Pittie Love: Meet Summer Honey Dellagatta

How old are you?
iz amzie 1 yearzie 4 monthzie and 2 wekzie oldzie
Baby Picture Time.. everyone say "awww"
Where did your name come from?
iz waszie bornzie in the summer monthzie and my mommies always callz me honey so the namezie stuckiez
How did you come to your forever home?
mommiez and daddiez foundz an adzie on the internet forz mez so theyz wen tand lookzies at me iz foundz themz a new puppy when mommy pickzie me upzie i fellz rightz to sleepiez in herz armzies
I bez happy
What is your favorite thing to do?
my favoritez thingz tozie dozie is playzie with my furzie broder and sisterz and to goez seezie newzie peopelz at petsmart
Who are you fusiblings?
my sisterz are remi the tri pitbull and tami the black chihuahua tami son and my broder is ralphie iszie the tan chihuhua
Do you four play often?
wez play almost every secondz we awakezie
What would you like to say to people who are scared of you?
iz alwayz tellz the peoplez that are a scarez of me that didn’t youzie knowzie iz was known as the nanny dog before the rumorz started about mez iz am the most loyal breed in the world and all iz want to dozie is givez youzie huggiez and wissez
I wuvs you
May I ask how you do the wiggle butt dance when you see new people?
iz goez up to the peoplez and standzie therez with myzie buttzie wiggling likez crazy
What has been the nicest thing someone has said when meeting you?
thatz i was the most weautiful thingz in the world and thatz i was such a sweetie
me n sisfur
I have to ask, how to you stay so adorable?
i just dozie mez and stayz weautiful
Is there anything else you or your parents would like to share about you?
they were goodz questions so i thinkz thatz it

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Summer Honey Dellagatta and her parents for letting me interview her. You can find her on facebook Summer Honey Dellagata. Pictures were used with permission.

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