Pet Product Review: SleekEZ

Disclaimer: This is not a paid endorsement, I received the SleekEZ at Barkworld in my swag bag and decided to do a review on it. This is my own personal opinion. Photographs are my own and are not to be used without permission.


I was very skeptical about the SleekEZ as I’ve sued various brushes and combs on my cats and have not found one everyone can agree on. But this one seems to have hit the mark.


First off let me tell you about the design, it’s wooden with small short teeth. After meeting the creator I was intrigued because it looked like something that would be useful to dogs and horses, but not cats. But the owner was kind enough to share with me an informical from the website that showed a cat loving it and talking a bit more about the product.

My first victim was Boo, my white cat who loves to be combed with the flea comb, especially on his neck. He was curious and hesitant, but accepted it and eventually really got into it, so much that I had two giant white balls of fur from just brushing him and he was on his back purring with joy.


The next victim was Buggy, who does enjoy getting brushed, he was in heaven when I started brushing his neck. Purring like a content little car engine.


Bubby wasn’t going to be a challenge as he very much enjoyed the brushes, especially from the Kong brush the only problem with it was that it caused him to break out in dandruff, which is a huge problem because he wants you to keep brushing.

He was very pleased and after a few minutes of it, I was surprised to find no white flakes. He too was in kitty heaven purring deeply.


My last and final challenge was Trixie our newest addition (I will talk more about her in another post), she’s a stickler for cleaning and her fur is always soft and uber shiny.

How would she take to my attempt at brushing her?

She’s not a fan of anything but her neck, I think this is because it’s a itchy spot for her, but she really seems to enjoy it.

Verdict: 3 paws.

Pros: Gets the undercoat and doesn’t cause flakes in Bubby. Major plus there. Uber soft fur after brushing which is a plus for Boo who is a bit wire-haired.

Cons: The design, anyone who has arthritis may have a problem using this as the comb needs to be held in the palm of your hand. Other issue, fur everywhere.. it doesn’t trap the fur like other combs do, so you may want to comb your pet in an area that is easy to collect fur. You can easily pull the fur off of carpet or blanket with the comb.


Meow! Woof! Chirrp! Tell me what you think. =^..^=