he was moved up north- when he gets offended or if we have visitors for to long he will pee on something. Or the few times it has been too long since i cleaned his litter box

Extra Love Needed: Meet Scooter

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Scooter’s Mom for letting me bombard her with questions. Please stop by Scooter‘s page and give her mom some love as she is missing her furbaby dearly. Many thanks to Miss Tami for letting me borrow pictures for the article. 



How did Scooter come into your life? 
Scooter was found on Oct 31, 2014 under a pile of brush. I had heard her softly crying the night before, but could not locate her. I actually thought I was looking for a injured bird.
The next morning I got up and went out I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. 
It had gotten down to the below 30s that night.. I didn’t think it would have survived. 
As I stepped outside and let my dogs out, I hear her crying, this time a bit more loudly. 
I tracked her to the brush pile and asked a neighbor to help me get in to it, as it was on his side of the fence.. I told him, Something is in there crying, as we tore the branches away he spotted her all nestled up against a pile of bagged leaves. Poor little baby. She was shivering. I brought her inside and wrapped her in a warm towel, as well as my sweater. She was so cold.

My daughter and I got into the car and went and bought her supplies, formula, and what not. Thank you to Iowa Pet Foods & Seascapes for all your help! 
We then noticed after we got her home that her back legs weren’t working, she was pulling herself with her front legs.
So off to the vet we went. Turns out she is a very healthy lucky kitten who was a bit dehydrated but otherwise in good health. According to the vet she was born a paraplegic, therefore, that is why we think her mama left her. 
The vet had taken xrays and noticed her joints in her hind legs were all backwards and  her pelvis is extremely small and he predicted that she would not live past  6 months of age due to her organs being crowded. Due to being a paraplegic she has no control over her bodily functions so she does wear a diaper.

Scoot aka Baaby, is now a active and busy 8 month old kitten. She has really no issues at this time, other than she for some reason has begun to chew her foot. We are not sure why she is doing this so we currently keep it covered and that helps her leave it alone.

Is she on a special diet? 

Scoot is on a normal dry cat food. I cant switch her diet up as it gives her really bad diarrhea. She eats “Fromm” Cat food.
Did she have to do any physical therapy or medication?

We did PT with her when she was a baby using water therapy and moving her muscles.. over time her hips and legs began to stiffen more and eventually fused so that they no longer bend. No medication is needed for her condition. She is in no pain.
How does she get around?
She gets around on her bum… by scooting…  🙂 Her favorite activity is going down the stairs and meowing for me to come get her as she cant get back up by herself.. but going down is so much fun for her.. 🙂
Does she have any fursiblings?
Scooter is the baby of the family.. she has 3 older furbaby dogs.. Rosco who is 12, Carli who is 6 and Zoe who is 3. They love to watch over her and really snuggle with her when its nap time… We also have 3 geckos and 2 fish tanks.
What would you like to tell other cats that need extra love? 
Don’t give up, keep fighting… there is someone out there who loves you, they just may not have found you yet.
This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Scooter
Fly free sweetheart, know you will never be forgotten and you will always be loved.

Extra Love Needed: Meet Tyrone

Author’s Note: Some  of the pictures may be a bit graphic, but I wanted to include them in the interview to show what Tyrone looked like when he was first taken in to now. 


How old are you?
They bewieve I am about 7 years old

Ty back in Sept 2013

Where did your name come from?
I was actually named by the people who were letting me live in their gawage before my illness. So I was named before I was wescued

Ty and Momma Maria – Oct 2013

How did you find your forever home?
I showed up around the time of Hurricane Sandy near My Momma Mawia’s house and she was feeding me and then I disappeared and one day she was at her neighbors house and she seed me outside and said hey that’s the cat I was feeding and then he disappeared and the neighbor said oh that’s Tywone we made him a bed in our garage and we feed him there but he comes and goes as he wants too. At this pint I was perfectly fen noting wong wif my eye and I had a kind of sort of out side home. Then sometime in the summer somefing happened to me and no one weakly knows what (I don’t wemember it was too twaumatic) but the peoples who were taking care of me called Momma Mawia and Momma Beff and told them somefing was wong so they comed to get me and were shocked by what they saw 🙁 I wan off and hid and the peoples said oh well you’ll never get him now because once he wins off he doesn’t come back for a while and Momma Beff said OH NO I’m not weaving here wifout him and she sat down on the deck and said Tywone, i can’t help you if you don’t come to me…..and crazy as it sounds I listened and walked wight over and climbed in her lap AND THAT WAS IT I went home wif her

Ty relaxing with Momma Maria Dec 2013

What would you like to say to other stray injured cats?

