Pets that Blog: Meet Cathy Keisha

    Author’s Note: My most sincere apologies to Miss Cathy Keisha for not getting this posted sooner.

How old are you?
A ladycat doesn’t tell her age. The peeps don’t know my exact age. In January, I’ll be living here 8 years. OMC!! That long?!? I’m feeling faint. I was anywhere between 7 months to a little over a year when I coerced them into taking me home. That doesn’t make me senior, does it? I still run around like a kitten. You can see my moves on today’s (11-21) post.


Where did your name come from?
That’s an easy one. Gramma always wanted a girl to name Cathy but all she got was Pop. People used to look at Pop in his pram and call him Cathy! MOL! The Keisha part comes from my roots in da hood in JC, NJ. That’s Jersey City, second largest urban crime capital in NJ behind Newark.

How did you come to your forever home?
After my arrest—me and some other kittehs were railroaded on trumped up charges—they sent me to the Liberty Shelter in JC but that’s a kill shelter. I was eventually sent to a halfway house in Hillsborough, NJ.

TW found me on in October 2005. She wasn’t quite ready for another cat after they lost Nicky and Autumn within 2 weeks of each other in August. Then when she was ready in December, she sent my profile to Pop and he completely fell in love with me. They had to wait for the adoption event in Hoboken Animal Hospital to meet me.

I read on your blog you refer to yourself as a “ghetto cat”, can you explain why?
Cos I come from da mean streets of CommuniPAW Avenue in JC, by the mouth of da Holland Tunnel. Da bruvs hang there and smoke crack ‘n’ listen to rap. Sorry, I sometimes revert back to my old ways. I hope you as a sistah don’t get insulted. Let’s just say if I was a human, I’d be a beautiful shade of brown. I wouldn’t be no pasty pink cracker like my peeps.

How do you and your siblings get along?
It’s just me and my stuffies. I was brought home with another kitty but she didn’t fit in. After she lived UTB for 2 weeks, the rescue (Animal Companion Placement) came and got her. She was part of a hoarding situation and their staff had a stroke. After she got out of the hospital, she wanted Mitzi back.

I almost had another sisfur but I tried to kill her, so she was sent packing. She has a nice home now. Yeah, I prefer to be the Only Cat.

I saw you won the “Catitude Award” what kind of training did you do for it?
I had a Twitter furrend named @TooncesCat, a real cool dude. He had a list of Catitudes of Live By. I added one to the list. Here are the Award Winners. I’m the week of August 15. I just found out he went OTRB a few months ago. It tears me apart.


I’ve seen you DJ at #NipClub, may I ask how do you choose your music for the party?
I get censored, I gotta tell you. I want to play rap, hip hop and r&b but TW sez I can’t play anything with the N word in it cos she doesn’t like it or feel comfortable. So she picks some old fogey music. She likes stuff that no one ever heard of. We try to match the muic to the Nipclub theme.

Between blogging and being a dj, where do you find the time for catnaps?
Heh heh! Good question. All of that takes tons of time but—wait for it—I only sleep at night. I’m up and about all day, dictating blogs and bugging TW to play with me. She says the real question should be when does SHE find the time. I say, who cares, Woman!

Since I mentioned blogging, may I ask what have been your favorite posts so far?
I love the ones where TW or Pop do something clumsy or hysterical. Any day I can poke fun at TW is a good day. Do you want examples? i’ve also done some really in-depth Blog the Change 4 Animals that I’m very proud of. It’s educations and entertaining. My pet peeve is humans who have cats and smoke. Cigarettes kill cats.


What do you like most about blogging?
Getting to say my piece and meeting other cats who bite and scratch. All the Twitter cats are too nice. Spitty is my kinda cat. I love reading the comments I get and wish I had more. TW is lazy and won’t let me visit more than 20 or 30 cats a day.

Can you give a preview of what your readers may see next year?
Snap, I live one day at a time. When I promise to do a series, I do one post and drop it. That’s the kind of cat I am. Since TW is still out of work and I don’t leave her any time to look for work, she says we are gonna try to make money with the blog. I’ve done a few sponsored posts already. I don’t like ’em cos Id rather keep it real but one of us has to bring in a salary. I wanna review cat toys but so far haven’t had the chance. I hope I can continue entertaining cos that’s always been my first goal. When I make someone laugh, I can paw bump the stuffies and yell SCORE!


Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?
I only make New Year’s Revolutions for the peeps. I can’t improve on my purrfection.


Anything else you would like to add?
I say to Vote DemoCrAT in next year’s elections. Get that Tea Pawty out of office before our beautiful country goes back 100 years. That’s another thing: TW won’t let me talk politics on my blog. Thank you for innerviewing me.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to the wonderful Miss CK for taking time out of her busy schedule to chat with me. Pictures were used with permission. You can find her on her blog Stunning Keisha, Facebook under Cathy Keisha, Pinterest and Twitter

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  1. OIh we love CK, she’s one of my bestest friends even if she is from the Ghetto. It was fun reading this intervoo tho cuz as well as we know her, we still learned a few things.

  2. Oh mes LOVES CK! Is is one of my grrrl furrends! And mes loves to reads more about her! Mes loves that she is like me in her posting and writes about what she wants!

  3. MOL! OMC CK you make me laugh hysterically at this innerview… great job 🙂 I think my favorite comment was “Let’s just say if I was a human, I’d be a beautiful shade of brown. I wouldn’t be no pasty pink cracker like my peeps.” lol…

  4. CK, that was one “ballsy” interview…you made us laugh, you made us cry, you might have pissed us off if we had more delicate personalities. Way to do an interview…don’t sugarcoat how you feel of what you think. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  5. OMD gal you crack us big time. The bit we liked best was….I only make New Year’s Revolutions for the peeps. I can’t improve on my perfection. Go girl go.
    Have a serene Sunday and get some big easy on today.
    Best wishes Molly

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