Pet Book Reviews: Rinkie the Traveling Cat

MY STORY by Rinkie The Traveling Cat


Rinkie wrote this book which details his worldly travels.

He calls his mom his mom, but he calls his dad his “other mom”, because he cannot differentiate males from females. He doesn’t explain this until the middle of the book, so readers are left wondering who this “other mom” is until then.

MY STORY by Rinkie The Traveling Cat is a wholesome, enjoyable book for cat lovers of all ages. He explains where he traveled to and the purpose of each trip. He also has a real passport with his photo ID on it!! Rinkie is a very fluffy ginger male cat; a real, live 7 year old cat, who travels internationally, on a regular basis.

He has a favorite DVD that he watches on a laptop, and he refers to his home in Oregon as paradise. According to the photos, it sure looks like a precise description.

Rinkie is humorous too. He spells each country like it sounds phonetically. To him, Oregon is Or A Gun. He explains how he met his mom, what its like to go through an airport x-ray machine, ride in a plane, and about the preceding Dr. visits and health certificates he needs in order to travel abroad. He tells readers his favorite toys and things to do, and he tells us what he doesn’t like. He also introduces us to his friends and regular visitors.


MY STORY by Rinkie The Traveling Cat, his autobiography, is 50 pages, and includes many color photos within each chapter, which add clarity to his great descriptions. He is a very photogenic and descriptive cat. ISBN 978-1-937303-02-0

Rinkie has a facebook page: . Fans can keep up with Rinkie after reading his story.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to the wonderful Miss Sharon Mohr-McDermott for the review.

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