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How did Rolo come into your life?

I have always been a big supporter of “no kill” animal rescues/shelters so I knew when the time was right for my family that we would adopt from the local SPCA (Fort McMurray SPCA). Once we purchased our first house we went to the shelter every day for a number of days looking for the perfect dog for our family. My Fiancé Brett was the one who found then named “Apollo”. Honestly he was so different, he was the only dog who wanted to be left in his cage, and he just sat there not barking looking around. I took him outside and he wouldn’t even come near me. I went to go and pet him and I could see fear in his eyes. I have never witnessed this in my life time as I have always been such a big animal person. I was intrigued and asked more about him. We found out he had Epilepsy and also takes a long time to get used to someone to be able to trust them. We put in our application for him after doing a ton of research of Canine Epilepsy. We got the call a few days later saying he was OURS! It took a good few months until he finally felt comfortable in our home and with me. I cannot stress this enough to people adopting animals that it does take some time for an animal to warm up to you and be comfortable with their new routine. I hear of many animals being brought back after a week saying that they don’t fit in or aren’t acting properly. The unbreakable bond that Rolo and I have didn’t happen overnight, it took a long time. Just give it time!

Do you know what type of breed Rolo is?

Rolo is a German Shepherd crossed with a Husky

How did you get involved with FMSPCA?

I have always donated my bottles to the FMSPCA as well as attend their events. A while before adopting Rolo I started volunteering at the shelter with dog walking and a few other things. After adopting Rolo I kicked my Volunteering into overdrive by helping at events, getting silent auction items from local businesses for their events and doing a ton of little fundraisers on my own for the shelter. I also entered the “Miss Wood Buffalo Pageant” in 2012 in hopes of becoming an ambassador for the FMSPCA. I lost my category by .5 but gained the title “Miss Big Spirit” I also was able to raise over $3500 for the shelter during the pageants. In 2013 I started my blog (see answers below) and also became a Board Member for the FMSPCA. Our involvement with the FMSPCA will only continue to grow!

How did the blog start?

I have always loved animals and helping out the shelter this was just another way to help them as I cannot always help them out with money. Social media is an amazing thing that can help spread the word of many things!

What has been your favorite post?

My favorite post happens to be the post I released on my Birthday (December 4th) Rolo and I love to do fundraising for our shelter, for the last 2 years we have done a Christmas Fundraiser for our shelter. Last year (2012) we collected wish list items for the shelter. In 2013 we wanted to kick that outta the park and try to raise enough funds to sponsor 3 Christmas kennels ($600) as well as collect wish list items. At the end of our fundraiser we collected a whole bunch of wish list items and were able to sponsor not 3 but 7 kennels for a total of $1400.

Link to Dec 4th post:

Do you have any sneak peeks of future posts?

I think with 2014 it will be a great year for my blog, I hope to get in contact with big animal companies as well as our favorite product companies to put up blog posts about their items. I’m also hoping to reach 10000 views by our 1 year blog anniversary! (March 11th) I think that would be a really great accomplishment for us.

After reading the post about the boots to keep Rolo’s feet warm, has he gotten accustomed to them?

He doesn’t wear them too often but when he sees me pull out the little bag of his boots he does have a scared face LOL. I always give him treats while I put them on to teach him that they aren’t a bad thing. Once they are on he does walk a little funny at first but then gets used to them. He loves to wear them outside as he knows they keep his feet warm in the cold weather we get up here. He will run and play around as soon as we are in the back trails behind our house.

Do you have any tips for first time pet owners?

My main tips are to make sure you do your research. I have seen a ton of posts online or have seen a ton of people in real life who don’t know how much work an animal is and then they don’t properly care for the animals. Keeping up on your animals vaccinations are a huge thing, and yes they do cost quite a bit of money but the shots can prevent further illness which could cost a heck of a lot more money than shots. Also be sure to spay & neuter your animal that’s another thing I cannot stress to people. We are lucky that our shelter will not even post an animal up on the website or put them into the viewing kennels until they have been fixed & healed. Also food, treats, toys and babysitters cost money as well. You need to think about if you leave for a vacation where will your animal be staying? Will they be coming with you? What is the cost of flying with a pet? What is the cost per night of staying at a hotel with your pet? So many things to think about while getting an animal so be sure to do your research and make sure you can PROPERLY take care of this animal. J

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself, the blog or Rolo?

I would love to share that Rolo is also a Pet Therapy Dog in Fort McMurray, AB, Canada. He loves going to brighten the days of everyone at the Hospital! Rolo attended a Epilepsy Conference for humans in Edmonton, AB and we ended up being a guest speaker. Rolo has also been in McMurray Girl Magazine, Read about him Pages 49-51:

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Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Kimberely for answering the interview questions. Congrats to her on upcoming wedding. You can find her and Rolo on the following social media sites. Pictures were used with permission.

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