That there are a wot of bad hoomans but there are a WOT of great ones too and twist your instincts as to who you can twust and most importantwy NEVER give up and NEVER be ashamed of how you look. Evewy soul is important and has an important role here on earf.

Most cats are scared of going to the vets, how do you handle it?
I don’t wike it at all and I meow a wot. But I am usualwy vewy good for the Vet and the assistants. My moms two to make it as comfortable as possible when I has to go to the white coats(thats what I calls them)


How are you doing now?

I am doing pwetty good. My moms and me are just fwustwated that the area around my eye won’t compwetwy heal. It keeps getting infected and irritated and gooks up and gets kind of cwusty. So I has to get oinkment pwetty often and I weally don;t like it. I am not always a vewy good boy when my moms have to give me medicine or cwean my eye. None of my doctors can seem to agwee on what exactwy is going on wif my eye and the area awound it and so far none of the tweatments have been able to finish the healing pwocess.

What is your favorite thing to do?
OOOH I wuv to sit in my window seat and watch what is going on outside. As soon as my dawg sibwings bar I know somefing is out there and I win to my window to see what it is! I like to pway now too AND I wuv my tweats and ear wubs.

Ty – Late 2013

This question is for your momma: I read that he slept with Beth despite the smell and oozing, how did she do it?

Beth was a vet tech for 24 years and has been around a lot of terrible situations, although this one was really something never seen before and both Myself (Maria) and Beth just felt such a connection with Tyrone and wanted so badly to give him the respect and love he deserved before he transitioned from this earth. We were told he had a few weeks to a months t the most and whether the smell was horrific or not we spent as much time with him as we could to provide him comfort and let him know he was loved. I guess we almost became immune to the smell. When you would first enter the room it was so overpowering but as we would sit with him and see how happy he was that we were there the smell seemed insignificant.

Silly question, but what is a reiki treatment?
The definition of it is : a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

If you go to our website and to the blog tab you will find an entire blog about the reiki treatments that ty was receiving . It was truly amazing to watch his behavior from beginning of a treatment(where he was very edgy and restless) the the end of a treatment (where he was entirely relaxed and in an almost ethereal state)

How has your life changed since taking Ty in?
Oh wow so much has changed. We started a non profit in honor of Tyrone (Tybean as we often call him) to run a TNR program and most importantly we are focusing on education. We believe that educating today’s youth is the key to reducing animal abuse cases and encouraging them to understand that EVERY living thing deserves respect and compassion and has the right to live on this earth. Our focus is to begin raising fund so that come fall we can provide free programs in the area schools to try to connect with the next generation. We have also facilitated the adoption of over a dozen animals in the few months we have been in operation and have done TNR on many to help reduce the population of of feral cats. There there is the managing of thrones “fame” it honestly takes a lot of time and energy to manage tyrone’s and All Souls pages but it is so heartwarming because we get so many messages from people stating that they may be having an absolutely horrible day and Tyrone will post something that gives them joy. We have had people with cancer, severe depression, loss of loved ones etc message us about how important Ty’s page is to them. So it really isn;t just about an inspiring cat who does some silly things, it is about helping those who are struggling get through rough times and give them a little piece of happiness.

Ty- March 1, 2014

Are you a part of any pet support groups?

We are on many special needs cat sites and participate in educating about special needs. We are also on the support group of parents of pets with cancer even though he is believed to now be cancer free. We still engage and encourage those on the page.
What advice would you have for a pet parent who has a pet that needs extra love like Ty?
Have patience, ask questions, RESEARCH problems on your own do not simply rely on Doctors for the answers and most of all enjoy every minute that you have with them and don;t allow others opinions to influence you.



Author’s Note: First and foremost I want to give my sincerest thanks to Miss Beth & Miss Maria for taking in Tyrone. The pictures I’ve included are nothing compared to dealing with it in person, so I want to say thank you so much for giving Ty another chance at life when so many would have given up. Thank you both  for letting me pester them with questions about Tyrone. Pictures were used with permission. You can find his facebook page –  Tenderness for Tyrone. Please also stop by All Souls Connected
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Happy Tails: Meet Mimi



How old are you?

