Pets that Blog: Meet Dina

How old are you? 
I am one year 4 months and  15 days old, born on 7th September.
What breed are you? (if you know)
I do know: I am a Parson Russel Terrier crossed with a Papillion. I love to snuggle but will never turn down a good long hike or a good game of fetch!
How did you come to your forever home?
I was picked up from my breeder (I cost £85 pounds Mom tells me- but I am priceless as is my love and the happiness I bring to my family) by Mama, Middle Guy and Mom. I whined like crazy on the way in the car but went to sleep as soon as we got home. House-training was not the best but we go tthrough it and I’ve not pooped or peed in the house for ages.
I see you and your mom are a part of the FitDog Resolutions, how is it working out so far?
Well….we do hike every week so that one is going well. Secondly, Mom has started up our morning walks this week (DM: I’m still getting used to waking up at 05:30 and getting up at 06:00….) and we’ll be leaving for our evening walk shortly. The last one -to start some sort of exercise- we haven’t done yet but maybe backyard agility?
Doing some stretches to get ready...
Do you have any tips/tricks for others who are looking to get more active with their dogs?
DM: Just get out there and do it. Experiment, find something you want to do and stick to it- you won’t regret it. It’ll help you bond with your hound and improve your own health.
I love your mom’s action shots, may I ask what kind of camera she is using?
She wants to get a new one soon but I think she uses a Lumix DMC- FZ7
Do you pose naturally or does your mom give you treats?
That depends. If it is an action shot Mom usually tries to snap it as it happens. If it is a posed photo Mom puts me in a sit or down stay and I get a treat after although I have started to look at the camera as soon as Mom gets it out.
Posing for a treat
How did your blog start?
My first post was on the 27th March 2013 (here)  and I started just because I wanted to give it a go. I never thought I would love it so and it would become such a part of my life- I love it and everybody who reads our blog. Millions of licks and wags!
What has been you favorite post(s) so far?
That is the toughest question- I love writing all my hiking posts and walks. I adore sharing the photos and recalling the day’s adventures.
Do you have a sneak peek of upcoming posts?
It is meant to be top secret but……I am going to be posting Mom’s favourite hike so far this week, we have ideas about a mini-series to do on our training day (Thursday) and might have a couple reviews coming up. 🙂
Green brings out my eyes, don't you think?
Is there anything else you would like to share?
Both Mom and I would like to thank you with hugs, licks and wags for interviewing us, we love answering questions. And also, our favourite colour is green, we think you should know that. 😀
Magda and Dina

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Magda & Dina for letting me do the interview. Pictures were used with permission. Please join Dina and her family (furry and non-furry) on their many adventures at Dina the Dog.
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  1. Hi Dina 🙂 what a great interview and what a cutie pup! we haven’t been seeing your bloggie come up but I have it now ..I keep losing people in the blogosphere!!! good grief so yay! hugs Fozziemum

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