Pets that Blog: Meet the Piggies of Living the Squeak Live

First I must ask how old is everyone?
Whee have a whole range of ages here at ‘Living the Squeak Life’ our oldest member being 5 years and a month and our youngest being only 7 weeks.
Mop is the eldest. She turned 5 at the end of April.
Dusty comes next in terms of age. He is Mop’s son and was born in August 2009 which makes him 4 and 10 months.
Billy turned 3 years old in May.
We estimate that Pip was born in September last year, making him 9 months old.
Cupcake was born in December and is only 6 months old.
Cocoa, being our youngest member was 7 weeks old yesterday.
Mop, did you get your name because of your fur?
Yes, I did get my name because of my fur. After loosing a pair of guinea-pigs the hoomans were wanting to get another pair of sows. They visited the local petstore and saw me and my friend, Muffin. Whee had only just been put out into the shop when the Grandmummy Hooman came in so were not ready to go that day. Over the next week until whee reached the right age many names were discussed and, at first, I was going to be called Pippa. However, when they got me home they changed their minds. I have long shaggy grey and white hair which, naturally, makes me look a bit like a mop!
Do you get groomed?
I don’t get groomed often as my fur is generally kept very short. It is easier for both me and the hoomans to be trimmed reguarly, cutting my hair down to a length that stops matting. However, I do get brushed from time to time when I need it but whee tend to have a hair cut when whee need it as both me and Dusty don’t like the brush. Him because he has very sensitive skin and me because, well, I don’t like being fussed with really.
Since you are the “older” guinea pig, do you have any advice for new piggy owners?
Ooh, this is a tough one. Let me see. When it comes to getting a new piggy I suppose the hoomans must take everything into account. I have heard of many stories of people getting a pair of little pigs to then get bored or not have the time to look after them. On the grand scale of things whee are quite low maintinence pets but whee here believe that people need to consider effurrything before taking us on. Whee can get poorly and will need veterinary care if whee do. Space will be needed for two guinea-pigs as whee like to live in pairs. Here at ‘Living the Squeak Life’ whee eat good quality hay from the local Blue Barn and eat pellets to stop us from picking and choosing. Veg is always good as whee do love our greens but it is always best to check what whee can and can’t eat to keep us safe from posioning, especially if whee go out on the grass.
Dusty, what is the best way to bribe you for a trimming?
When it comes to trimming there is only one thing that can make me sit completely still. Carrot! I love that vegetable it is, quite literally, my favourite thing in the world. I always make the hoomans laugh when they bring out carrot as I do a little wiggly dance from wherever I am in the cage towards them to collect it. I never come straight over like a normal pig but I wiggle my bottom from side to side as I come over. Nothing can make me sit still quite like that vegetable.
How often do you get baths?
Whee get baths when whee need them. Whee rarely have baths in the winter as it is quite cold and it is harder for us to warm back up as whee can quite easily get cold when wet, even if the water was warm. Me and Mop get the most baths as, due to our long fur, whee can quite often get mucky, especially around our bottoms!
Cupcake, how do you manage to take care of all the little ones?
It was hard at first, believe me. Whee guinea-pigs only have two nipples which made feeding four quite difficult. Luckily, as they were being born, they were born with big enough gaps inbetween to allow me to clean each one as, often, having pups in quick succession to each other can make us mummy pigs confused and so whee might accidently leave one and not clean it off. Another good things about little pigs is that they very quickly begin to eat ‘adult’ food. They were eating hay later that day but didn’t start eating pellets until later. When it came to feeding them it was really up to the babies who managed to suckle. They would wriggle their way in and latch on. Fortunately, I had four babies of even size and strength meaning they all got their fair share of milk and were able to grow up big. Once they moved onto proper food I weaned them off me and everything became much easier.
What are baby guinea pigs called?
They are called pups.
What advice do you have for hoomans who would like to get baby guinea pigs?
First of all, it is a very big thing to consider if you are palnning on breeding guinea-pigs. So many things can go wrong and my overall advice would be, don’t. I was one of the lucky ones, I had four healthy babies and was fine myself. I have friends, however who weren’t so lucky. My mother, Biscuit, had a sister who died while pregnant as she couldn’t handle it and I know of another guinea-pig who had a miscarriage. Though whee are fantastic mothers once the babies are born whee are notoriously bad at actually carrying the babies and problems like pregnancy toximia can arise and kill us. You should always be very, very careful if you want to breed a sow and, after all, there are many guinea-pigs in the world who already need a home.
Billy, I read Carrot loves her uncle Billy cuddles is she still cuddling?

Hey and, sadly no, she isn’t. Carrot when to her new home with her sisters last wheek. She went to live with one of the Grandmummy hoomans friends with Cookie and Cinnamon. The hoomans decided to keep Cocoa as she fitted in the best with me and Cupcake due to her easy going temperament. 

I will gladly offer to try to find you a nice sow to settle down with, what do you like/dislike what are you favorite foods?
Ah, I’m quite happy as I am, thank you. I like to flirt with the ladies but I’m not the sort of boar who will settle down with a lady. I am perfectly happy with my Cupcake and Cocoa, and act as a father to them both. It is my job to protect and look after them and I am quite happy like that. I don’t know if I’d ever be able to settle down with a single girl.
Thank you for the offer but I don’t know if I could handle too much lady attention!
Pip, first I want to say I love your name, it’s so cute
Thanks! The hoomans are always going on about how perfect it is for me. My full title is Pipsqueak but people call me Pip. Basically, the name suits me as I am small, hence the Pip, and rather squeaky – squeak!
Where do you find all your energy?
Hmmmm, I don’t really know… I do have buckets and buckets of the stuff though. I never really stop! I love to explore and, if I’m put on the floor inside the house I trundle straight off. Though I live outside at the moment, due to it being summer, I seem to know the way around the house like the back of my paw. The other day the hoomans let me have an explore while they were watching me and I ran straight from the sitting room, into the bathroom, then back out and into the piggy room. I just don’t stop! I love to sniff around and meet everyone.
Can you spare some for me?

Of course I can, you are most welcome to some of my energy! I reckon Mop would definately agree with this as she seems to think I have too much. I disagree of course but, well, she’d let you have all of my energy if she could, tehe!

How often to you popcorn?
Not a huge amount, actually. I spend more time rumblestrutting around than I do popcorning. I do it occasionally but Cocoa is the real popcorn-er around here, she’s almost constantly running around and jumping up and down. I suppose it comes with youth. Ah, listen to me, I’m hardly ancient myself, am I? Nah, I just prefer to run and rumblestrut.
Cocoa, have you been on anymore adventures since the herb garden?
Nope, the hoomans have been keeping a very closed lid on my adventurous side by making sure I stay very much where I am supposed to stay. The herb garden was fun though, I managed to find the perfect little place to sit with rosemary branches on both sides where the hoomans couldn’t reach me without knocking me off the wall. As you can see they managed to remove me safely but it was very fun indeed!
The hooman and her pigs xx

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Mop, Dusty, Cupcake, Billy, Pip & Cocoa and the hooman for answering my many questions questions. You can find them on their blog, Living the Squeak Life. Pictures were used with permission.

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