Pittie Love: Daniel the Former Bait Dog

Where did his name come from?

Daniel was named at the Duplin Co shelter where he won over the hearts of everyone including the shelter manager Bobbie Kennedy. They loved him so much, and I had worked so hard to get him out and transported all the while using that name, that it just seemed to be a part of who he was so I kept it.

How old was he when he came to live with you?

He was roughly 6 yrs old when I rescued him although I didn’t know that at the time. As soon as I got him into hos special area in my house, it was as if he knew he was safe. I could almost see him relax.

Did he require any special food or medication?

Daniel was only 35 lbs as well as having his teeth filed down to the nerves so he was put on wet puppy food i order to provide comfort as well as the needed extra calories to get back to a healthy weight.

How did he get along with the other pets in the house?

He got along with 4 of my small dogs fine, and he showed all signs of being a submissive dog when in the preaence of my male boxer. Unfortunately the boxer was not happy with having a new unaltered male in the house and would try to dominate and overpower Daniel. Daniel allowed it to a point but would defend himself when the boxer got too rough. But he never went after the boxer.

When Daniel was up to a healthy weight, he was taken to the Saving Lives animal clinic and was neutered. Within 2 weeks, he and the boxer were best playmates.

What would you like to say to people who are concerned about adopting a dog who was used as a bait dog?

I had never had a pittie prior to Daniel. It is hard to explain, but when I saw his picture for the first time, I felt his sweetness. Bait dogs are generally submissive dogs and can be taught to trust again. I would recommend that anyone wanting to rescue one be aware that they have been beaten, abused, starved and attacked. Left in the heat or cold. Tormented and broken. They need a patient, loving hand. One that will only use positive reinforcement. And if they do, they will be rewarded with the most loyal, loving companion they could ever want.

This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Daniel, fly free little one.

Know you will always be loved.

Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Daniel’s mom for letting me ask questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can find Daniel’s facebook page with his wonderful pictures. 
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    1. Daniel and my little boy were best friends. He still kisses Daniel’s picture. Daniel was special. He touched many many people.

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