Pittie Love: Meet Rocky & Manders

Author’s Note: This interview was done several weeks before Rocky passed away. Please visit their facebook page – Rocky and Manders – to give hugs to their mom. 

For both of you, how old are you? Neither of us know how old we really are…Manders; I’m about 7-8 years old and Rocky; I’m about 5-6 years old.
Where did your names come from?

Rocky & Manders
Rocky & Manders

Manders; Well my rescue named me Amanda, and our mommy didn’t want to change it again since I had a really rough life previously and I was so terrified when I first came to her she didn’t want me to feel too much change all at once…Mommy is queen of nicknames and I have many but Manders was just one that stuck she said it gave me a little sass
Rocky; Well my name came with me. I was adopted out once before from my rescue and they changed my name to “Rocky” but that home didn’t work out and I was returned. They had a girl doggy that just didn’t like me. So mommy loved my name and it fit me perfectly! My full name mommy has given me is Mr. Rockaford Beaumont Blu but just call me Rocky.

Miss Manders, how long did it take for you to adjust to your new home?

Wow that was a quite awhile I’d have to say…I was already depressed when I came to my new home in October 2008. I was found with three of my puppies and they took them away from me immediately when animal control captured me. Plus mommy thinks I was very neglected and abused from whoever owned me before. I don’t like to remember any of that life but to answer your question I was very fearful for months and still have some fears but no where near like they were when I was first adopted in 2008. Mommy worked with me every day to help me over come my fears and helped me become a little more confident and to feel safe and basically learn to be a “dog”. I had never had anyone really love me, cuddle me, kiss on me or even play with me and did not know what a toy or ball was so I would just sit there and not know what to do. I tried to just remain so quiet and hope no one even saw me. Then one day I gave a kiss back and I began to like this new found attention and love.
Actually when we adopted Rocky in 2010, I gained a lot more of my confidence and it helped me a lot.

Miss Manders waiting at the vets
Miss Manders waiting at the vets


What was the first toy you played with?

I remember it was a yellow ball. I had made a friend that was also a rescue and our mommy’s took us to a quite place to play almost every day and I watched her running and chasing the ball. The funny thing is I had a cat brother named Tigger I use to watch play with his toys too and when I first began to play I pounced & played like a cat and I still do to this very day.


Are you still shy around new people?

Yes, but not as bad. I give off a low bark and back up at first until I know they aren’t here to hurt me and mommy always tells people to ignore me and let me come to them. So I slowly come over and sniff around and then I’m fine.
How exactly do you stop other dogs from grumbling at each other? Mommy says I have a quality she calls “Momma Mediator dog”. If I hear grumbles and growls between doggies I would run over and get in between them and I’d lightly nudge a shoulder of one or both taking charge like a mother and basically told them to cool it and let’s all get along in dog lingo. I was always successful!


Mr. Rocky, what is your favorite thing to do?

Oh well that’s easy I LOVE CHASING TENNIS BALLS!! My second favorite thing would be to go swimming. I think if I had the ability to swim every day or anytime that would be my most favorite! Mommy says I’m cut out to be an Olympic Swimmer!

Mr. Rocky
Mr. Rocky


Are you still unruly?

Not like I was but I’m still a high energy doggie. I didn’t have the greatest of manners when I came home no one ever really worked with me to show me the way. I have since gone to training and mommy always works with me everyday. Sometimes she thinks I have ADD but to me I’m just EXCITED about my new world and don’t want to miss a thing!


Is it true you were found on a roof?

Yup, guilty! No one knows why I was up there..no one knows if I was put up there or got up there on my own I don’t really recall. All I know is animal control did get me off of a roof and the rescue initially named me “Fiddler” as in Fiddler on The Roof because of it!
What would either of you or your momma like to say about pitties? Pitties are NOT BAD DOGS. There is so much Media hype and Public ignorance on this breed. Sadly because pitties usually tend to fall in the wrong hands but we are WONDERFUL dogs. If you love us, train us and treat us right we are the most loving ever! We are very smart too! We actually LOVE people it’s sad so many are so afraid of all of us.


This question is for your momma: What is some advice you would give to people adopting a pittie?

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do your homework on this breed first. Responsible ownership is an absolute must. You will be faced with stereotypes. Sadly, their reputations are already set in so many peoples minds so it will become your job and duty to make sure your pittie becomes a great ambassador for the breed at all times. One wrong move or irresponsible pet ownership and it adds to the publics watchful eye and harms them even more as a whole. Don’t get discouraged just keep educating and showing what a wonderful dog you have. And get your pittie training right away and learn his personality and what he likes and doesn’t like so you don’t set he or she up for failure and socialize him. Be sure to work with a trainer first on this if you notice your dog has fears before just throwing him into situations. Have patience and unconditional love.

Do your homework also on BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) and ensure it isn’t something that affects the area in which you live. Please don’t adopt one if you are not 100% sure your landlord will approve if you rent or you will have any issues with Homeowner Associations or Insurance companies. This is not fair to the dog if you end up having to get rid of him because you didn’t check or didn’t know too.

If you are up for the responsibility than go out and get yourself one of the BEST DOGS IN THE WORLD! Their love, loyalty and utter silliness is beyond compare! You will gain one heck of a loyal best friend you never could have imagined!


This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Rocky. Fly free, know that you will forever been loved.



Author’s Note:

Many thanks to Rocky & Manders and their mom for their time. My sincerest condolences to the sudden passing of Rocky. Pictures were used with permission.Please visit their facebook page – Rocky and Manders – to give hugs to their mom. 

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