Pets that Blog: Random Felines

First of all, can you please introduce yourselves?

Maestro: age 19, (fly free sweetie, RIP 5/1/2014)

I am the mighty Maestro ~ Maestro

Tim & Tom: brothers, age 10,

Tim and Tom
We’re here ~ Tim & Tommy

Mozart: age 7,

I am a holy terror at the v-e-t. ~ Mo

Ivy: age 5,

I was called a watermelon the other day, not sure why ~ Ivy

Spud: age 5,

Lasers on full power ~ Spud

Junior: age 3
Plus we have a momma cat Jade and five kitten being fostered here right now.

What? ~ Junior
Momma Cat Jade & her five beautiful babies
Who is the outspoken one of the group?

It depends on the situation. The blog is kind of written from a group perspective, but some of us will speak up individually from time to time. Junior and Spud are pretty shy though.

Where did everyone’s names come from?

Maestro was the first kitten mom ever adopted. She likes music and it just kind of came to her. Tim & Tom had their names when they came to us as fosters and mom didn’t want to change them. Mozart was a foster and since we do themes, it was an art thing (his brother was Picasso). Ivy was also a foster and she and her sisters were named after flowers (Rose, Iris, Daffodil & Lily). Spud just kind of happened – mom needed a name at the vet’s office to get him tested and he kind of looked like a little round brown ball. Junior was named on the fly as well….he was live trapped as a  kitten and mom wasn’t sure if he was staying so didn’t put too much thought into it but needed something for the clinic form to get him neutered.

Does everyone get along or are there a few hisses now and then?

Maestro doesn’t seem to care one way or the other. Tim & Tom have the brotherly love thing going on. Mozart is pretty laid back as well. The three younger ones don’t get along too much – Junior has weird social cat skills and annoys Spud and Ivy. Spud is jumpy but also sometimes stalks Ivy. And we think Ivy just finds the boys annoying.

A few questions for mom: Why did you start fostering?

It actually started with Tim & Tom. They were brought in as a pair and due to circumstances were going to be separated. Mom suggested putting them in a special program at the humane society and putting them in foster. Next thing she knew they were here. After four months mom knew they weren’t going back and adopted them. From there is was on to kittens as we only have limited space (and have found out over the years the Tommy isn’t so good with new adult males in the house).

What has the been the most rewarding thing you’ve experienced so far while fostering?

Most recently had to be Licorice. Normally we get kittens from our rescue, but this girl was in front of mom’s office one day last summer. She weighed 4 pounds. It took lots of time and love and work but she got healthy and then it took some more time, but she was just recently adopted.

Whose idea was it to start blogging?

Mom actually. If you read some of the first posts, she is writing them – just kind of as a diary to keep track of us and the fosters. From there we took over.

Does everyone take turns putting in their two cents?

Sometimes, but mostly it is a group effort

What has been your favorite post?

There have been lots, but we love introducing new kittens and telling about happy adoption stories. Not everything we post is good news as fostering isn’t always easy, but we want to keep it real.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read?

we love other foster blogs….it helps to see how others are doing it. mostly pet blogs since that is what interests us most

Do you have sneak peek of any upcoming posts?

well with new kittens, the next couple of months will be an adventure watching them grow….

What is something you would like to share with other bloggers out there?
Keep at it. mom says that she loves reading comments and everything, but also enjoys going back and reading some of our own posts as a reminder.
This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Butterscotch & Tigger & Maestro
Please know you will always be loved & missed
Butterscotch is in the middle. Fly free sweet angel
Sweet Tigger, you left us too soon



Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Jeanne for letting me ask questions about her cats and the blog. Pictures were used with permission. You can follow them on their Facebook page – Random Felines or on their blog – Random Felines

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  1. I really enjoy the Random Felines blog a lot! While my human was at BlogPaws, she kept reminiscing about Triscuit (one of the fosters from last year) and bemoaning not adopting her because she would have made an excellent therapy cat!

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