Meet Thor & Jane


A question for both of you, what type of bunny are you exactly?

Thor is a Holland Lop

Jane is a Harlequin

How did you both find your mom?

Thor: Mom found me on Craigslist from a breeder when I was 8 weeks old. I was the runt of the litter and they said my ears were too long for show quality so they sold me to mama at a “discounted price.” When mom got me she had been dealing with depression. After she got me, people noticed she was happier all around. This is why she named me after a superhero!

Jane: I was also found on Craigslist. My first owner just let me loose into the wild for whatever reason (my guess is cost or they’re just idiots). I was wild for a few weeks until the people who owned the field I sought refuge in managed to catch me. They kept me for awhile, in an aquarium in a barn with cows and chickens, but ultimately decided they were not rabbit people. They said I hated being touched and held and would bite. When I met my new mom she pet me, scooped me up and I licked her neck – I knew why I was there and ever since I’ve been a mommy’s little girl!



Who came to live with her first?

What did you two really think of each other upon first meeting?
Thor: I was so excited to have a friend! I did kinda hump her for awhile but that got boring pretty quick so I stopped.

Jane: OMB I was so nervous! He would follow me everywhere and mom would just take pictures!

How long did it take for you to become friends?
About a day

What is your favorite things to do?
Thor: loafing…or eating! I do enjoy eating a nice dandelion leaf.

Jane: Exploring!!

Thor, do you like fruit or veggies better?
Well my favorite food is whatever mom is eating at the moment. I like to climb all over her until I get something! But overall I’m a veggie boy. Carrot tops are sooooo yummy! Jane loves kale but it’s not my favorite dish.

Miss Jane, how are you recovering from your spay surgery?
I’m recovering very quickly thank you! The day after my surgery I was ready to hop around but mom said no so I started bouncing around my cage until she let me out in the small kitchen by myself to stretch my thumpers.

Jane being pampered while she recovers


Are you on any meds?
I am on Metacam and Bupropion. I LOVE the Metacam!


When will you be able to see Thor again?

The vet said we had to wait two weeks…I’m not happy about this.


What will be the first thing you would like to do when you can hop around again?
Playing hide and seek with Thor outside (it should be nice and sunny weather here when I’m healed!)

Is there anything either or you or your mom would like to add about bunnies, their care or advice for first time bunny owners?
Mom suggests thinking of us like another human being.You get bored, we get bored. You get cranky, so do we and we need space just like you do. Not all humans like heights and the same goes for bunnies- Thor hates being held when mommy is standing.


Thor can’t wait for Jane to recover

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