Pittie Love: Meet Piper

Nice to meet everyone!


Piper, how old are you?

I just turned 5 yrs. old on May 13th.

Where did your name come from?

My Mama picked out my name for me.


How did you find your forever home?

My Mama brought me to my new forever home.


How long did it take to train/study for the AKC Certification?

I was trained from the time I was 13 weeks old and tested for my Therapy/CGC certification at the age of 1 1/2 yrs. old.

In my therapy dog harness


Was it harder to get your Therapy Dog Certification than AKC?

None of the training was hard. I enjoyed it all, it wasn’t like working, it was F.U.N.!!


What was it like to host the Peaceful Pitbull Protest?

I enjoy hosting Pit Bull events! My annual Coast to Coast Bully Walk is one of my most successful ones! Educating the public is so very important to me.


Can you tell me a bit about the event?

I have incorporated other educational programs since the Peaceful Pit Bull Protest. “Be Kind To Animals” program is one that is done throughout the year, and it’s very informative for the younger generations which is very important to reach out to and help educate them early in life.


What has been your best experience as a therapy dog so far?

I believe that visiting the Autistic children at the elementary school has become most important to me. To see the improvement in the children, going from no signs of social skills, to expressing love, compassion, trust and confidence. That itself proves it’s possible for these children flourish in life.

MY lamp chop


Did you have anyone scared to meet you and then found out you were friendly?

There has been times that some humans showed some fear in meeting me, but soon realized that I was just a “dog”, a friendly dog.


What is your favorite book?

I love all Dr. Seuss Books! I love the messages behind all of the stories!


Have you helped any children gain confidence when reading aloud?

As I stated before, the Autistic children that would never read a book, let alone read aloud, soon began enjoying it and looking forward to my visits and reading to me their favorite book!

My birthday cards from the kids


What would you like to tell people about your breed?

I have created a “Flat Piper” (similar to the Flat Stanley concept), in hopes that while traveling around the world, the ones who host Flat Piper will share with those they meet the story about my life and what I do as a therapy dog, and how a Pit Bull is just like any other dog and it all begins with a loving, responsible owner.


What are things people should do when they first meet a strange dog?

We like to educate all humans that when meeting a strange dog, they should always ask if they can pet it first. Always pet under the chin, never over the head, and allow the dog to sniff you first because that’s how we as dogs get to know who you are too.


Whinnie when she came to us and now, fostering makes a HUGE difference

I heard a bit about your foster sister Whinnie, can you tell me about her?

Whinnie (aka Wendy) came to us as an emergency foster. She was found by the Chicago Animal Control on the street. Very poor condition. She was emaciated, severe bite wounds all over her neck and shoulders, and apparent she was used for mass breeding. The rescue my Mama works close with rescued her to save her from being euthanized just in the nick of time. If we didn’t agree to foster her, her life would have probably ended at the CACC.

Whinnie (Wendy), since in our care has proven to be a beaten down little soul who quickly showed signs of love, trust, and very eager to please. She was taken from Chicago to our Vet here and began medical treatment to help heal all her wounds, spay her, and vaccinate her.

During the spay, the Dr. found a mass on her ovary and removed it. It was sent in for testing and we recently found that it is, in fact, a cancer mass. A very rare form of cancer. My Mama cried and cried, and knew neither her or Sherri, of GOTGM rescue wouldn’t give up on her.

Since Whinnie’s immune system has been fighting so hard with the cancer she’s not able to fight off other illnesses and has been diagnosed with pneumonia now. She’s being treated for that and as soon as she’s all better, and a clean bill of health, we will begin the Chemo treatment to remove the remaining cancer cells.

Sherri and GOTGM rescue will be paying for this treatment, never a question about that. Being that it will be expensive, we will be hoping for a lot of prayers and monetary donations. GOTGM cannot deplete their account just on Whinnie because there are still other dogs that need being saved and vetted.

So, as soon as Whinnie (Wendy) passes her clean bill of health and can undergo the Chemo treatments we will have a link for donations to help GOTGM pay for her expenses.

Is there anything you or your mom would like to add about your or your family?
All we truly hope for is that people are educated about BSL, and how its just not fair to discriminate against any breed of dog just because of the look or past that falls behind them.

Being an ambassador of my Pit Bull breed is me being an example, NOT an exception. Responsible ownership, with rules and socialization, and positive training will help maintain stability in our heart and mind as a dog. And I love my life!!


Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Pipers’s mom for letting me ask questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can find Piper on her Facebook Page – Piper’s Page of Life
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