Happy Tails: Meet Mrs

    Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Georgina for sharing her story about Mrs. Also she wanted to share some information about toddlers & cats. Pictures used with permission. 

How many pets to you have?

We have one beautiful cat called Mrs, were unsure of her age because she’s a rescue, the shelter said 3 but the vet said 5! That was over a year ago when she came to live with us.

How is she with the kids? 

She is amazing with the kids, our Freddie is 3 1/2 and Tobias is 3 months.

How did she come into your life? 

When we wanted to get a cat we took Freddie with us, we decided to take whichever cat didn’t run away from him! We walked through about 4 pens with 15+ cats in each and they all ran! In the last pen the inevitable happened then this beautiful little black and white DSH strolled up to Freddie and curled round his legs! She was perfect for us! We were told that she’d had children in her previous home but they had moved out and abandoned her. ☹

What tips/tricks would like to share about having Mrs in the home with toddlers?

We firmly believe in leading by example so treat Mrs with respect and love, grooming her frequently and snuggling whenever she feels like it!

Freddie can sometimes get overexcited but he always apologizes to her if he’s a little heavy handed. (He’s never hurt her just stroked a little too hard etc) She has never growled, hissed or raised a paw at him, she will happily sit whilst he runs trains up and down her back! They have such a wonderful relationship she sleeps in front of his bedroom door and is always near him when she’s not outside basking in the sunshine!

We groom her as a family, we feed her and change her water together, he knows she’s a part of the family just like he is.

When we were expecting Tobias we put baby clothes near her so she could get used to his smell. I actually sat down and explained that she was going to have another little brother to watch over! Probably sounds ridiculous! She wasn’t phased at all when he was born! It took her a few weeks before she went near him and smelt him, nothing changed!

Our best trick to keep her happy is keeping her food away from the boys in the kitchen where there are gates protecting her from being annoyed whilst eating! She also has her catbed away from them but rarely uses it! She comes and goes as she pleases but always ends up infront of Freddie’s door at night ❤
I’d love to have another cat join the family but in all honesty she’s the perfect addition and we wouldn’t want to risk making her unhappy so she’ll probably stay our only one

Also, we didn’t want a kitten as they’re too erratic for kids and could find having children in the house stressful, adult cats with previous experience of children are more relaxed and know how to deal with kids! Plus who needs to deal with toilet training a cat as well as a toddler!!!