Pittie Love: Meet Princessa & Cruizer

Cruizer & the sunlight

How old are you both?

Princessa: I will be 3 on Jan 24, 2014.
Cruizer: I will be 3 on April 10, 2014 my birthday is the same as my gotcha day

Where did your names come from?

Princessa: From the Movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua Diego called Chloe Princessa .
Cruizer: My name was Bruiser in the shelter Mommy did not like the name for me so she started thinking of things that rhymed with Bruiser so I became Cruizer.
Princessa is comfy

How did you two come to your forever home?

Princessa: Mommy got me when I was 5 weeks old I came from a backyard breeder. I was sold twice but it was not meant to be. One day Mommy meet they BYB and her had me with her so told Mommy’s friend she was going to dump me on the side of I-80 in Northern Nevada she said shelters kill dog so she would not take me there. Mommy was not a looking for a dog but I was so tiny and cute Mommy could not let me die on the side of the road so she became my Mommy.
Cruizer:  I wish Mommy would have found me at 5 weeks 🙁 my story is very different from Princess’s. I found Mommy when her went to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society in Helena, Mt she was walking through the kennels when I scared the heebee jeebees out of her. See I was not doing well in the shelter I had what they called kennel aggression and I would hear the nice people talk about how I did not have a very good chance at being adopted. When Mommy walked by I barked, growled and lunged at her she jumped. Luckily my trainer Chris was walking by and told Mommy was better outside the kennel. Mommy met me outside and Mommy told me she was going to take me home. I had to wait a bery long time 2 weeks for the home check and than one day Mommy picked me up and I went home. I am sad to say that I am an ex-fight/bait dog and I still have lots of issues from my bad beginning but life is so sweet now.

Cruizer, what is your favorite thing to do?

Cruizer: My favorite thing is playing doing zoomies as fast as I can I was chained so I love running free.
Princessa asks for 5 more minutes please

Princessa, what is your favorite toy to play with?

Princessa: My favorite thing is to annoy Cruizer. BOL Tug a war is my second favorite thing.

Do you two get along all the time?

Cruizer: We got along 95% of the time mostly
Princessa: I like to take Cruizer’s bones, toys and whatever spot he is sleeping in. Most of the time he doesn’t mind but sometimes he is grumpy and will start a fight with me. Can you believe that?

Since you are both pit mixes, what would you like to say to people who are scared of your breed?

Cruizer: Mommy thinks that I am a American Pit Bull/American Bull dog mix. I know I am big, I have a big head and a big mouth that does not make mean or bad.
Princessa: I am a pure breed blonde blue nose. I am a very happy well adjusted dog, I am more than just a American Pit Bull I am just like all the other breeds of dogs, I love to play, run, I love chasing sticks and balls. I love cuddling with my Mommy. If you could look at my heart you would see the real American Pit Bull Terrier.
Cruizer is thankful to have a forever home

Have you changed the minds of people who have met you?

 Cruizer: I will let Princessa answer this question  due to some issues I am working on Mommy is very selective about who I meet and they have to like and understand bully breeds.
Princessa: Oh yes all the time. I love it when someone comes up and pets me, they all say the same type of thing. Oh your are so beautiful and so friendly. Than comes Mommy’s favorite question What am I? When Mommy says American Pit Bull Terrier (Mommy never says Pit Bull) most of them look at me confused and ask are you sure? She is not mean. Mommy always tells them no we are not mean dogs that we are the sweets dogs ever.

What would you like to say about BSL (breed specific legislation)?

Princessa: We are very lucky we live in a state that just out-lawed BSL!!!!  BSL does not work, anything that has teeth can bite it doesn’t mean it will. All BSL does is takes our loving families away from us it does not stop dogs from biting.  It doesn’t even keep the banned dog out of the city, county, state it just makes people keep their dogs hidden with no vet care or socialization which we think is a bigger problem.

What would you like to say to people who are thinking of adopting larger dogs like yourselves?

Cruizer: The biggest thing I would like to tell anyone adopting small, medium or large dogs, please make sure you want a dog. Second please don’t return a dog if you get them home and they have issues. With love, kindness & training they will be able to get over the issues. Me being a dog with serious issues Mommy could have returned  to the shelter at anytime but I think it would have been a death sentence for me. I need time to make sure Mommy wasn’t going to fight, bait or tie me to a chain and forget about me. If Mommy would have returned me it would have been a big blow that I am not sure I would have been able to get over. So please don’t return them. It can take months for us to forget about all the bad stuff and become trusting again.
Princessa: Give us lots of love, toys and exercise we big dogs need to stretch our legs.
Treats? Yes, please!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Princessa: The last thing we would like to say is please please just love us we are a reflection of you. If you love us we can overcome any hardship and pain we endured in our past. We need you, you are our whole life and we will always love you.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Princessa & Cruizer for answering the questions and for their wonderful mom for helping them. You can find them both on their Facebook page – Princessa & Cruizer. Pictures were used with permission.


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