Pet Product Reviews: Boots & Barkley Cat Litter vs Tidy Cats

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I’ve had cats, plural, for the past 20 years, and have never really thought about Cat Litter. Recently I read a review my editor wrote about cat litters, right here on Peace, Love & Whiskers (Pet Supply Plus Cat Litter) , and her main gripe was the dust some cat litters produce while cleaning the cat box, or while pouring it in. I never had to deal with cat litter dust, so I figured I was using a great brand.

These recent winter storms, however, have brought on a rush for cat litter, and I have found my local discount retailer’s shelves near empty on the last couple of trips in. I normally use Tidy Cats, whether it be multiple cats, controlled odor, dual odor control, small area odor control, it didn’t matter. On my last trip in, there were NO jugs of Tidy Cat. No buckets either. The only thing left was Boots and Barkley jugs. Lucky for me

I thought, Boots and Barkley is $1.30 cheaper, so I’ll take a jug. How bad can it be, I thought to myself. I found out the minute I got it home and poured it into my 28 lb cat litter storage bucket. There was soooo much dust, my entire service porch was lost in a huge haze, and I couldn’t breathe. Much like my editor, I too have allergies and asthma, and Boots and Barkley aggravated my sinuses sooo bad, I couldn’t wait to use it all up so I could get back to my usual Tidy Cats. I also noticed large plumes of dust every time I simply added new cat litter to the existing box.

The cats didn’t have any complaints about Boots and Barkley, but I sure did. The $1.30 saved is a moot point, considering the health effects I had from Boots and Barkley.

Tidy Cats is worth spending the extra money on, and I have never had any of their products send me into an asthma attack. Each kind of Tidy Cats is great on odor control, whether for urine or feces, even in boxes visited by multiple cats, and none of it offers a dust cloud.

The next time my discount retailer runs out of every kind of Tidy Cats, I’m going to have to run around town looking for my familiar jug. I will never again try a bargain brand cat litter. I now know the horror story of dusty cat litter, and why it is a big deal to some cat people.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to the wonderful Miss Sharon Mohr-McDermott for the review. Her thoughts are her own and she was not paid compensated in any way to write the article.

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  1. Love this review! I found this to be the case with The World’s Best CL. TW has asthma and cleaning the box would bring about wheezing. The other brand we avoid is Arm & Hammer for similar reasons plus it has such a strong smell it made both of us gag.

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