Pets that Blog: Meet Carma Poodale

Presenting Miss Carma Poodale
How old are you?
 7 yrs old. Will be 8 on Jan 2nd
Where did your name come from?
 Real name is Carmella but its only used when I am in trouble. Carma is short for it and the Poodale is the southern way of say Poodle. 
How did you end up living with your ma?
 She seen my photo on a local site called Cheapcycle. I was Pink and blue. Ma said she seen my photo and knew she needed to meet me for some reason even though she didn’t like poodles. Since dad was sipping some of his juice she asked him if she could have a real pink poodle. He said “Show me a REAL pink poodle and you can have it!” She turned the laptop around and his jaw dropped. BTW, he hasn’t drank Wild Turkey since. 
Sharing the good spots with Miss Molly Mew
How many other fursiblings do you live with? 
6- 2 canines Jenny Sue and Scooby Doo, 2 Guinea pigs- Cinnamon and Miss Piggy, PB the gerbil  and Molly Mew the kitten. I don’t count the fish as siblings
When was the first time you alerted your Ma? 
around 18 mths old. I was 11 mths old when I came to live with her. 
What are some of the things to you to help her?
 I can alert her to her symptoms of MS, migraines, I can brace her when she gets up and help her walk sorta straight also can pull her if she is using a wheelchair. I can also help her find the car when she forgets where she parked. BOL!  
Was it scary going on your first flight?
 No. I felt like I had flew on planes for years. I love to fly. 
How did you get involved with helping Owensboro Humane Society? 
Ma is the adoption/event coordinator for the Humane Society and I go everywhere with her. We noticed when she was talking to children about pet care they were more interested in me. The Humane Society started saying I was the spokesdog because I am known around town as the dog that volunteers for the Humane Society. Ma and I now talk to children about pet ownership, how to brush a animal , how to properly approach a dog etc. I am happy to be around children and if they can learn from me then that makes me happy.  
What kind of donations are they looking for and where can people send them?
 We need donations of food, toys, collars etc. They can send donations to the Owensboro Humane Society 3101 W 2nd St. Owensboro Ky 42301. We can also use gas cards for the van we transport animals in. We have places like WalMart, PetSmart, Krogers, Shell stations and Kmarts to mention a few. 
Please help me support Owensboro Humane Society
How can people help spread the word about responsible pet ownership?
 Teach your children how to treat a animal right, share educational posts, ask friends and family not to take a pet in if they can not promise 12-20 yrs to it. promote adoptions through your local animal shelters or humane society’s. 
When did you first start blogging?
 After Barkworld 2011. 
What do you like most about blogging?
 Love sharing photos of my life, writing what ,I feel inside, barking about my fur friends who need homes of their own. 
What are a few of your favorite posts?
Carma  picked her own bed
Do you have a sneak peek of topics for future posts? 
I will be having a few giveaways and barking about other fun topics such as Bucket list
Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your family? 
You can find me on all the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon to name a few. Just look for CarmaPoodale. Ma ,sissy Sarah, and I  always travel together. We are a team. My whole family including dad volunteer at the Humane Society. I will tell you a secret… Dad plays the Humane Society’s Santa Paws! shhh
Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Carma Poodale for letting me ask interview questions and her ma for helping answer them. Pictures were used with permission. You can visit her on her Facebook page, her blog or Twitter.
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  2. Who else but Carma Poodale could wear such an outfit as in photo #1. Stunning! You meet the neatest people. (an aside: somehow my following has gotten mixed up and I have been missing you. I think it is OK again)

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