Pittie Love: Meet Lola

Hi There!
How old are you ma’am?
I was born in June of 2012!
Where did your name come from?
My dad actually picked my name and mom named my brother, Rio.
How did you get adopted?
My litter was abandoned when we were 2 weeks old, luckily someone took me into their home and bottle fed me until I was about 8 weeks old when my mom and dad found out about me and couldn’t say no.
Do you have any fur siblings you live with?
My 6 month old brother, Rio! He is a Staffordshire mix that we adopted from Save-a-Bull rescue in MN.
Ox (current foster) & Rio
Miss Sarah, how did you get involved with dogs in general?
I grew up with two dogs and have always had a passion for dogs and horses. My bf and I started volunteering at a local animal rescue early in 2012. Then before we knew it we were fur-parents to Lola and a year after her, we adopted Rio.
How did the blog about Miss Lola start?
The blog actually started as a facebook page where I would share our adventures and stories. I also blog full time for my day job, so I thought to myself, “Why not start a dog blog and blog about my real passion?!”.
I'm a passion?
What has been you favorite post(s) on either blog so far?
“10 Signs You Should Not Adopt a Pit Bull” – it went kind of crazy after I posted it!
Since you have a baking blog and now a pet blog, do you have readers that read both blogs?
Not that I know of, maybe a few blogger friends but I do not really link back between the blogs since one is for my career and the other for my love of dogs.
Are you going to be attending any pet conferences in the near future?
That’s certainly the plan! BlogPaws 2015!
What do you like about blogging on either blog?
I love being able to express my voice and make friends with all of the other people that I would normally never ever get to interact with. Plus, the blogging and dog community has been INCREDIBLE.
What advice would you give to someone considering adopting their first dog?
Adopting a dog is a huge commitment, a lifetime commitment.
Miss Lola, What is the best part about having a forever home?
Having my mom and dad come home each and every day, for me. Knowing that they are there for me, I depend on them for everything.
What advice would you like to give to other pets out there looking for a forever home?
Smile pretty, your home is out there and not all people are bad. There are humans out there working hard on sharing you so your perfect family will notice you!
Smile pretty your forever people are out there!

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Lola and her mom for answering my interview questions. You can find Lola on her blog- Lola the Pitty, facebook – Lola the Pitty or twitter- Lola the Pitty (there’s a pattern there, I think ;). Pictures were used with permission.

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