Actually nobody knows exactly. Probably 2,5 years old.

Where did your name come from?

Originally my name was Mia. I ever since liked to talk to others – when I moved to my new home I talked even more. On the second day at my new home daddy asked me – just for fun – what is your name and I answered mi – mi (in English it would sound like me – me). But you might know I have a second name and that’s Boromia – Mum and dad are mad about Lord of the Rings and so every one of us has got his LOTR name

How did you find your family?

My family found me on Facebook. Mum was looking for a companion for Gandi and one day a friend of her reposted my pic. A private organisation in Lower Austria was looking for a home for me – and my babies. Mom showed my pic to dad (as every other cat she found) and suddenly he said “okay, contact them and ask for her”. Mum did and they had to provide a lot of informations about where I would live, about themselves etc. Then mum and dad came to visit me and we liked each other from the spot. So it came that I was allowed to move to my new home.

How do you and Samy get along?

Grrrr – Samy is a little VERY annoying little baby. No just kidding – she is a baby but much fun. I like to play with her. There is just one problem: she doesn’t know when to stop.

Do you go outside often?

Definitely yes! As often as possible. We have a wonderful garden in a great area with nearly no traffic.

Kalt? Mir? Nie, nicht bei diesem tollen Fell (Cold? Me? No, not with this great coat)
Kalt? Mir? Nie, nicht bei diesem tollen Fell (Cold? Me? No, not with this great coat)

Do you stay inside when it snows?

Have a look at my fur I don’t care about snow. I love being outside even when it’s really cold.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Sleeping, chasing Samy, Gandi and Poldi and cuddling with mom and dad

Mimi und Gani (Mimi and Gani)
Mimi und Gani (Mimi and Gani)

Where do you sleep?

It depends. At the moment I prefer to sleep in a little colder place – everywhere else it becomes too hot for me. But although I try to sleep in my mom’s bed for a couple of hours every night.

Can you tell us a bit about where you live?

I live with my step siblings in a beautiful part of Vienna/Austria. It’s the suburb with small hills and vineyards. It’s Green everywhere, nearly no traffic. So we can go where ever we want and don’t have to look for cars. I have a very good friend named Eddy – he lives in the next garden but one. We visit each other very often. The problem is Gandi and Eddy don’t like each other at all – they always start fighting when their paths cross. I’m said to be partly a dog. Every time mom and dad go for a walk I accompany them for a while. When they go to visit neighbours I go with them and stay there as long as they do. A problem in winter because then I have to wait outside. Either they have cats on their own or – and that’s just one neighbour – they don’t like cats. There also live foxes, (last spring a baby fox and all of us where totally exited), weasels, hedgehogs, squirrels– but the nice ones. Live is really worth living with my family.

Pawsome kisses Mimi

Author’s Note: Many thanks (vielen dank!) To Mimi’s mom for answering the questions and for letting me borrow pictures of Mimi. You find Mim on her facebook page named: Mimi.

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Happy Tails: Meet Billybobcat Thorton

May I ask how you found your forever home?
Well, Mom had a neighbor that had adopted me from a rescue when I was about 1 and had me for about 3 years. That neighbor had to move and could not take me with her so mom said she would take me. That was 14 years ago!
What is your secret to remaining youthful and handsome?
*blushing* Oh stop, you are too kind
Oh hehehe, *blush* Thank you. I guess it is due to the delicious food mom feeds me and she brushes me everyday! I do so love being brushed! Plus Plenty of rest!

Can you tell me about your girlfriend Snakey, how did you two meet?
My beautiful Snakey *dreamy eyes* I am so lucky to have her. We met at a fundraiser at my dear friend, FatBoy Babushka’s! He was having a bachelor auction and I was one of the bachelors! A lovely ladycat named Tashi the rescue cat won me in the auction. It was then learned that Snakey was very interested in me, so I went on 2 dates! Tashi had a boyfriend already, but we had a lovely dinner and night out. Then Snakey and I went out and we just hit it off!! We have been together ever since!

Do you have anything special planned for Valentine’s Day?
*shy giggle*  Well I definitely do. But I can’t tell you because Snakey will likely be reading this!

