Small Pets: Meet Spicey the Hamster Honour


How old are you?

I am 29 weeks old or 7 months 1 week ( in human years syrian years il be 52 after a human year)

Where did your name come from?

Well it was hard for mummy to pick me a name for a week I was baby boy then mummy said hes got spicey colours in him so it stuck spicey. I had to re learn my name as id got used to baby boy

I'm tiny!
I’m tiny!

How did you come to find your forever home?

Well mummy went back to the same pet shop she got my brother from as he had passed away she wanted to get another of the same breeder she couldn’t decide till she saw me and she said I was the one.

This is my good side, yes?
This is my good side, yes?

Do you have a cagemate?

No we must live in different cages

How many fursiblings do you have, who are they?

Well I don’t have any blood related ones but I have a lady living with me at the house she soon is to be mum because I got out and did norties with her so there will be a few more soon

What is your favorite snack?

I love lots I think my favourite is sun flower seed and yoghurt drops


What is your favorite thing to do?

I love to chew things and climb

What would you like to tell people about Syrian hamsters they may not know?

Syrian hamsters don’t like to live in the same cage like some hamsters smaller do. Our teeth dont stop growing at the front so we chew lots and we have 12 more molars at the back of our mouth 6 on each side for chewing and grinding seeds so a total of 16 all together.

oh, hi!
oh, hi!

We are nocturnal and love to play at night in the wild it would be that there is less predators at night and so we would go at night and its also because during the day were we originated from iy it hot during the day so we come out at dawn and dusk this is when we are at our most active. And we could run 8 miles a nigjt in the wild its why we love our weels and or  balls to play in.


These are some fun facts I know that some people may not know.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Spicey & his mum for answering the questions. You can find him on facebook under Spicey the Hamster Honour.

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