Small Pets: Meet Lola

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Lola’s parents for letting me ask questions about her. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit her facebook page – Lola’s World.



 How old is Lola & what type of bird is she?

Lola is a 9 year old Lutino Cockatiel.


Does she live with any other pets? 

Lola lives in Coastal Virginia with her family which also includes a pet hedgehog named Cactus. She has also lived with cats and a dog in the past.


Where did her name come from?

Her name was selected by her family’s daughter and matches her personality.


Does Lola speak & what does she like to do?

Lola is a quiet bird and doesn’t talk. (which is true with many female birds) She enjoys spending time out of her cage and in the screened porch. From the porch she can watch the other birds outside and the neighbor’s cat. She also has other bird friends that will visit when their owners are out of town.

Lola loves attention from her family and wants be where there is activity. She loves to eat millet and pretzels with no salt. Lola was hand fed as a baby and is very tame…her bites do not hurt. She loves having her head scratched and will beg for it to be done. She comes out of her cage when she wants and remains out when her family is home to supervise.


What would you like to say to people considering having a bird as a pet?

Birds are great pets…both beautiful to look at and entertaining. Please remember that buying a bird is a long term commitment and not for everyone. Many bird species live well over 50 years and they also require love and attention. Many birds will bond with their owners while other bond to other birds. I always suggest to anyone thinking about buying a bird or any pet do research and make an informed decision. If you select a cockatiel like Lola and you invest your time and love for your new pet you will be rewarded with their love in return.

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