What is your favorite thing to do?
Besides sleeping? .. I love looking at the squirrels… The frustratingly unattainable squirrels! in the back yard. I sit in the bedroom window and watch them. Sometimes mom puts on the squirrel channel for me on the computer, but it is equally frustrating!

Where do you like to sleep?
Sometimes on mom’s face. But usually right next to her on a pillow with my soft blanket, wedged in her armpit. When it is cold I like to get under the covers and if I can be on mom at the same time, that is especially awesome.
I love being near my mom

What would you like to say to people who are scared to adopt an older cat?
What is there to be afraid of? There are many advantages to adopting us more mature kitties. We are more calm, we like to cuddle and we keep the zoomies to a minimum!

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?
I feel the need to confess my love of nip. But I drool so much when I get it, mom doesn’t give it to me too often. But I love my mom so much. I will cry if she leaves for too long. She says my crys sound like I am saying MAWWWWWM. But I have a really cushy life and I am grateful!
This is how I type
May I borrow pictures of you and your beautiful girlfriend for the article?
Oh Yes!!! Please do!   Her page is “Snakehead for president 2012

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Mr. BillyBob Cat Thorton for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on his facebook page –BillybobCat Thorton.

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Happy Tails: Meet Eleanor & Her Hairies

Miss Eleanor, let’s start with you, may I ask how you came to your forever home?

(Tap Tap)

Is this thingy on.. testing 1,47,15..
Well, I lived with some dude that took in my pregnant mommy, he didn’t know we were in there, when we were born, he was trying to find houses for us. Daddy found the dude, drove a big much time and TADA!!! Mommy was surprised after Tabby’s cheer practice with ME!


How many clothes do you have in your wardrobe?

I have a lot of clothes, I can’t count that big much yet, but a lot are too big much on me. I do donate my little much ones to a Sphynx rescue.

 Sugar Skull shirt
Do you have a favorite outfit?

I have 2 favorites, they were custom made for me, one has daisies on it, the other has sugar skulls. I love them so much, I am a model for the etsy page thingy that makes them.


Do you have a daily beauty routine?

I start off by making sure that I getted big much wrinkle sleeps. I get my cardio in by running and climbing anything and everyone. I don’t even want to think of all the stuff that the Crazy Mommy Lady does to me… my ears hurt just thinking of those evil Qtips!!!

I gots a boxie!
I gots a boxie!


Sir Francois Xavier LeFlufferbutte King of Tacos, how did you get such a glorious name?

Whaa, whaaaat is she saying? I can have tacos? Oh, she likes my name?



Are you really the King of Tacos?

(Now paying attention) YES! I am the King of EVERYTHING! The God Father, really.

Does any one treat you different because you are deaf?

The Mother figure does signs at me with her hands, other than that, no, not really, they all pretty much worship me.

Francois looking chic


Carlisle, can you explain what a flame point meeze is?

It depends on who you ask, Flame point Meeze, is a flame point, red point, some say we have an Albino trait Siamese.

Carlisle, the handsome
Carlisle, the handsome


Where did your name come from?

Well, the tiny human was obsessed with Twilight, before I came to live here, they had another flamer Meeze, named Jasper that passed away from Wet FIP, she wanted me to have a vampire name too.


Where is your favorite place to sleep?

I LOVE to sleep on top of the big plasma TV.


Miss Serefina
Miss Serefina
Miss Serefina, I love your name it’s so lovely.

You will really LOVE my full name then, Serefina Fiona LeFluffer the Queen of all Evil (I cut the Butte off my last name after Francois’ and my divorce.. LOOONNNG story)


What is your favorite thing to do?

I love to just be a total, um, Queen of Evil.


I'm fabulous!
I’m fabulous!

Only the ones that are too large on her, she’s usually picky about our hair, Mommy seriously uses a lint remover to get out hair off of Nor’s clothes… SPOILED MUCH?.. I mean, oh how I love my beautiful naked sister!


Who is your favorite playmate in the house?

I know it may sound like I am sucking up to her, but Eleanor. I felt like a loner before she came into our home. The other cats think that my markings are mean, Eleanor doesn’t care what anyone looks like, she was so sweet to me and we bonded instantly!


Sir Edward, what is it like living in a house with mostly ladycats?

