Pets that Blog: Meet Crepes

How old are you?
I am 28 months old. I think it makes me sound younger to count in months.

Yes, 28 months sounds much longer..
How did you get your awesome name?
This one’s a doozy. Tree House gives all their kitties names and for me they chose Wendella. No, thanks! Because I am missing a foot, my GranFOD started calling me Little Footie, so initially my name was Little Foot or just Foot. However, as momFOD tends to do, she came up with a nickname. She speaks some Italian so she started calling me “Crepuscolo,” Italian for dusk or twilight, because I was always annoying them at dawn and dusk and she read an article that cats are crepuscular. Of course, that’s too hard to say, so she started yelling “CREPES!” and I started answering. It stuck. I am now Crepes. Although, my nickname is CrapJack or sometimes just “Crappie.”
How did you find your forever family?
They signed up to be foster parents with Tree House. A few days later, they got a call that three kitties were in desperate need of a foster home. That was me and my brother and sister! We were about to be euthanized at a shelter after having been incorrectly trapped by someone during a TNR project. The TNR coordinator saved us but we couldn’t stay, so we went with the FODs. They adopted me and my brother and sister went to other homes.
Why are you considered special needs?
I am missing a foot and I have herpes, which was very severe when I was a kitten.
My stump next to my other foot
Can you share a bit about your furbrother Rocky?
Sure! Rocky is 14. He was momFOD‘s very first cat. He’s always been a tough little guy, but lately he’s lost some weight and was having digestive issues. With the help of our holistic vet Dr. C., Rocky has managed to gain a little weight and resolve his, um, blockage. We’re still concerned, though, and are running various tests to find the best method of care for him. To top it off, he got in a fight with Niles, my other 14 year old brother, and got his cornea punctured last week. That was a rough one. We thought he might lose his eye, but he healed up nicely! Right now he’s going through eye drops, twice a week fluid administration, and weekly b-12 injections, all done at home.
Is there a way to help monetarily for his care?
We thank you for asking, but there isn’t. My FODs aren’t in need, so we wouldn’t ask for financial help unless it was a HUGE bill of some sort. There are many other needy kitties out there whose families and rescues need more help than us. Anyway, Rocky is working off his vet bills by offering extra hugs and love to momFOD.
Do you have any other fursiblings?
Yup! Besides Rocky and Niles, I also have Mrs. Peabody, a tortie that momFOD found on the street. We’ve had a rocky start (no pun intended) but are getting along ok now. She’s 7. I also have Dixie Doodle, the dog momFOD found on the street in 2005. She helped raise me. She loves kittens and is super great.
I see you are the Halo BlogPaws Adoption Champion, may I ask what the means?
I am!  Halo and BlogPaws teamed up with to choose their very first two Adoption Champions. It’s a 6 month program where they offered some grant money to two bloggers and the charities of their choice to put in extra hours working with those charities to help beef up their social media programs. MomFOD chose Tree House, my alma mater. They received a $2,500 grant and 5,000 meals from Halo/ for the kitties. MomFOD has arranged for professional photographers to go in and photograph the kitties. We’ve been passing those photos around trying to get them more awareness and help with adoptions. We’re also planning to finalize the project with a photography sheet that shelters can use to make their photographs better and more effective.
Me & the shrimpie
I heard you were in a movie as well, how are you avoiding paparazzi?
I duck and cover a lot. Also, sunglasses. It’s called “Catalogue.” We’re also planning some other ones that will come out soon. I’m going to need bigger sunglasses.
What would you or your momFOD like to say about pets that need extra love & care?
They need extra care, but they also offer extra love and care to you in return. I think special needs pets are a really precious blessing. I’ve never been more inspired than by watching Crepes overcome her physical difficulties without feeling sorry for herself, by watching Doodle overcome her early life abuse to become a loving, open-hearted dog, and also by stretching my own limits to care for my own pets. I never thought I could administer fluids and shots to my own little guy, but whatever Rocky needs, I will do. It’s a really eye-opening experience.  – Alana.
Anything else you would like to share about yourself or your furry family?
As a collective, I refer to them as “CrePIxieRoNi” because it’s just easier than saying all of their names.- Alana.  I am going to be appearing in a new book by FitCat in 2014. It’s going to be the story of my rescue, along with the rescue stories of other internet cats. I’m very excited! – Crepes.  (I want my own column. – Mrs. Peabody.)
I have a lucky blanket and a magic carpet
Author’s Note: Many thanks to Crepes’ mom for answering the interview questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can find Crepes on her blog Cat In the Fridge, on her Facebook page  and Twitter.
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  1. Great article. I’m so happy to read that these three cats have found their forever homes. I didn’t realize a cat could have herpes. 🙁 Poor thing! Is he able to take an anti-viral medication?

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for this. We REALLY appreciate it! And thanks for all the great comments, everyone! 🙂 -Crepes. Ps. Yes, cats can have herpes. We control it with diet and stress management. It’s not really like people herpes, it’s more of an eye/ upper respiratory thing.

    1. Crepes, my boy cat Buggy has herpes his little eye starts leaking when he is very happy.. normally when he’s snuggling with me or having a bit of milk to drink. I’m not sure which makes him happier. But it was an honor to interview you sweetie. Snuggles & kisses.

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