Meet Sneakers the 3 legged Cat

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Sneakers for letting me do the interview. Pictures were used with permission. Please follow him on his Facebook page – Sneakers the 3 Legged Cat 

Just me
Where did your name come from?
My name was given to me by my human dad because he thought my colors made me look like a shoe worn back in the ’50’s. My brother lucked out by being named by mom.
How old are you?
I am four and a half years old. We celebrate my birthday on September 1st.
How did you find your forever home?
I was at a shelter when mom came in and saw Jasper and I in the same cage and she decided to get not just one of us but both.
Me & Jasper
Do you and Jasper sleep near each other or do you prefer sleeping alone?
My brother and I sleep together the majority of the time though he does love to stay by mom’s side when he can and I do love the heater vent on the floor. But you will find us huddled together on a blanket or in a chair quite often.
How long did it take you to learn to walk on 3 legs?
It surprisingly didn’t take long at all. I was up and about right away. Didn’t slow me down at all.
Are you still able to jump or do you prefer to be lifted?
I do jump still but I do look for easier ways to get up on higher objects. I don’t jump nearly as high as my brother when we play.
Have you caught the red dot yet?
Hah, the elusive red dot. Still evades me. One day though..I will catch that dot.
Is there anything you, your brother or mom would like to say?
From my brother and I, good luck to those still waiting on a forever home. Hope you find one as loving as mine.
Sneakers the Three Legged Cat

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  1. You’re a good looking kitty, Sneakers. I love your name! 3 legs is a tough nut, but it sounds like you’re a tough kitty. xoxo

    Love and licks,

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