Pittie Love: Meet Sherman Tank Barrise

Author’s Note: Sherman did such a good job with answering questions, I didn’t feel the need to add them and break up the dialogue. Please send some love & thoughts to him & his family. He has some extensive soft tissue damage on his left side and is being watched very carefully by Tiki and the rest of the family. His facebook page is Sherman Tank Barrise. Thank you. 


Hi der Auntie Christina!

*ahem, ahem…clearing voice…* well it all started in a makeshift whelping box four years ago…Bahaha! I iz four years old.
Da New York City Animal Control Intake person named me Tank. I was taken der after the police saved me fwom an apartment dat I was abandoned in for a week or more. When Mom took me home her Dad was so happy. He said to name me Sherman Tank. He said the ground war of WWII was won with the help of the Sherman Tank and maybe I can help win da war against BSL! He was a WWII vet and very smart!!

I was sooo happy to find momma! My fairygoddog had momma up 4AM and looking at Facebook. She saw Indy da Pitbull’s Urgent Posts and I was one of dem!!!! My time was up. Dey were gonna put dat needle in me dat day!!! *shudders* Mom never saw da Urgents before. She saw my smiling face, read dat I was gweat with men, women, children and other dogs! She said out loud dat I didn’t need to die!!! It was a June morning and I was only 18 months old. Mom and Dad’s Neapolitan Mastiff recently died three months earlier. Dey still had Tiki, their chihuahua. Mom thought that dey would wait until the right dog was sent to her but I had no time to wait! She later realized dat I was da dog dat was sent to her!!! Well, Dad and Mom were on der way into Harlem, New York from Sussex County, New Jersey to get me!! Dey found out dat it iz not easy to get a dog off da Kill List. Once I got in da car, I sat still in da middle of da back seat. I didn’t move! I knew da best view of da shelter was in da rear view mirror!! Momma and Dad says dey think I am so wondogful, an old soul and dey are still pinching themselves because I am such a gift to dem. I loves dem!

I am still plagued by bad dweams. You see, da scars on da outside heal faster den da scars on da inside. My momma hears me cwy at nite. Sometimes really, really bad. Momma gently repeats my name, cradles my head and body in her arms and tells me how much she loves me. It calms me right down. I sleep in between Mom and Dad. I scoot as close to momma as possible when I sleep. I haf to be touching her or I can’t sleep.
Momma believes in positive guidance training. She is a trainer and believes in da power of da pack. And lots of love. We are brought up to believe dat we are pawsome and we haf great self esteem because of it! So I guess everyday is extwa training! I sit, down, give paws, quiet, focus on eyes, will jump to touch a hand wherever it is and I heel well. I also haf an uncanny sense of understanding. Yeah, I am an old soul.

I haf an older sister!!! My big sister is a little chihuahua named Tiki. She thinks she iz da boss. I let her tink dat. After all, she iz older den me!

My favowite thing to do is eat!!! I get so excited! You see Aunt Christina, after being abandoned for a week or more, food is very important. My second favowite thing to do is zoomies!!! I love to zoomie up and down da hallway, in da dog park, anywhere! Oh my third favowite ting is….are you ready fur dis???….a bath!!! Yup! I love baths and I’m not afwaid to say it!! Bahaha!!!
What I would say to hoomans hesitant to about adopting a shelter pet is to realize dat we don’t furget! We are sentient beings dat are gwateful. We are more appreciative of a loving home. It is true what dey say. An animal knows it’s been rescued. We haf been temperament tested too!!! Nothing to lose, everything to gain.
Wow! I haf a lot to say to people concerned about adopting a pitbull. As a rule, we just want to please our hoomans! When we are in da wrong hands, evil people, is when that trait gets us into twouble. We want so desperately to please. We are mistreated, abused horribly, driven mad and made to fight. We don’t want to!!! We’re scared! It is da two legged dat are the monsters, not the four legged!!! Pitbulls saved from fighting rings are rehomed, loved and make loving, gwateful pets. So gwateful. So loving. Only a very small percentage cannot be saved. We are lovers, not fighters!!! We love like no other breed! We are part of America’s history. We were known as the Nanny Dog. Children were left in our care because we love children and watch over them dutifully and with gweat affection! Petey the dog from The Our Gang series was a pitbull. Sgt. Stubby saved many lives and was awarded numerous badges from his service in WWI. Sgt. Stubby was a pitbull! Pitbulls are used for service dogs, search and rescue dogs, and therapy dogs in present day life.

Momma and I would like to share to please look at what you would rather turn your eyes away from. So many animals are put to sleep. Please adopt. If you suspect animal or child cruelty, please report it. I say to you all, ‘Alone A Ripple, Together A Wave’ – Sherman Tank Barrise
(“) (“)

Love you and tank you!!!! MwAH!


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Sherman & his mom, sending love & well wishes from my fur family to yours. Pictures were used with permission.

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6 Replies to “Pittie Love: Meet Sherman Tank Barrise”

  1. Sherman Tank I’m sure you are as strong as your name. It’s horrible to be abandoned… But now you have your furever family, that’s sooooo great and I’m so happy for you. Thanks for a wonderful interview!

  2. Sherman – I am glad that you found such a great forever home with people who love and understand you. Great interview and it increased my knowledge of the pittie personality. Thank you!

  3. Shermie – as Gladys so loves to call you – this is an excellent interview. I learned so much that I never knew before. Now I love you even more – just as Gladys always has.

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