Pets that Blog: Meet Bad Cat Chris

First of all, is Chris really such a bad cat?
He is a bad cat by human standards but I think much of what he does is normal cat behavior. I think he has just embraced his “wild side” more than most domesticated cats.
How did he come into your life?
I was volunteering at a shelter near Myrtle Beach, SC and cleaning cages one morning at Petsmart. I let all the cats out of the top row and began cleaning them when Chris jumped from the floor to my back and scaled me like a rock climber. He then started licking and biting my ear and nose. I eventually convinced Rose that we should adopt him.
Our cats Chris and Puck napping.
Puck and Chris before Frankie
Where did Puck’s name come from?
My sister-in-law raised Puck as an infant and named him Chow man because he loved to eat. Rose and I didn’t like the name so we called him Puck because he was black and shot around the room as fast as a hockey puck. He was also into food like Wolfgang Puck.Do you have any tips to share about taking pictures of black cats?
That’s tough. I think you need to have even lighting. If the background is too bright, the black cat will lose all detail. In those situations a flash would help. 

Chris, Puck & Frankie eating together

How long has it taken for Frankie to finally settle into his new home?
It took about three weeks but Chris still fights with him sometimes. Frankie will sometimes even whack Chris first because he must feel that the best defense is a good offence.

Our cat Frankie is relaxing on the chair.
Frankie is quite comfortable in his new home

What kind of camera do you use for your pictures?
I have a canon Rebel T1i. I got it for Christmas in 2009, which make it ancient by today’s technology standards, but I think it takes excellent pictures so I am in no hurry to change it.

How did the blog about Chris start?
I read a couple of books about cats; one was Dewey which I bought for my wife and then I read it. The second was Homer’s Odyssey. I realized that stories about cats could be interesting and I knew Chris was a very interesting and funny cat.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck outside.
Chris & Puck outside together

I saw you have other blogs, do you get people who view your personal blog and the blog about Chris?
I think the only people that read more than one blog are my Facebook friends. To be honest, my time is very limited and I bit off more than I can chew with so many blogs. I try to make sure I get two or three posts a week on Bad Cat Chris and my other blogs take a back seat. I have ideas for more blogs but need to wait until I can somehow acquire more time.

What has been you favorite post?
I wrote one called “Are Gold Cats Friendlier,” which I liked because of the response I got. I think my favorite story about Chris was called “The Great Escape.” It was about how he escaped from our screened third floor balcony when he was still young.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read?
There are so many good ones. I would hate to name some and leave others off the list. I do like the ones that are humorous but I also like to be informed about pet issues.

Do you have sneak peek of any upcoming posts?
Hmm… Would it stink if I talk about litter boxes?

Puck rolling in litter box
Puck takes a dust bath

What is something you would like to share with other bloggers out there?
I would like to say that I appreciate the feeling of belonging to a family that other bloggers give to me and other bloggers. I feel like if I was in the neighborhood, you and most other bloggers would invite me into their homes.

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or the boys?
I’m not good at talking about myself but I will say that everyone here is happy and healthy and I wish the same for everyone out there.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Charles for letting me ask questions his cats and the blog. Pictures were used with permission. You can learn more about Chris, Puck & Frankie their Facebook page – Bad Cat Chris or follow the blog – Bad Cat Chris

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