Pets that Blog: Meet Chey of The Cat Post Intelligencer

The one, the only Chey the beautiful
May I ask how old you are?
I am 11 years old
Where did your name come from?
The woman got me when I was two and a half years old from a breeder who was petting me out. The breeder was a major
fantasy/SF fan. She clearly loved the books by Jennifer Roberson which had a series title of The Chronicles of the Cheysuli. It was a series about a race that had many feline characteristics.
Even more beautiful in this photo than the last
How did you come to live with “the woman”?As I said, I had been a breeder queen (I had three litters before being petted out) and the breeder didn’t want to breed me again. The Woman had just lost her first Siamese, a lovely lilac point that had turned up needing a home at the vet where she worked. She really wanted another Siamese because she adored the Siamese who came before (named Simone) and had been looking around. She liked the idea of not purchasing a kitten but getting a purebred Siamese because she really wanted certain personality traits that are common in the breed.
Alas I have few of them but she adores me anyway. She drove all the way down to Klamath Falls, OR (she lived in Vancouver, WA at the time) and picked me up and drove me to the new home. I did not talk to her for six months. Well I talked a little but not much. I really missed my old home.

Do you live with any other fursiblings?

I live with Gemini a found brown tabby whose story will soon be in the upcoming anthology by Sparkle’s person and Ichiro, the brat cat.
When I was adopted, before Ichiro, we had a calico cat named Georgia who adopted the woman and I adored her.

Who came up with the idea to blog?

My human started blogging as Gemini way back on blogspot. Then she decided to blog as me to try and drive traffic to her affiliate site, My Siamese which had everything for you and your meezer. Then affiliates sort of dropped off and she met so many great cat folks that she kept up blogging just because.

Not an ounce of fat on me, not bad for having several litters in my younger days.

What has been your favorite post?

Back when I was running for president in 2008, I wrote this campaign post that got a lot of laughs. It’s one that really stands out for us. One of our blogging friends commented on there that it made them laugh. They had recently lost their beloved cat and so we loved that we cheered them in that difficult time.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read?
(you can share topics if you don’t want to name certain blogs)
We love our friends at Glogirly, of course and the Sweet Purrfections. We always read Manx Mnews because Ping is Gemini’s boyfriend cat! We read a lot of others that we no longer comment on all the time. We did comment on all posts in our reader for about two years and I think the Woman became sick of trying to do that.

Do visit my blog, I have lots of great pictures

Do you have sneak peek of any upcoming posts?
We just sort of wing it so that’s a tough one. You’ll probably see more of the garden as it’s coming up on summer and well the Woman is taking her camera on a trip with her to BlogPaws in Nevada (by way of Salt Lake City. Then she and the Male will travel to Philadelphia later on and probably hit up Buffalo and Niagra Falls. So those who follow Find Chey Friday now have hints…

What is something you would like to share with other bloggers out there?

Don’t stop having fun! When it becomes less than fun, pull back. And of course, just enjoy your audience. It’s not always about the numbers.

Here is a wonderful post about Compassion Fatigue that Chey and the woman wrote that I really enjoyed reading.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Bonnie & Chey for letting me ask questions about her cats and the blog. Pictures were used with permission. You can learn more about  Chey on his facebook page – The Cat Post Intelligencer , follow them on Twitter or follow the blog- The Cat Post Intelligencer.

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