Meet Piglet the Kiwi Pittie

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Piglet for letting interview him. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit Piglet’s Facebook page to follow his story. 

How old are you?
  On april 28th I will be three years old.  I share my birfday wif me Hoosis, Ashleigh, an I’ve been a Smith since I was four months old!
Where did your name come from?
  I’m a rescue pup.  PAWS Rescue and Rehabilitation was me first home.  My tail reminded Ginny of a Piglet’s tail… (personally… I fink it should be because I LUB food so much! BOL!)  Dey had a competition an let people who liked their page name some of us pups.  I was named Jack… but Hoomum said Jack just didn’t fit… Piglet did!  So here I is!
This is my good side
  How did you come to live with your hoomum?
  Me doggy sissy, Mishka, who is a Staffy X, was ten at da time, an had just had a cancer removed.  She went all depressed, so Hoomum, (who neber wants a home wifout a doggy) talked to Hoodad an me siblins, an dey decided to adopt a doggy.  Either an older dog, or a pup, an Hoomum has always LUBBED Pitbulls..  They saw PAWS Rescue and Rehabilitation facebutt page, an my photo was there right beside another pup dey liked the look of… but Hoomum said I was too adorabull!  So she read up about us pibbles, spoke to vets an trainers… an decided da myths an bad press about our breed was just dat. RUBBISH!!!  Because ob bully’s being classed ‘dangerous breeds’ here in New Zealand, she had to get a reference from her vet, police checked an approval fwom her landlord/boss.  And she passed!  Dats how I gots here… (She had to twavel three hours to pick me up too!)  An now we work at twying to change peoples perceptions ob pitbulls an bully breeds.
Were you scared on the ride to your new home?
  Nope!  I had me sissy Mishka wif me the whole time, and me Hoobro, Josh.  Hooman’s make comfy pillows I tell ya!
Did your new sisfur tell you all about where you were going to live and do?
   She sure did!  Hoomum boughted her to come pick me up.  And it was lub at first sight for da us both!  There were other doggies an Pups at me foster home, but she just knew I was her baby bruffer!  She told me abouts sharin our bed wif do Hoomans and how dey appreciated it on cold nights.  About awl da space an paddocks I can run in… she told me abouts cows too… but dey didn’t sound like much fun… but I liked da descripshun of how dere poop smelled!  Mmmmm mmm!  As for our Hooman’s?  Tweats, toys, baffs an LOTS ob lub!  I coudn’t wait to get to me new home!
How long did it take to adjust to your new home?
  I adjusted to me new home really quickly.  I had food aggression issues at me foster home… but not here.  Me an sissy ate side by side fwom da verwy beginnin.  But da farm was different.  I was scared ob awl da noises, da bikes, machinery… an da COWS!  Dey were HUGE!  Dey lefted me delishous patties though… but it took a while for me to get used to those beasties!!  Hoomum walks us ebery day an it took me a couple ob months before I decided I was safe around da machinery… nearly six months before I’d sniff a cow!  An does calves?!  Widdle, cute… but fast!
How many furry siblings do you have now?
  I hab me sissy, Mishka, an eight cat siblins.  All rescues an desexed, an most ob dem were dumped on our farms.  Lisa, Nae Nae, Nu Nu, Scrawny, Precious, Lennox, Oscar and Tilly.  Den we hab Blue!  Hims me calf bruffer dat walks wif us around da farm.  Him is Hoomums baby too.  Hims is going to lib his life wif us and not be eaten!
Daisy & Blue (Chocolate is in the background)
Are you still scared of the cows?
  Nope.  I help me sissy push dem to da shed sometimes, an I’m da official Calf Pibble!  I help Hoomum feed da calves an look after dem.
What is your favorite thing to do?
  Snuggle wif me Hoomans!  Especially Hoodad!  Hims is soooo comfy!  AND I lub runnin wif him on da farm!  I LUB racin him on da motorbike!  I AWLWAYS wins.  Poor Mishka is a widdle slow!  BOL.
Can you tell me what makes you – as a red nosed pit – different from other pits?
  My nose!  BOL!  Dat’s awl dat makes me different.  I may be a pitbull,  but I am a dog first.  I am just like awl other dogs, I just wear pitbull fur!  And like Hoomans, we awl have different personalities an strengths. That is what makes us… US.  We are individuals 🙂
What would you or your hoomum like to say about pitties?
  Hang on a sec… “HOOMUM!!!!  YOUR TURN!”
  Hey, it’s Piglets Hoomum here.  Belinda.  What I’d like to say about pitbulls is this.  They are awesome dogs and don’t deserve the bad press they get.  Like all dogs, EXERCISE them,  train them, love them and socialize them, and you will have a happy, human and animal friendly dog.  Piglet is my best friend.  He and Mishka are never alone, never left outside, and always with one of us.  He is a pleasure to have around and when he’s with my husband… it’s VERY quiet and lonely!  Adopting a Pitbull is the best decision I have ever made.
What would you like to say to people who are afraid to adopt pitties from a shelter?
  I’ze back!
  Hoomans!  Pwease educate yourselves!  Go an visit shelters, talk to and visit wif responsible owners of pibbles and Pibble rescues, see for yourself what amazing animals we are.  I don’t judge all Hooman’s based on da horrible fings dey have done to each other AN our kind.  So pwease… don’t judge us.  Dogs aren’t born bad… it’s Hoomans dat make us dat way.  AND IT’S HOOMANS DAT CAN SAVE US TOO!
What do you mean this is your bed??
Is there anything else you would like to add?
  Yes… just this … I am a dog. Yes, I am a Pitbull.  And I am a loved member of a family.  I am not a lawn ornament.  I am not a security system.  I am not a fighter.  I was and continue to be, loved, trained and socialized, and most ob awl EXERCISED daily,  just like my hooman siblings.  I am the result of my situation and my upbringing.  Just like a hooman child is.  I am a Pitbull.  I am Piglet! An I lub EBERYBODY!
May I borrow pictures of you – Miss Piglet ma’am- for the article? I will state that they were used with permission.
 BOL!  Well… I is a Mr… a desexed Mr… (But dats awlright, Hoomum said it’s acause I’m so pwetty AN handsome dat people gets confuseded)  and yes.  You are more than welcome to use any of my pictures from me facebutt page … Hoomum said you can too!
  Fank you for givin me da opportunity to speak on behalf ob Pibbles everywhere!
  Pibble Nibbles and whippin tail wags
  Piglet an Hoomum xx

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