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Beneful Canned Dog Food


I like the fact that today’s canned dog food resembles human stew as opposed to that horrid stuff we fed our dogs prior to the 1990’s. Back then it looked like mystery meat cut in squares, with gravy, smished into a can. Alpo and Gravy Train come to mind. Hopefully it tasted better than it looked or smelled.

Today’s canned dog food is more of a gourmet dining experience for dogs, and most of them are created by gourmet chefs. (I have previously reviewed Rachel Rays complete line of gourmet dog food for this blog.)

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Our Beneful sample came in the form of 3- 3 ounce cans of Tuscan Style Medley wet or canned food. Beneful makes two other medley style dinners, and in bigger cans.

As you peel the lid back, you can see the wholesome goodness. It looks just like human stew, and the smell is very tolerable. My dog tore into his meal.

Right on the box it says “Great for mixing”. I didn’t mix it with my dog’s dry food, because I needed to add photos to this piece, and we needed to see the actual canned food. So I added it on top of his dry kibble.

Bowzer never finishes his dinner in one sitting; he saves some for a midnight snack. But the night he ate Beneful Tuscan Style Medley, he ate the entire contents of his bowl and got an extra long walk.

Tuscan Style Medley includes beef, carrots, rice and spinach in a gravy sauce. Quite savory and classy for a dog food!!!!

Beneful is sold at discount boxy stores, pet supply stores, and of course online at

Bowzer normally does not eat beef, and many dogs are allergic to red dye #5, which aids in beef flavoring, so choose a flavor where chicken is the main ingredient.


I rate Beneful Tuscan Style Medley canned dog food two thumbs up, while Bowzer gives it four paws up!!!

When you google Beneful Dog Food, you will encounter a few sites devoted to news of a recall and/or that Beneful dry dog food is killing dogs. These issues were back in 2006, seven years ago, I am sure they have fixed whatever problem they had.

For information, a listing of all dry and wet foods, contests and coupons, go to . It’s one stop info. and a few other sites offer coupons, but so does www.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to the wonderful Miss Sharon Mohr-McDermott for the review. Her thoughts are her own and she was not paid compensated in any way to write the article.

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