Pets that Blog: Carmine, Jewel & Milita of Fur Everywhere

This IS my happy face ~ jewel
Jewel, can you tell us a bit about your medical condition?
Jewel:  I have what they call chronic renal failure (CRF).  I have my good days and I have my bad days, and I know I worry the Mom when I am not doing well.  I am still quite bossy and social despite my illness, though, and that seems to make the Mom happy.
How did you come to live with your forever mom?
Jewel: The Mom tells me that I came to live with her when I got sick because my dad (the Mom’s friend) could no longer take care of me.  It took me some time, but I am starting to trust and love the Mom like I did with my dad.
Carmine, how long did it take for Milita to warm up to you?
Carmine: When I came to live here, I was just an adorable kitten.  Milita did NOT like me at all, but all I wanted to do is play, play, play!  It took her about a year to get used to such an energetic kitten running through *her* space.
See, I told you I was adorable ~ Carmine
Milita, if you had to choose only one toy, would it be catnip mouse or a laser pointer?
Milita: Me thinks me would like my laser pointer best.  The red dot cannot be caught, but it sure is fun to try!
For the record it took a long time for me to decided between the laser pointer or catnip mouse ~ Milita
How did the blog start?
I started the blog as a way to share information with other kitty parents and to share my experiences with my own furry children.
What has been your favorite post?
Hmmm….we don’t really has a favorite post, but we really like when we get to celebrate our birthdays with all of our wonderful friends.
What are some of your favorite blogs to read?
We love The Island Cats, The Cat in the Fridge, Playful Kitty, Animal Shelter Volunteer Life, Brian’s Home, Hannah and Lucy, Glogirly…there are sooo many great blogs that we could spend ages naming them all!
I think I will get my beauty rest in now before the party ~ Carmine
Do you have sneak peek of any upcoming posts?
Carmine’s Gotcha Day is coming up in June.  Jewel has a birthday in June, too, and Milita has a birthday in July.  Lots of celebrating coming up.
What is something you would like to share with other bloggers out there? 
Connect with other bloggers.  The best thing we’ve gotten from our blog is all the amazing friends we’ve made.  I never expected to find such a wonderful community when I started blogging.  We love all of our friends dearly.
Oh, and just so you know…Carmine is our handsome mancat 🙂
Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Carmine, Jewel & Milita for letting me ask questions about them. Pictures were used with permission. You can learn more about them on their Facebook page – Fur Everywhere or on their blog – Fur Everywhere and you can find them on Twitter, their handle is @FurEverywhere.

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