Paw it Forward: Meet Me Time Melts

Author’s Note: This is the first interview in a new theme called Paw it Forward, a play on Pay it Forward. The theme will consist of companies/people that are paying it forward by donating a portion of proceeds to pets in need. 
First, how did Me Time Melts start out?
I actually started out making scented candles in 2008 as Stacy’s Country Candles.  Since the use of melts/warmers is SO much safer and cleaner than burning candles, I decided to make melts and tarts instead.  The motivation for this endeavor was fueled out of seeing so many strays in the community who keep producing unintended litters of kittens being born into a harsh life of homelessness.
How long have you been making scented melts?
I’ve been making melts and tarts since Sept. 2013.
What has been your favorite scent to create so far?
It’s so hard to pick just one! lol, but out of my current fragrances, I’d have to say Aromatherapy Relaxation is my #1 fave.
Why is helping the abandoned cats so important to you and your husband?
We see them as living beings with the ability to feel frightened, pain, sadness, desperation.  We are hoping that people will recognize a vetted kitty by the eartipping, and consider giving more of them a home; especially after realizing that they have already been spayed/neutered and vaccinated since those procedures are quite expensive.  We love making these babies’ lives easier and we hope to spread awareness so others will follow suit and start practicing TNR(Trap, Neuter, Return).
How many cats live with you currently?
We currently have 6 rescued kitties, and 1 rescued cockatiel.
May I ask how they came to live with you?
They were all homeless at one time, and we home as many as finances will allow; which is 6.  They each(with the exception of Amaya) have a personal story detailing the answers to this very question on under the ‘Notes’ tab.  I will be working on Amaya’s story this evening.
How many cats have you gotten vetted so far?
 How can people help?
Our ongoing efforts are solely funded by purchases from and any donations we may receive. 

   1. Visit: and simply purchase our WONDERFUL smelling melts/tarts! Every purchase benefits animals in need! 

   2. Visit: and send donations to:

   3. Help fulfill our Amazon wish list via this link:

   4. Help fulfill our Walmart wish list via this link:

   5. Share our page and website with EVERYONE! We love networking for animals in need!

   6. Send donations and supplies to:

       Stacy Woods
       813 S. Stewart St.
       Creve Coeur, IL 61610
Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself, the business or your cats?
In the future, I hope to obtain a Wildlife Rehabilitator’s license, as I also care for orphaned and injured wildlife such as bunnies, birds, chipmunks, etc.  I would also like to add that even though Me Time Melts is NOT a non-profit organization, we operate as one.  ALL proceeds benefit the critters we care for, supply us with posters, business cards, etc. that are placed in local veterinary offices, pet supply stores, etc., AND we send donations to our local low cost spay/neuter org.  We really hope to educate and encourage others to care for stray kitties and practice TNR.
Me Time Melts
Author’s Note: Many Thanks to Miss Stacy from Me Time Melts, please check out the website and facebook page. Pictures were used with permission.
This article is a part of the Paw it Forward theme.

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