Pets that Blog: Meet Duke


How did Duke come into your life?

Sam & I had been talking about getting a Boston Terrier for years. Once we graduated college and had a pet-friendly apartment with a steady income source, we felt we were ready for the responsibility. We started looking at dogs and were really interested in adopting a rescue dog, but there just weren’t that many we saw that would fit our lifestyle. Sam’s mother and aunt are very involved in dog rescue and fostering and his aunt alerted us that there was a Boston Terrier that was available for adoption that might be a good match for us. We saw some pictures and read a little bit about him and we were sold! We drove up to New Hampshire to pick up our boy on a rainy Mondaynight and it was love at first sight. The rest is history!


How many chew toys has Duke chewed through?

Not as many as you’d think, but only because we know better than to give him toys that have no chance of standing up to his teeth! He’s gone through two Kong toys, the WestPaw Tux, a football, countless tennis balls, and there’s a Monster Mouth that’s about at it’s limit. He recently got some stuffed animals from a contest that have not faired well either. All in all, probably around 10 toys in the last five months. That’s two per month! It would be so much higher if we hadn’t gotten the tip off from the rescue that he was a serious chewer.


What is the longest surviving toy so far?

The Kong Extreme toys. The traditional shaped Extreme Kong lasted us a good two months before he had it in two pieces. The Extreme Kong bone is in near perfect condition though. I don’t think it gets the serious chewing that the other toys do. He uses it more for Tug of War and fetch. The majority of the other toys were the kinds you fill and often filled with peanut butter which I think led to some pretty hard chewing on Duke’s part. I like him to be able to chew hard on a toy though. He obviously enjoys it very much so I want him to have that outlet. I’m always looking for new recommendations!


What has been your favorite place to go with Duke? 

I really enjoyed our trip to Cape Cod! We spent the weekend there in September. We went out in the early morning at low tide and we were able to walk out very far on the beach. It was quiet out so we were able to let Duke off leash and he had the best time chasing birds and fetching the shells of horseshoe crabs. It was the first overnight trip we took with Duke and I loved traveling with him and getting to explore a new location with him. He has warmed up immensely to the beach as compared to when we first got him and I love getting to see him run around and be a dog!


Where would you like to go with him in the future?

Sam & I are planning to move to California this summer and Duke will be coming with, of course! We’re planning to drive from Boston to California and I am very excited about the potential for a road trip with Duke. Think of all the dog parks we could play in! Of course this is all subject to change, but as of now it is looking like a big drive for all three of us. It will be the trip of a lifetime and I’m excited about getting to include Duke in those memories. 


Why did you decide to start a blog?

We were so unbelievably excited about adopting Duke that I wanted to document our experience. I thought it would be fun to look back in five years and remember all the fun places we went (especially if we move) and all the silly things Duke does. Some made us laugh and some made me so scared, but I wanted to be able to look back on it all. I didn’t tell anyone about the blog for a bit, not even Sam, and then slowly shared it. Once I realized there were so many wonderful pet bloggers out there who were interested in reading about our journey adopting a rescue dog, I wanted to document the process of adoption to highlight the wonderful things it has brought into our life for anyone else in our shoes later. I also love getting advice from all the veteran dog parents out there! It is more helpful to me than I think any of them know! 


What has been your favorite post so far? 

My favorite has been the post where I shared that I have really bad allergies to dogs and cats. This was a huge concern for Sam & I in adoption and had been a reason we were hesitant to adopt earlier. I wanted to spread the word that it is possible to have a dog when you have allergies but also communicate that it does mean some sacrifices on the part of the human. Magically enough, my dog allergies have almost disappeared with the combination of exposure to Duke and my medications. I used to not be able to breathe at my sister’s, who has a Goldendoodle, and now I can let him get right up in my face and play with no issues.


Do you have a sneak peak of any future posts?

I’m currently collecting songs that Duke loves, some he likes to sing along to and some that just make Sam & I think of Duke. I’m still looking for a few more, but I’m excited to share them once I gather up the right collection.


Do you think there will be fursiblings in Duke’s future? 

I do hope so! Sam & I have talked about getting a friend for Duke, but all of our talks have been very far in the future. Right now, we are still in the apartment phase of our lives so we’re sticking with just Duke for now. But maybe once we have a house we’ll look into adopting another one!


Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself or Duke?

I love sharing the origin of his name, because we did pick it for a specific reason. Duke is named after Duke Kahanamoku, a famous surfer who is credited with spreading the sport. Sam is a big surfer and we spend a lot of time at the beach and near the ocean. We’re so thrilled Duke has come to love the beach as much as we have, despite his initial hesitations – . Once day we hope to get Duke to stand on a surfboard and maybe even ride a wave!


Please use whatever pictures you like! I can also send you any of the originals if the quality from Facebook is no good. We have the blog, Facebook, Twitter and we’re also on Instagram @lifewithduke. 

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Duke’s mom for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission.  Please visit Duke on his blog, Life with Duke. 

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  1. We had no idea Boston Terriers liked to chew so much. We had a dog when we first married (advertised to be a cock-a-poo) that ate an entire wooden window sill. We always thought she was more terrier than cocker or poodle. Enjoy your adventures with Duke. Hugs, Janet

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