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Let’s start the year off talking about cat litter, because nothing is more of a problem for cat owners than trying to find the right cat litter for a multi-cat household.

We (my husband & I) have 4 cats, Bubby, Buggy, Bitty & Boo.
In the beginning we used Tidy Cats, but due to the dust it kicked up from pouring it into the box and scooping it out, we decided to try something less dusty. Or so we thought.
So per the recommendations of our friends who are also a multi-cat household, we switched to Arm & Hammer Clumping cat litter, which worked for a while until it started to turn to dirty cat litter dust, which is awful. Both of the cat litter boxes had to be de-scented, scrubbed, soaked, scrubbed again, dried and re-filled and they would turn into a mess within a two weeks.

And again with the dust.. my allergies couldn’t take it as I was sneezing, hacking and snotting my way through scooping cat litter.

Quite by accident I discovered the Pet Supply Plus Scoopable Cat Litter.

I was trying to find their cat food and stopped by Pet Supply Plus, not only did I find their cat food, but I saw that 40lbs of litter was $9.99. That is much cheaper than what we were paying for Arm & Hammer. Not only that but this was fragrance free which I was happy about because nothing is worse than cat litter than smells like rotting flowers. Also I wanted something easy on my allergies and something that wouldn’t irritate Bitty’s pad condition.

We started using it in July and I have to say I’ve been very happy with it, not only is the dust minimum, but it stays clumped. Which in a four cat household is very important, because if my cat litter bag breaks the last thing I want to deal with is dirty cat litter dust all over the floor.

The cats seem happy with it and Bitty’s pads haven’t had problems.


Pluses: for $9.99 for 40lbs I’m able to buy twice as much litter. No fragrance is a plus.

Minuses: There is still some dust, but not as much from the other two brands I’ve tried. There’s no overpowering fragrance so if someone (not naming any names) decides not to cover its very easily smelt.

Bonus: At my local Pet Supply Plus, I get two litters and cat food and they carry it out to my car for me. So no trying to juggle anything. Not sure if that is how all the stores are, but that’s my bonus.

Rating : I give this product 3 paws up.


Author’s Note: This review was written by yours truly, I was in no way compensated for this review, my opinions are my own. Let me know what you think or what you have found the best litter to be. I am always open to suggests for pet products to review. Thank you!

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3 Replies to “Pet Product Reviews: Pet Supply Plus Cat Litter”

  1. Arm & Hammer was the worst we used. TW was wheezing and I wouldn’t go in it. This litter sounds good. We’re currently using BJ’s store litter Generation Earth. It’s pretty cheap and it doesn’t have a scent and not much dust.

  2. I have to disagree about the dust issue for the Pet Supply Cat Litter – we are cat sitting for my son’s 4 cats and when I refilled their litter boxes the entire room filled with dust! And over time the dust just settles on everything! I’m going to recommend that they use something else.

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