The real question would be, what’s it like for all the ladies, living with big sexy me?!

Meow there ladies
Meow there ladies


May I ask if you are the biggest mancat in the house?

(Flexes his biceps & winks) ..


Is it true you are single?

For you, doll face, I’m whatever you wish for me to be.

What are you looking for in a nice ladycat?

She has to be attractive, well groomed, bury her own in the litterbox.


Tucker, what breed are you?

The vet THINKS that I am Pitbull/Great Dane.. I personally KNOW that I am just a really tall CAT!

Tucker, the really tall cat
Tucker, the really tall cat


How do you handle all the cats in the house?

Very carefully.

Bella Shanaynay:

Me! After a fur cut
Bella Shanaynay, I adore that name! Where did it come from?

I swing my arms and slap like the old TV character from the 90’s. My full name is Bella Shanaynay LaBousche Johnson III


What breed are you ma’am?

I am a “Toy” Schnauzer.. even though a Toy breed doesn’t really exist. 

What is your favorite to do?

I LOVE to dig in the trash and hoard the lovely half eaten things that I find, especially banana peels and Styrofoam containers!… 


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Eleanor and Her Hairies for answering the interview questions. It’s always a pleasure to do a group interview. You can find Miss Eleanor on her facebook page- Eleanor the Sphynx and her Hairies on their faceboook page- Eleanor’s Hairies. Pictures were used with permission.


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Happy Tails: Meet Winnie Snookes

Winnie Snookes

 How old are you?

I am 6 and 5 months I will be 7 on 1st August

Where did your  name come from?

My name Winnie comes from me meowing at mam-mam when I first came to my furever home so she called me Winne winge bag mol but snookes is just a fun name my mam-mam calls me from a song she heard once in a film.

How did you find your forever family?

I found my furever home one very cold winter I had been alone for so long I was very cold and had not ate in so long I was managing to get some little bits of food but I never enough.  I found a barn to hide out in but it was so cold, I had been like this for a while and I kept seeing people that lived in the house next to the barn.

I did go up to the window a few times to look in making sure no one saw me and as I looked in I could see this happy family warm and snug inside out of the cold I wanted it but did not think I would ever get it.

Then one day I fell into a hole and I had no way of getting out, I was there for a long time when I heard this noise.  It was the puppies  I thought to myself that this was how my short life would end but the puppies did not try to hurt be they were trying to save me.

One puppies was barking and one ran away and came back with a person, she told them to go and lifted me up she seen how thin and frightened I was. so she took me inside.  She got me warm and gave me lots to eat and just when I thought she was going to make me leave she said to me that this was my furever home now and I would never have to worry about being cold hungry and alone again and this is where I have been ever since.

 How did Supreme Commandor Thor help you to be brave?

Supreme Commandor Thor on his outpost
Supreme Commandor Thor on his outpost

Supreme Commander Thor helped me to be brave by him not being afraid of the puppies. I only ever stayed in the bedroom until he came then I seen that he could go into any room he wanted to play or sleep and snuggle and the puppies didn’t  do a thing to him. so day day he talked me into  just coming down the hall and looking into the living room. so that’s what I did and he never left my side the whole time. 

I was so scared but after a few times doing it I seen the puppies did not even take any notice of me. Thor then brought me right into the room and  nothing happened from then on I would come in for a little while each day and now I am  in all the time but I would never have done it if Thor had not shown me it was safe.

Do you still play wild  wilder beasts in the house?

Yes, we still play wild wilder beasts it is our favourite game even more so now since Garfield and Leo came to live with us because now we have teams. 

 What would you like to say to other cats who are scared?

I would like to say to other kitties that are scared is believe in yourself you can do anything.  The outside world is a scary place but in our furever home you are safe and loved and for those waiting to get their furever home never give up it will happen one of these days.

 What do you really think about puppies now?

I love the puppies now they are still stupid but that’s one of the things I love most about them.  When I get up in the morning and after they have been out and got breakfast I go around each of them and give them a big rub all over I will even sit beside them.  I also have been very brave and lay sleeping beside  them.  I have also jumped on Patton a few times but I know they love me lots too.

