Pet Product Review: Kygen Fleecy Cleans Fleece Dog Toy


Kyjen Fleecy Cleans Fleece Dog Toy

Fleecy Cleans are made by Kyjen . They make several versions of fleece toys, including a fleece ball, and rope look-a-likes. Fleecy cleans are indestructible, and are made from pieces of fleece which are braided or otherwise interlocked together.

One of their rope look-alike toys is based on the soap on a rope design, while the one we have is braided in the middle, leaving the ends waving, so Bowzer can pick it up on the run, or so our cats can play with it too. Moreso than using it as a toy Bowzer can chew on while laying down, we use it as another item to be thrown by me and caught by him. He loves bouncing and jumping, so playing keep-away 5 or 6 feet high is fun for Bowzer. He also enjoys catching it on the fly, on his hind legs, or jumping for it in mid air. One of the best things about Fleecy Cleans is that if my aim is lacking, and it happens to hit him in the head, it doesn’t hurt him. Other good things about Fleecy Cleans are that they are a quiet toy, they won’t break vases or pictures on the wall if thrown, they are indestructible–even for the chewiest or destructive of dogs, and they are machine washable.As an added bonus, Fleecy Cleans clean your dogs teeth and gums, as the fleece strips make contact inside the dogs mouth. The longer he plays, the cleaner his teeth and gums become.


You would think a dog would get desert throat from chewing on fleece or playing with it, especially since they seem to depend on their saliva, but Bowzer didn’t mind, and he always gets a big drink after coming inside from playing. Other retailers online offer Fleecy Clean toys. Pet Mountain offers 10% off Fleecy Cleans, to new customers the minute you click on their site: Fleecy Cleans

Fleecy Cleans are not available in brick and mortar retail outlets at this time. Kyjen also makes squeaky toys, plush toys, and toys made for tug of war. One of their lines is called Bottle Buddies, fabric covered over a plastic bottle, which crinkles when chewed. Their website has MANY different products, most geared toward bored dogs. They also have holiday themed toys, and travel toys, for the dog on the go.


Some products seem kind of high priced, while others seem to be very affordable. While perusing their site, I did not see anything on sale, but they did have a great clearance section, consisting of 3 entire pages (click on clearance tab), which still included lots of holiday leftovers.

Kyjen has one of the best websites for pet products I’ve found in a long time, with the best variety of dog toys and accessories.

The Flik-it was made just for me–I cannot stand slobbery balls, yet balls and fetch and catch are a part of daily life in my backyard. The flik-it is a plastic arm-like thing, with fingers and a hand which hold the plastic ball, and you flik the arm and the ball goes flying. Granted there’s still the nasty matter of retrieving the plastic ball from doggies slobbery mouth!!!!!

The main goal of Kyjen seems to be to eliminate bored dogs. They have puzzle toys, and games, as well as a resource center for owners of dogs who are bored, and exhibit bad behavior (chewing furniture and clothes, digging holes or under fences, etc). This website is soooo worth a visit. I am sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised!!!


Bowzer gives his Fleecy Clean dog toy 4 paws up literally, while I give two thumbs up.

Maybe one day we can find Fleecy Clean products in our local pet supply stores or those

boxy discount retailers.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to the wonderful Miss Sharon Mohr-McDermott for the review. Her thoughts are her own and she was not paid compensated in any way to write the article.

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