Pets that Blog: Meet Little Binky

Little Binky and the tree

How old are you?

I am 10 years old. I was about 3 month when I was found on a factory field 10 years ago. 

Where did your name come from?

They called me Little Binky, because I had a boy’s attitude. I wasn’t as elegant as female cats can be. Besides that, Granny told me that a binky is a pacifier too, so that gives my name something baby-alike….Did you know that a bunny also binkies and that they like to do it? Granny put Little before my name, because we had another Binky, Big Binky, in the house and so we knew who was who… 🙂
 Little Binky says hi & pawkiss

How did you come to live with granny?

My pawrents separated when I was about 4 years old. My mum and two-feet brother lived in a garden house for a while and in the winter they could get a room at a friend’s house, who had also two cats. Mum picked me up at dad’s house and hell begun. The cats didn’t liked me at all. That’s no surprising, because for them I was an intruder. Now I know all about it… They chased me day and night and wanted to fight with me. I had to defend myself a thousands of times. It was horrible. The only place I was save, was in the room where we all slept. I felt very lonely there and I was very alert the whole time, because I was very frightenend of the two cats. One cat even opened the door once, while nobody was around. I had to run for my life and that really stressed me out. Granny heard about the situation and didn’t thought twice. She got me out of that situation immediately and took me home with her. There I had to deal with her cat Angel, but she gave both of us therapy and after a while Angel and I could live together…from a distance, but I wasn’t so afraid anymore. When my mum found a house, after about 2 years, Granny said that it was best for me to let me stay with her and Grandpa. Every change can be a relapse for me again and with Granny I finally got my rest.

Are you the only cat?

Yeah, now I’m only cat. When I came living with Granny, I had to deal with Granny’s cat Angel and Big Binky, the cat next door, who lived with Granny for more than 3,5 years too. Angel died 5 years ago and the neighbours took Big Binky back when they moved to another place, that was more than a year ago. I love to be alone with Granny and Grandpa, but I feel sad for her that her cats not around anymore.
Little Binky keeps watch over granny's garden

What is your favorite thing to do?

That’s an easy one…..sleeping. I can sleep for hours and hours. I eat, drink and sleep. Sometimes I have a crazy hour and then I run through the house, upstairs and downstairs and catch Granny, but mostly I chille out.

Do you go out on adventures with granny?

No, not really, but when she’s in the garden I follow her, so that could be an adventure on its own. I mean, there’s a lot going on in the garden. We wrote about the birds, hedgehogs, birds and so.
 Little Binky shows her belly

When did you and granny start the blog?

We started the blog in August 2011. At first in Dutch, but then we got also visitors from America and other Countries, so Granny decided to do the blog in English too. After a while we stopped with the Dutch blog, it took to much time anyway and I had to learn English.

What was your favorite post?

My favorite post was of Christmas 2011, it was still very warm then and we were longing for a white Christmas and we had 3 followers by then 🙂 You can see the post here if you like

What do you like most about blogging?

Granny and I have so much fun with blogging. I don’t know about other animal bloggers, but we live the stories. Every picture talks and the words flow out of my meowth. We also like the interaction with other bloggers. That makes it really alive. It’s so good to see that there are more cats like me, I mean blogging cats and dogs and other animals who talk, but we have made friends with two-feet too. In the beginning we hadn’t had any idea how it would develop, but we’re very happy we started this adventure.
Little Binky also gives cleaning lessons

Do you or granny have any New Year’s Resolutions you would like to share?

Granny wants to take more time to do creative things. She likes to draw and working with clay and all that kind of stuff, but she hasn’t had the time for it yet, because all she did the last 7 years was studying. Next week she’ll have her final exam and then she will be specialized in Homeopathy for animals. I cross my paws that she will pass the exam. She also hopes to earn more money for the Dutch Cat Association, so that much more strays can be helped. I on the other hand, will be near her, with whatever she does. I’m her inspiration, so I have to 😉 And I keep on blogging and make friends 🙂
That’s it! We’re finished. Thank you for having us for the interview, Christina…wait a minute, Granny we can’t leave without a Pawkiss 🙂
Little Binky relaxing after blogging
Little Binky relaxing after blogging

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Marlene and Little Binky for answering the questions, you two did a wonderful job! Pawkisses to you both. Pictures were used with permission. You can catch Little Binky’s adventures with granny on the blog angelswhisper2011.


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