Thor likes licking the empty puppy food cans
Thor likes licking the empty puppy food cans

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your family?

would like to say a big thank mew to the puppies for finding me and getting mam-mam so she could save me. I would also like to say that I am so happy and thankful that mam-mam never gave up on me even at the start when I would run and hide from her or the time I knocked an oil burner off the window and it broke I got so scared  thinking she was going to hurt me so I ran into the corner to hide and when she came to get me I wet the floor but she didn’t do anything to hurt me all that she done was lift me up and give showed me love.  That is all I have ever known in my furever home and for this I am very thankful


Author’s Note: Many Thanks to Winnie and mam-mam for letting me ask so many questions. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit Winnie Snookes on facebook .

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Happy Tails: Teagan & Willow

Teagan & Willow, are you both still up for adoption?
 Our foster family actually adopted us.  Our foster daddy fell in love and so now we’re staying but we have other foster siblings in our home that really need a forever home!
Willow says hi! Teagan is busy looking out the window
Are you actual littermates? 
Yes, we are!
Who is the oldest?
 Mommy doesn’t know which of us came first, but me, (Teagan was the smallest).  We were found in a neighbor’s yard.  He didn’t like us being there so he was going to call pest control.  Mommy was working on a project with Care Feline Rescue, Inc.  She was TNRing all the cats in the neighborhood so she scooped up me and Willow and three of our littermates and brought us inside.  Then she trapped our mom and got her fixed.  Our biological mom is feral.  She still lives outside our house but our human Mommy feeds her and looks out for her every day!
Where did your names come from? 
Willow here!  Well, we were found right before Halloween so Mommy thought it would be cute to pick out some names that sound mystical.  We picked out about 15 and then she had her facebook friends vote on them.  MOL!  Our littermates, that have since been adopted were Sabrina, Matilda and Crowley. 
Willow and Frankie
Who is the leader? 
Me (Teagan)!  I might be small but I’m in charge!  Willow just THINKS I’m in charge but when she gets on my nerves I shows her who the boss is.  MOL!!
Teagan light watching is my specialty
How many foster siblings do live you with right now? 
We have five other foster siblings!!  We would love for them to find homes.  🙂
What are your favorite things to do?
 Me (Teagan) loves to chase the laser and hang out on the enclosed patio, sunning on a chair.  Willow is too scared to go on the patio.  Her favorite thing is to steal hair scrunchies from her human sister and sit on mommy’s belly and stare deep into her eyes.
Willow purr snoozing
Are you friendly with strangers or take a little while to warm up? 
We are super friendly!  We love every body.  Some of our foster siblings need time to warm up but when they do.  OH BOY.  They are super lovable.
Do you like getting petted or prefer to play?
 We love both!
Is there anything else you two want to add?
 We are soo honored to have been asked to do this interview.  I would also like to thank Care Feline Rescue, Inc, for offering free and low cost spay/neuter, as well as loaning of traps so ferals can be caught and safely taken to get fixed and vaccinated.  We would also like to thank Spay The Strays, Inc.  When Mommy found all of us and a bunch of other feral cats and kittens she didn’t know what to do!  There were so many but Anita and the wonderful volunteers at this no-kill organization helped Mommy.  They gave her tons of advice and she became a foster volunteer!  They always need fosters and of course, donations to keep their group going.  Without them, Mommy wouldn’t have been able to rescue save so many of the kittens that were in her neighborhood! You can also adopt cats from Spay The Strays, Inc at Petco in Kissimmee.
Willow & Teagan

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Teagan & Willow and their mom for answering interview questions. It was a pleasure to interviewing you both. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit them on their Facebook page Tortishell Twin Powers Activate.

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Happy Tails: Meet Venus De Meowlo


