Pets that Blog: Meet Curlz & Swirlz

Can you tell me a bit about Cornish Rexes and the difference between them and Syphnx cats?
The Cornish Rex breed began in 1950, when a barn cat in Cornwall England gave birth to five kittens and one had wavy fur. In the beginning, they were outcrossed with breeds such as Siamese and even Persians! They are called ‘The Greyhound of the Cat World’ as they are built like a Greyhound. Here is a link to my Furrydance Cornish Rex Cattery page which describes them very well: Sphynx breed was discovered in 1966 in Canada and the genetics and looks of the Sphynx breed is quite different than the Cornish Rex. They are not long and racy, but have sturdy boning, are muscular and a bit of a firm belly as if they just had a full meal. They have also been outcrossed with various breeds, including American Shorthairs.There can be some very naked Cornish Rex, and some very furry Sphynx but if a Cornish Rex and a Sphynx were bred together, the kittens would all have normal fur like a domestic shorthair cat.
Disco, Coco & Brighton
How old is everyone?
I used to breed and show Cornish Rex and Brighton and Coco were born in my house. I retired from breeding in 2011 but will always share my life with these special cats! Brighton was born April 23, 2006. Coco was born September 29, 2005. Disco was born December 29, 2004 and Sammy was born June 13, 2001.. Sammy used to be a stud cat and is Brighton’s father.
Where did everyone’s names come from?
I named all my Cornish Rex after places in Cornwall, England. Brighton is a town there. His registered name is Furrydance Brighton and his nicknames are Bright One and Brighty. Coco is also named after a place in Cornwall, Colours Cove, and her registered name is Furrydance Colours Cove. Her nicknames are Coco and Coco Puff. Disco came to me already named, though I so wish I could claim coming up with it! His registered name is Majikmoon Disco NoFurNo and his nicknames are Diskers, PissKo (for obvious reasons… he spray marks sometimes). And Sammy’s registered name is Angelwaves Undeniably Sentimental and he has always been Sammy to me. His nickname is Sam the Man!How did the blog start?
I started my ‘human’ blog first, in July 2008, as a way to keep in touch with family and friends. In December 2008, I started Curlz and Swirlz, Life with Cornish Rex Cats and a Sphynx named Disco NoFurNo with a post about a cute kitten I was showing. It grew into the day to day life with them as well as some posts focusing on behavior, health and nutrition as well as our fashionista bent, too.
What has been the most popular post so far?
I’m not very adept at tracking stats, but the most popular posts have been either on breed info or product reviews, but also news about my cats garners attention, too.A post with an info graphic on cat breeds got 15,953 views.
A silly Toesies Tuesday post got 6724 views. I won a Kindle Fire from PetMoz and posted about that, it got 4177 views.

And when I posted about my cats, feral cats and making a feral cat house, that post got 2076 views.

Brighton & Coco

What are some of your favorite blogs to read?
I love to learn about cats especially from a veterinary perspective, and I love art that has to do with cats, so I would say most of the blogs I follow regularly have to do with that, but some of my favorites are just plain ‘wish I was there’ kind of dreaming. Here’s a very short list of my favorites…as my friends will tell you, I have been very lax about visiting this past year, with all the changes going on in my life, but I hope to turn a new leaf now that things are settling down!

Housecat Confidential
Our Life by Eric and Flynn
The Creative Cat
Paws and Effect
Brian’s Home
Sparkle the Designer Cat
The Cat on my Head
The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey
The Cat Post Intelligencer


Do you have sneak peek of any upcoming posts?
Well, Coco and I will be traveling to Las Vegas to attend our 5th BlogPaws Pet Blogger Conference and we are going to be involved in a session about Creative Fundraising for Rescues. That is a direction I would like to take with Coco and her Coco, the Couture Cat blog…to have her help cats in need by fundraising. So we will be blogging about our adventure at BlogPaws!

What is something you would like to share with other bloggers out there?
Try to stick to a schedule, whether it be every day or three times a week. Your followers will know when to stop by if you only post on M-W-F and they will miss you if you skip too many! Also, it’s wise to keep an editorial calendar if you post frequently, so you aren’t repeating yourself and you have a plan for the month. And make plans to go to BlogPaws! I always come away with nuggets of useable information and it’s the most fun a blogger can have being surrounded by true animal lovers who want to be part of ‘Be the Change for Animals!”. And take advantage of the BlogPaws Community and the forums and the great tutorial videos they have on YouTube!

May I borrow pictures of you and the furry family for the article? Certainly!

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Teri for letting me ask questions about her cats and the blog. Pictures were used with permission. You can learn more about  her cats (and their fabulous wardobe!)  on their blog – Curlz & Swirlz.

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