Small Pets: Meet NOLA Chinchilla Rescue

For those that don’t know, why would you consider a chinchilla an exotic pet?
Chins are not domesticated animals and cannot be cared for with ‘common sense’ without a learned framework of reference. They are not native, not domesticated animals and have very specific needs that must be met. Competent vet care and even general supplies may be difficult to obtain.


Can chinchillas be in a house with other pets?
As a rule, no. Dogs and even cats should not have unsupervised access to a chin’s cage. Rabbits and rodents can be asymptomatic carriers of diseases deadly to chinchillas.


What are some of the common mistakes people make when getting one?
Improper cages, exercise wheels, diets and treats. This is almost universal without a fair amount of study independent of the pet store’s advice.


When did the rescue start?
Fall of 2007, formally. Right after Katrina (Sept 2005) was the first rescued chinchilla.


Do you get updates on the chinchillas that were adopted?
A very few.


Are chinchillas fostered out while they are in the rescue?
In Texas they were, but we are no longer financially active in TX except for looking for homes for those we have in foster homes there.
Do you have anything else you would like to add about the rescue or about chinchilla care in general?
They are adult companion animals that can have 20+ year lifespans if cared for properly.


For more information on chinchillas and their care:

Author’s Note: Many thanks to the NOLA Chinchilla Rescue for letting me pester them with questions. Please remember chinchillas are small pets, but they have a long lifespan (20+) years. You can follow them on Facebook under NOLA Chinchilla Rescue. Pictures taken from various places on the internet.
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