Mew? Is this thing on?
How old are you?
I was born on June 7, 2012 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
How did you end up at your forever home?
My kitty mommy was a stray girl who was lucky to be taken in by two nice ladies. They gave her a safe place to have all seven of her babies.
I have five brothers and one sister. The nice ladies put up a camera so they could watch us when they weren’t home and put it on Ustream. We became very popular on the interwebs! That’s where my mama saw me and fell in love with me 🙂 The first human who said they wanted to adopt me decided they didn’t really want me so mama told the nice ladies that she wanted me! She flew all the way from Kentucky to get me and we rode in an airplane together. All seven of us got great furever homes because the nice ladies made sure we would be taken care of for the rest of our lives.
How did you get your name?
Venus was the name given to me by the people who watched me on Ustream. Mama added on de Meowlo because she thought I was beautiful!
Upside down doesn't work either.. hmmm
Do you live with any fursiblings?
I have a sister named Lizzie Boo. She is older, but we like to play and chase each other around the house. She is a gray and black tabby girl and very pretty. She was what mama calls a feral kitty because mama had to catch her in a trap to get her to come in the house. She isn’t wild anymore, though.
You are so very beautiful, would you mind sharing a beauty secret?
My best beauty secret is getting lots of brushings because I have so much fur! Mama helps with that and I love brush time with her. It makes me feel sooo fluffy!
Where is your favorite spot to lay?
My favorite spot to lay is in the living room on the back of the couch. That’s where I can see where Lizzie and mama go in the house.
Do you still lick your mom’s toes? May I ask why?
I do still lick mama’s toes when she lets me. It makes her laugh so that’s why I do it! I do lots of things to make her laugh.
Okay.. maybe I'm not good at the selfies..
What is your favorite thing to do?
My favorite thing to do is snuggle with mama. Hmm, but I do like to wrestle with Lizzie…and then there’s yummy foods…and watching birds…and playing with mousie…not sure what my favorite is 🙂
Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your family?
What I would like everyone to know is that lots of kitties need furever homes and lots of them would be perfect friends who would love them just like Lizzie and I love our mama. Please consider adopting a cat or if you can’t, help kitties by donating to locals shelters <3
There! Finally a good selfie

Author’s Note: Many Thanks to Miss Venus De Meowlo & her mama for answering the questions. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit her on her Facebook page Venus de Meowlo

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Happy Tails: Meet Doctor Mew

Not a Tardis, but it will do for now..
May I ask how old you are?
Since I am a Time Munchkin Kitty I can regenerate. I can only regenerate nine times. I am on my first regeneration. I am currently eight months old.
How did you get your name?
My Dad is from England so he watches BBC America a lot. One night he was watching a TV program called Doctor Who. He got my Meowmy addicted to this program. I mean really addicted. Henceforth my and my sisfurs names.
How did you find your mom & dad?
River and Amy were here first and Dad thought two cats, two ferrets and four fish tanks was enough. But My Meowmy has a huge heart and she saw a picture of this big eyed ginger kitty cat and showed Dad. Dad made the mistake of telling Meowmy ” if you can find him you can have him”. So she searched for a week and found me in Pennsylvania. They drove over twenty two hours round trip to bring me to home.
The trio are on "Dad Watch"
How do you, River Song & Amelia Pond get along?
River and I play a lot together. We cuddle and will help groom one another. Amy is a different story. She is a very private and refined feline. She does not put up with my shenanigans. She will however sleep with me well by me on occasion.
Where do you like to sleep?
We all sleep in our king size bed. It gets crowded when Dad and Meowmy lay down. They are very good to us so we let them sleep in our bed. I curl up against Dad’s tummy, River sleeps in the crook of Dad’s knees and Amy curls up next to Meowmy’s head.
River & Dr Mew
What is your favorite thing to play with?
I LOVE when Meowmy gets the red fluffy on the string and plays with me. I can jump so high I feel like I am flying.
What would you like to say to the cats looking for their forever homes?
There is someone out there searching for you. It may take time, you may have to endure horrible things, and you may want to give up hope but don’t. Never give up. Where there is Hope there is possibility. The best is yet to come.
Patiently waiting..
Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your furry family?
I love going for rides in the car with my Meowmy. I like riding with Dad too of course but when Meowmy and I go out it is special. We rock out to my favorite band Jackyl. Dad and Meowmy even took me to meet the lead singer and have my picture taken with him.
I love fish fingers and custard.
Oh and bowties are cool.
 May I do a dedication to Poppy Cat at the end of the article?
That would be very mice. I never met Poppy but she is the reason I am here. My Dad was not a cat lover until the day my Meowmy rescued Poppy from a drug addict. Meowmy said Dad fell in love with Poppy the first time he saw her big eyes. He’s been hooked on cats every since. She still holds a very special place in Dad’s heart.
River is bringing sexy back

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Doctor Mew & The Time Traveling Kittens and their meowmy for answering the interview questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can visit the entire furry bunch on Facebook.

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