Pets that Blog: Meet NylaBlue

  Coffeetable Cat


Me name is Nylablue Sweet Feet


Me iz approx 12 yearz old now

How you came into your parents lives:

Me waz a Breeding Queen fer da first 5 yearz of me life. When me got sick me waz thrown out into the streetz n picked up by the Animal Control lady n taken to local Shelter. Me waz there fer only 1 day & her sister took me home that nite. There waz another cat there & a wild dog n me hated it! Me waz bred again n had another litter then me waz spayed n half me teeth removed as me had Peridontel Disease. In May 2006 these people were going to put me to sleep because the rest of me teeth were rotten n me had Chronic Cystitis n instead of treating me illnesses they were gonna kill me!!! Da Animal Control lady emailed me MUM TO BE n begged her to take me….So Mum came to see me twice not knowin how sick me was & she adopted me June 5th, 2006

Why do you blog?

Me blogz because Mum n me haz a friend wif bunnehs who let dem blog…it inspired Mum to let me have a go at it n me LOVES that me has a voice in the cyberworld.

A study in Beauty

What is your favorite post?

“7 Yearz ago…Truibute to Mingflower frum Nylablue’……Mum’z bluepoint Sismese before me she had for 18 1/2 years!!

What post do you like the least?

‘Holy Katz’

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Da best part of bloggin is all da new friends we have made around da world plus 4 of our old bloggin buddies are on WP wif us.


What to you dislike about blogging?

NUFFING…blogging is FAB!!

Sneak peek on future posts? (if you want to share)

HHMM me n Mum hope to post about happy fingz in da future; we don’t really plan things…we just kind of let inspiration take us where it may…

Cupboard surfing 4

What blogs to you read that you would like to share?

Oh MY CAT dere are so many: Savannah’s Paw Tracks; The Misadventures of Misaki; Bailey the Boat Cat; My Mini Pet Pig; Chancy & Mumsy; My Three Moogies; Easy Blog; OneSpoiledCat; on the road with Animal Couriers (UK) & Long Life Cats & Dogs (South Africa) to name a few….

Nylablue regal 2011

What are you thoughts on spaying/neutering?

As a kitteh who waz bred until she almost died I am in favour of spaying & neutering not just to control the cat population but to keep KATZ healthy so they can live long & happy lives!!!!


Anything else you want to add about you?

Me wuud like to add that altho me still haz health issues: Inflammatory Bowel Disease & Feline Herpes Virus my Hu’Mum haas never given up on me!! She n me Hu’man Dad (who livez in another town) have spent so much money to help me get better & keep me stable. They are totally devoted to me n it iz lovely to be so loved by Hu’manz instead of used for breeding & mistreated. Also me loves to go out in me Condo during da warm months & bask in da Sun…Mum believes me shuud be safe & still enjoy da outdoors.

Lub Nylablue xo n Mum Sherri-Ellen.

Nitenite Nyla B

Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Miss Nylablue and her mum Sherri-Ellen. Pictures were used with permission. You can find them on their blog – Nylablue & SherriEllen’s Purrfect Pad

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34 Replies to “Pets that Blog: Meet NylaBlue”

    1. Yow angel It iz all right…diz iz me story…all da 4 leggedz have a story to tell….me haz da BEST Hu’Mum in da world who carez fer n LUBZ me thru da guud n bad timez!!! Eben wif sum health issuez me iz a happy cat n still can enjoy Life 😉
      Lub Nylablue xo

    1. Yow yow iz lubly to finally meet ya!!!
      Me haz guud Hu’manz…altho me Dad iz in another town…so me not see him much but he helpz wif me medicayshun costs n da vet bill ebery month…dey iz *STARZ* me Mum n Dad!!!
      Guud to make yer ackquaintence Gizmo…xo Nylablue

    1. ~~head rubz~~ n *nose kissez* n LUB, LUB, LUB to me Champion EASY!!! You iz pawsum woofie n me iz so honorred to nose ya!!!! Fankz fer bein me furend xoxoxoxo Nylablue

    1. Yow Misaki…what ya fink?? me cuud do interviewz on TEEVEE me iz getting so guud at it!!! MOL/BOL!! Me iz so happy dat peeple want to talk wif me n share me story!!! Lub ya sweetie xo Nylablue

    1. Fankz me Speedy bunneh!!! Me rootz are in da Templez of Burma n Siam (Thailand) n me Ancestorz DID guard da Templez…maybee diz iz why me guardz da Mum so well 😉
      Pee Ess: me iz glad you liked da interview too!!! xo Nylablue

  1. You gave a great interview, Nylablue! We loves you lots!
    Mistletoe, HITCH and the HuMom, Dorothy

    1. HITCH?? HITCH?? Oh dere you iz…*sighz deeply*…me furgot to menshun dat HITCH iz me boyfurend here n me LUBZ him alot……
      Fankz fer stoppin by Mistletoe n HITCH n Dorothy!!! Me lubz all of ya!!
      =^..^= Nylablue

  2. Hi Nyla Blue and Mum! My mommy is Missblueyes77. We are so excited to meet new friends here on WordPress. We look forward to reading about you and all the other furry (finned and feathered) friends here =^..^=

    1. Yow Mischief Kitty n Shadow n Mum too!!! Guud to meet ya all!! We will check out yer blog when we are able to. Me Mum iz havin sum health issuez n we iz not on here az much az we wuud like to be!!! Purrleeze have payshuntz wif uz!! Yer new furend, Nylablue xo

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