Meet Tooga & HRH BlueBelle (revisited)

Author’s Note: I had the wonderful chance to meet the amazing Miss Linda (Tooga & BlueBelle’s mom) in person nearly 2 years ago and she asked me if I wanted to do a follow up interview and I lept at the chance to check on these two. Little did I realize that it was exactly two years ago that I interviewed them (3/19/2013) my how time flies! So here’s an update on how they have been doing and what has been going on.

Here is the original interview in case you would like to read that before this one. Please visit their page – Tooga Tales – to see how they are doing. 

Pictures were used with permission. 


How old are Tooga/Bluebelle now?

Tooga is 4 and BlueBelle is 13. Tooga is improving and will lick food sometimes. He most likely will never be able to eat enough on his own to sustain himself.
Have there been any other health issues that have popped up with Tooga or Bluebelle since the last time they were interviewed?
BlueBelle has developed chronic pancreatitis and is in the early stages of kidney disease. It’s a 50/50 chance of being age relayed or Hartz related….

Is Tooga still needing to be syringe fed every four hours?

Tooga still gets syringe fed approximately every 5 hours. BlueBelle does have tummy issues and Tooga still has constipation problems. Poop is a big deal here!!

Have you heard from Hartz about your case?
I did hear from Hartz and a settlement was declined. I will not sign a nondisclosure agreement. It’s more important that people are aware that OTC flea products are classified as insecticide and therefore controlled by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Products from your Vet are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and controlled by the FDA.

Have you met any other pet parents that have experienced the same issues with their pets after using Hartz products ?
We’ve met many friends who were exposed not only by drops but collars too. One friend puts “post-it” notes on the shelf at her local store, warning of the dangers. Our goal has always been and continues to be, save one more pet.

Is she on any meds that help??? 

On Blue…no. She can take Pepcid ½ tablet for nausea but she eats around it. When she starts throwing up…it’s massive. Last time it took 3 bath towels and a mop… The only thing is getting a shot. Cerenia. With a high protein diet hopefully slow down the kidney issue but…. It’s progressive.She’s doing very well with flare ups..

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